My Mr. Manny

My Mr. Manny


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ISBN-13: 9781517463427
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/21/2015
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Garcia's lifelong love for reading and writing was put aside for many years while she made her way in the world and nurtured her young family. Originally from Boston, she currently resides in Los Angeles as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Believing she can do it all, with the help of her family, she worked on her first novel during the late hours of the night while balancing the rest of her life during the day. Jennifer believes in writing love stories that connect families and touch hearts.

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My Mr. Manny 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
melbear04 More than 1 year ago
When I first heard about this book I thought it would be something that I might like. I was so glad I was not disappointed. It is a good fluffy read. The book starts out giving you the back story on one of the main characters Mia and her daughter Lucia. Then Dominic storms into their lives. He is the kind of guy every girl dreams of. Their love story is one of fairytales and one as a single mother I can only hope to have. I could really relate to Mia in this story. While it was a good book and i really enjoyed it I could not give a 5 star review because I feel The story jumped time a little too much and could use a little more detail in the story itself. Just seemed to move a little to fast. However, this is still a good book and well worth the time it takes to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I got this as a Advanced Readers Copy, let's just say that Jennifer has me homesick. I grew up in Culver City and just reading about all of the locations that Jennifer mentioned in My Mr. Manny makes me want to go back there. I also want some Matsumoto's as well, I grew up on that stuff since my mom is from Hawaii. If you haven't done so I highly suggest that you read My. Mr. Manny!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite Mia Balducci dreams of having a big, loving family like her own big Italian brood in small town Massachusetts. As a teenager, Mia leaves Massachusetts for sunny Los Angeles and although for years it never feels like home, she eventually adjusts and makes her life there. In college, Mia reconnects with a childhood friend and their romance blossoms. Unfortunately, she doesn't get her 'happily ever after' with Alex, but she does get a beautiful daughter named Lucia. Jennifer Garcia does a good job of illustrating how getting what you want doesn't always occur by taking one set path. My Mr. Manny turns our preconceived gender notion on its head by giving us a strong female lead who is unapologetic about the choices she’s made after her divorce. Enter sexy, green-eyed Dominic, the financial executive turned full-time caregiver for Lucia, and you've got all the ingredients for a burgeoning romance. My Mr. Manny is a simple and sweet romance about two people who thought their best chances at love were behind them. But with the help of Jennifer Garcia and a precocious little girl named Lucia, they were able to find true love when they least expected it. Despite the loss and betrayal both Dominic and Mia felt, they were both strong enough and willing to risk their hearts again and it paid off in the end.  Garcia superbly paints the struggles of a single mother and the guilt she feels for not giving her daughter a father or leaving her overnight for the first time. Those are real struggles that all mothers deal with, especially during the early days of romance. My Mr. Manny proves that today’s woman can work, be a mom, and have a sexy man to stand by her side. This is a short but sweet tale that will touch your heart.
SouthernDaydreamer More than 1 year ago
My Mr. Manny is the ultimate HEA.  If you like to have the ‘warm fuzzies’ then this is the book for you.  It is the feel good read of this summer!        It is a story of love, relationships, family, pain, love and destiny.  This book with all its ups and downs proves that every path that our lives take, they all lead us to the place we are ultimately meant to be.  All of these different paths may not be a pleasant experience but in the end all of them tie together to get us to our destiny.      I feel many women out there will relate to the main character, Mia, in this book.  She spent the beginning of her marriage raising her child and making a home, and then one day she woke up and figured out that things weren’t as great as she thought they were in her little home.  This sets her upon a path that is new but fulfilling, seeing as she had her daughter, Lucia, to love and concentrate her time on.  Lucia is a lovely, energetic and smart child that brightens her mother’s every waking moment.  The love between this mother and daughter duo is heartwarming and will bring a smile to your face over and over again.  But when work and childhood activities get to be a little more than Mia can handle, she finally has to admit that she needs a little help to keep up with everything.     Enter Dominic, male nanny ‘Manny’.  Dominic has come off his own set of problems and has taken on a career change, wanting more than the hustle and bustle of Wall Street.  He comes into the lives of Mia and Lucia like a soothing ocean wave and the effect it has on all three of them is transforming.  He is the loving male figure that her daughter has needed in her life and Mia discovers that he may be what she’s been looking for most of her life too.      This is a great, relaxing summer read for anyone who just needs to escape the hustle and bustle of their own life and reconnect to what is truly important in life.  Like I mentioned earlier it is the ultimate HEA and I promise it will make you laugh and cry (tears of joy) before you are done reading.  It is an extremely sweet love story, filled with family and friends and things that actually happen to people each and every day.   You will fall in love with Mia and Lucia along with the rest of their family.  When Dominic rolls along you will instantly be drawn in by  him too.  These characters are well thought out and well written.  There is never any doubt in your mind what these characters are thinking or what they want out of life. And before you’re through you’re going to want a Mr. Manny to call your very own too! I highly recommend giving My Mr. Manny a read.  Your heart will soar and the ‘feel good’ euphoria will carry you through the rest of your week!  
