My Olympic Dream: Autobiography

My Olympic Dream: Autobiography

by Emmanuel kojo Nartey


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Things happen to us in life for different reasons, some are good and others are bad but only by going through all these hard times to the end will you look back and understand the meaning of your suffering. Today I decided to write my life story to inspire people and the next generation to learn from what I have been through in life, as an example for them to fulfil their life ambitions. For them to understand that no mountain is high to climb, everything is possible when you believe in it. When someone asks me 'Emmanuel why did you do it, why are you telling people this story, is it for to be famous, is it for the money?' I shall reply and say nothing, and if they ask me again, I will tell them I did it for the future and I did it for the next generation. I believe I suffer and went through the struggling, to fight so that I may live and tell this story today for others to learn from it. There were many of us but not all made it and not all were able to get to this far and tell their story. My aim of writing to the world is to inspire every single person out there, I may not know the problem or what you are going through in your life but I have been through a lot and I can tell you this. If you stood up and keep your heard high in the sky, you will overcome all the obstacles which you face in your life. Even if all hopes are fade away, just keep believing in yourself because this is a marathon and you will not finish your race till your last God given brief. Look around you and ask yourself this question, who I am, who I want to be in future, how is my journey going to end? You determine your own journey and you determine your own destiny. When life gives you sand, try to build brick with it because little drops of water make a mighty ocean. My life was pure adventure, it took me through high mountains and the lower valleys, help I seek but they never come. In all I never gave up hope, I kept walking each day and believing, because in life you must believe and you must have vision of the future. I dreamt about the future and I had vision about the future. This kept me going, this kept me alive and fighting for survive to find my place in this world. Wherever you are in this world, if you come across this book, there is only one thing am telling you; believe in yourself, fight for everything in your life. Embrace everything nature throws at you and never give up. Success is never handed to us, you must fight for it and you must taste the pain. Follow your dream and fighting hard for your future, do not be a coward and do not be the man who will stood one day in the morning and see the sun rise, while he says my life was a waste. Anyone who says I wish I have done this, I wish I have chosen a different path is a coward. Don't be that person to sing that song. Fight a good fight, run a good race and finish your race in good faith and good determination so that the world will live and remember you for many years to come.

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