My Name Is Wonder: A Tale of Adventure

My Name Is Wonder: A Tale of Adventure

by Ronald Chapman


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This inspirational fable, based on the life of an inquisitive goat named Wonder, brings joy and discovery to the reader. Wonder longs to expand his world beyond the barnyard, much to the dismay of his animal companions who are not as curious as he. During his first adventure, he is saved from a hungry owl by a wise crow who then becomes his friend and guide as he embarks on a series of excursions away from the farm.

They decide to go on a quest to the mountains and meet new friends who teach them important lessons. During the journey, the goat learns the difference between Presence and appearance through his blunders and insights. When he thinks he has lost his way, a bear teacher instructs him, “The path is every step. Lift your vision above the muck.” Wonder pledges to keep his eye on the mountain top ahead.

He returns to the barnyard and again sets out on another adventure of discovery, explaining that “I cannot ignore the call of my Soul.” With courage and gratitude for his new insights, Wonder teaches us how to live life fully, without fear, as we follow our call into the Light.

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ISBN-13: 9781938288784
Publisher: Terra Nova Books
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Ronald Chapman has been a spiritual seeker for over thirty years and, as a workshop leader and motivational speaker, he has shown countless people how to make positive changes in their lives. Chapman is the author of the novel, A Killer’s Grace, and two inspirational books, Seeing True: Ninety Contemplations in Ninety Days and What A Wonderful World: Seeing through New Eyes. He is one of only 65 International Accredited Speakers recognized by Toastmasters International and enjoys exploring the use of breathwork and meditation to promote inner healing.

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Wonder would never be able to explain the depths into which he fell. It was the great curiosity in Espy

Table of Contents

Part I 1

1 In the Barn 3

2 The Far Mountains 5

3 An Adventure by the Stream 7

4 Wounded 11

5 Oren 14

6 The Return of the Crow 18

7 Quiet and Questions 22

8 Changes in the Wind 24

9 The Crow Speaks 26

10 Plans in the Making 29

11 Saying Farewell 31

12 Upstream 34

13 Water of the Others 37

14 Lydia 41

15 Danger in the Grass 45

16 Coy Dogs 48

17 The Return of Fool's Goat 51

18 Foothills 53

19 Signs and Wonders 57

20 Red Rock 60

21 Boboso 63

22 Ponderosa Pines 66

23 Dancing Dreams 69

24 Summiting 73

Part II 77

25 Back in the Barnyard 79

26 The Last Goodbye 81

27 The Gorge 83

28 The Heart of the Plain 87

29 City of Men 90

30 A Time to Be Lost 93

31 Three Nannies 96

32 Inside Job 100

33 Life in Roca Plana 104

34 Olivia 108

35 An Ordinary Goat 111

36 The Zookeeper 115

37 Midnight Wander 118

38 The Lady Beryl 121

39 Jumping Fences 124

40 Thriving 128

41 Spring Blossoms 131

42 Bearing Fruit 134

43 An Unexpected Blow 138

44 From Darkness 140

45 Children and More 143

46 The Fullness of Time 147

Epilogue: Beyond Wonder 150

Afterword 155

A Note from the Author 157

About the Author 159

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My Name Is Wonder: A Tale of Adventure 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Allykitten More than 1 year ago
This book focuses on Wonder’s adventures and the experience and knowledge he gains on these journeys. During Wonder’s adventures he meets and encounters many intriguing animals; some of these include a crow, bear, owl, ram, otters, coyotes, and many others. Each journey brings a new lesson, message, insight, and experience. Wonder or better nicknamed as “Wander” is such an adorable, fun spirited and adventurous character! Wonder is the main character of this book and he is a cute, small, white goat. I loved Wonder’s sense of adventure and curiosity! He sounded just like a real little kid with lots of endless questions! He always wanted to learn and explore the unknown. I also really liked that Wonder was raised with manners which shows such a great example of positive character traits. Wonder spends most of his time with his best friend/side kick, Mac Craack, nicknamed “MC” who is a crow and his teacher, Oren, an elderly, but extremely wise goat. I liked how well these characters worked together and played off each other. I loved how well this book was broken up; lots of short chapters. I constantly found myself saying, “Okay… just one more chapter… it’s only a few more pages…” LOL! I really enjoyed the quotes and lessons in this book! I think there is always room for self-improvement and that learning isn’t just done in the classroom. This book shows how you can learn from anyone and anywhere. This book shows that there are still valuable lessons to be learned and personal growth to be achieved. I found answers, inspiration, and guidance in this book. A quick and easy, but very enjoyable read! The passages are so well detailed it is very easy to picture the story happening! Although this book addresses complex lessons, it is simple to understand and follow. I would absolutely recommend this book to BOTH adults and children. I think this would make a great storybook for adults and children to read together and discuss the lessons. There aren’t many books that I can re-read, but this book is the exception! I can definitely see myself re-reading this book several times and still learn something new each time over! **Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**