My Naughty Little Secret

My Naughty Little Secret

by Tara Finnegan


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From the moment she saw him on her first day at her new job in London, there was something about Michael which annoyed Siobhan Brennan... and something else that pulled her to this stunningly handsome man and his boldly arrogant personality. In spite of her misgivings she soon finds herself out on a date with him, and she is torn between a desire to defy him as often as possible and a deeper, more disturbing need to submit to him. It certainly doesn't help that very embarrassing thoughts keep popping into her head uninvited: images of herself bent over, bare bottom on display, waiting for Michael to chastise her firmly.

It is not long before Siobhan, in a rash moment, actually dares Michael to spank her, only to find that he is more than up to the challenge of turning her naked backside bright red. To her horror, her sore behind only fuels the fire growing within her, and she is soon on her knees before him, blushing with shame yet needing him to take her and take her hard.

It is only afterwards that the couple must come to terms with what took place, and what it means for their relationship. Was this just a one-time event, something to be tried but never repeated, or will Siobhan find herself punished like a naughty girl again in the future? As scandalized as it makes her feel, in her heart she knows what she needs, but is Michael prepared to give it to her? And when she finds out that Michael has kept something important from her about his past and who he really is, will she be able to forgive him or will the revelation tear them apart forever?

Publisher's Note: My Naughty Little Secret is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781490308326
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/07/2013
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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My Naughty Little Secret 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
_SH More than 1 year ago
I appreciate a good story and this book has one. It has some length which allows a good plot to follow and allows you to connect with the characters which I always enjoy. The characters of Siobhan and Michael are well thought out and their romance was an interesting one with some twists and turns. The story offers romance, betrayal, humor, and some sex. I have to say, being from the US, I enjoyed the British/Irish flare in this book. I had a great time figuring out some of the vocabulary usage and what it meant as it is not used the way we typically do. Great fun! Good first book and I hope the author will write another! I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.
BPond1970 More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put this book down. I love books that have hot sex with a little spanking involved.  The two main characters in this story were Siobhan and Michael.  Siobhan was spirited.  She didn't always think before she spoke which made her all the more lovable.  Michael in my opinion  was a little stand offish but in a way that fit into two people just meeting.  I loved getting to know Siobhan  more because she reminded me of myself.  I was laughing because of what she had said or something she had done. As the story progressed I did start to love Michael, it just took me a little bit longer. I loved watching how the relationship bloomed in and out of the bedroom.  The sex with spankings were so very hot. Both were new to the discipline in the bedroom but it all worked out.  The plot was a good one and it flowed great. I can not wait until to read more from this author. This is one story I will read again and again.