credoroza More than 1 year ago
Great debut!  Such a sweet, heartwarming, feel good story. All the feels and hugs that will make you smile. Nicely balanced easy read. Good characterizations, great visuals that really were expansive putting you right in the story. Really a good flow. Secondary characters were well thought out and helped drive the story offering a nice well rounded balance to the story line on a whole. There was instant attraction between Mia and Dominic that was a bit typical in many stories that I see lately, but the author was able to bring enough realism to balance some of the instant sparkle of the story line.  And sparkle it did. Mia is a girl I can relate to. Coming from a large, loud Italian American family, I definitely know how it feels growing up surrounded by family, and understanding the empty feelings when not being surrounded by them as well. Mia's characterization exemplified those feelings. Passionate, loud at times, withdrawn and shy around large strange crowds, trying to please, wanting the happy life, all rolled in to a self assured yet flawed woman. A real person. And a happy life is what she thought she had, until it all crumbled by betrayal, distraction, distance, and self doubt. Dominic had it all, until he didn't. His thoughts of happiness also crumbled to the point of needing a new start far from what he knew his whole life. Mia and Dominic come together when both are struggling to find their way. Both knowing what they want, yet scared to admit it and both resolving to let things take their own course, trusting in fate. Then we have Lucia, Mia's little girl. Normally not a huge fan of children in contemporary stories but this little girl captured my heart. She was written so adorably, you couldn't help falling in love with her. There was some definite steaminess between these two and again, the author did an amazing job of giving the visual, without the graphics. Something I personally appreciate. You definitely knew what these two were getting busy doing without it being written out word for word. Low angst, an easy emotional ride, light, funny, filled with touches of nuances that just made me smile.  Good story, good story telling. Bravo Jennifer on your debut! “I’m so happy. I didn't think it was possible to feel happier than I did when I met you, but I was wrong. How can I even begin to express how much more my heart is swelling to fit all the love and happiness I feel for you, Lucia, and now our new baby? I love you. Thank you for loving me and making all my dreams come true,” he said while his voice cracked from his overwhelming emotion. “Please don’t ever thank me for loving you. Loving you and being with you and now expanding our family with you makes me the happiest person on the planet. I love you with all my heart,” I said.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was asked to be part of the blog tour and give a review for My Mr. Manny.  I have dedicated myself to giving honest reviews so I feel I must tackle the things about this book that I wasn’t fond of first.  Although the story plot was interesting, I just felt like the characters didn’t have time to be fully developed.  I was left with wanting more than what the few pages gave me. There was so much information and events in this story, I didn’t feel like each event had the proper amount of time for me to become emotionally invested in the characters. Now for the good things, as I said the plot was interesting, wife, husband, child, normal family unit.  Husband works all of the time leaving the mom as a single mom.  One night determine to keep the marriage together she decides to surprise him.  Unfortunately it was her that was in for the shock.  She finds him with another woman.  Now this is what I did love about this book, instead of becoming a victim, she takes a stand and kicks him to the curb.  She moves on with her life and plans a future for her and her daughter. In comes Mr. Manny, she needs help raising her daughter alone and working full-time.  Since she never limited herself to conventional ways, she hires Dominic to be Mr. Manny.  One thing leads to another and emotions start to grow.  Of course we can’t have a love story without obstacles such as not everyone in the family agrees to this new relationship. It came down to having to decide what was best for her and her daughter and was Dominic worth fighting for and was he willing to fight for them?  As I stated, this was a good plot and I can only imagine how much more intense this would have been with more pages to fill in the gaps for us.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a strong female lead character who didn’t crumble when she had found out the truth about her husband.  It was refreshing to see her take the control of her life back and vow to make a life for herself and her daughter.  I loved how she was willing to take risks in loving again and not caring about how society viewed it. I also loved the fact that Dominic was comfortable with himself to become the Mr. Manny, he was a strong male but not afraid to show his paternal nature.  We get so many alpha male stories these days, it was nice to see the role reversal in a the home.  Of course he wanted to work and bring his own money into the family, which only reinforces that the characters were strong and mature and responsible.  You won’t find the usual drama in a love story between young people, but you will find the emotional roller coaster that comes with finding their way in life as a new family.