My One and Only

My One and Only

by MacKenzie Taylor

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Abigail Lee, the beautiful assistant to Harrison Montgomery, walks into Ethan Maddux's law office. With obvious attraction, Ethan wonders what she could possibly be doing in here. But when Abigail tells him that Harrison is in trouble, and needs his help, what is Ethan suppose to do? Ethan hasn't talked to his father in years nor does he want to, and so he definitely doesn't want to help him save his business. Will this woman convince Ethan to help his father, salvage their relationship, and maybe create a new one of her own?

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ISBN-13: 9780062296320
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/21/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
File size: 325 KB

About the Author

MacKenzie Taylor is thrilled to make her contemporary romance debut with Avon Books. When she's not being active in her community, she can be found hard at work, writing her next book.

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Chapter One

Of all the attributes the woman had to recommend her — and there were many — what appealed to Ethan Maddux most about Abigail Lee was her moxie.

Ethan momentarily tuned out his assistant's list of rapid-fire reminders and concentrated on the woman standing serenely amidst the chaos in his office. She silently studied the Mark Rothko hanging over the fireplace while his staff buzzed around in their usual near frenzy. With his flight to Prague for an international economics summit less than two hours away, and his clients demanding his attention, his staff had their hands full managing the breakneck pace of his life and his business.

The arrival of the indomitable Ms. Lee on the scene had the impact of a nuclear bomb. He narrowed his gaze to study her profile. Sunlight streamed through the enormous plate-glass windows of his thirty-second-floor office in downtown San Francisco. Limned as she was by the bright glow, he could understand what Harrison Montgomery saw in the woman. Her conservative business suit barely disguised generous curves'the kind of curves Ethan personally believed were designed to drive a man crazy. She'd pulled her hair into a complicated-looking style. Twisting the ends into a circle, she'd held it in place, barely, by a pencil at the nape of her neck. He especially liked the pencil. Its chewed eraser told him she wasn't nearly as calm as she looked, and the temptation to pluck it out and send that mass of honey-colored waves tumbling down her back had his fingers twitching.


Though he'd seen the womanonly a handful of times in the past several years, something about her had always intrigued him. Probably, he conceded, it was the contrast between a pencil with a chewed eraser in her hair and a less-than-innocent reputation when it came to her relationship with Harrison Montgomery. In Ethan's experience, ambitious businesswomen didn't generally style their hair with battered pencils.


He had to be a first-class fool, he decided, for even giving the woman a second look. But there was something oddly fortuitous about her unexpected arrival today. A week ago, he had endured a theatrical breakup with his fiancée of six months. Pamela had flung a string of accusations at him — everything from "dissociated" to "socially dysfunctional."

It wasn't her accusations that bothered him.

What she hadn't said had been enough to make him swear off messy relationships. She had carefully dodged the subject of their sex life, which had turned intense and unusually heated over the past several weeks. She hadn't mentioned that Ethan had begun to loosen the reins of his formidable reserve and let his fiancée — the woman who was a week away from committing the rest of her life to him — see the raw passion he'd worked for years to subdue. She had carefully avoided saying that he'd terrified her when he'd finally shown her a glimpse of the side of himself he kept carefully locked away.

He couldn't blame her for that. He feared it too.

He'd inherited that passionate wild streak from his mother — and from Harrison Montgomery.

Ethan had watched that wildness destroy his mother, then slowly erode whatever respect he might have had for his father. As a very young man, he'd vowed to bury the reckless sensualist inside him beneath an implacable calm and sound reason. Therein lay the path, he'd discovered, to security and peace.

Generally, he succeeded so well at taming the beast that he'd earned a reputation for emotional ruthlessness and unshakable calm. That reputation had helped him build a financial empire on seemingly reckless gambles and risks.

On occasion, however, the curse of his genetics got the better of him. In those moments a stark, raging passion surfaced. It forced him to wrestle with it until he slammed shut the door of the interior vault in which he held that side of himself.

Unfortunately, in an unguarded moment he'd allowed Pamela to see a portion of it. Wise woman that she was, she'd run as far and as fast as she could.

And he'd vowed never to let it happen again.

Which definitely meant he had no business looking at Abigail Lee as anything other than a likely nuisance and a potentially serious problem.

"Ethan!" Edna's voice held a rare exasperation.

Reluctantly, he pulled his gaze from Abigail and forced a smile for his secretary. "Helmut Zeiterling is meeting me at the airport, Edna. I got it."

She frowned at him. "You aren't listening to a thing I'm saying."

"Don't be ridiculous." Ethan tossed several more files into his briefcase. "You know I hang on your every word. Did you pull the Connolly file?"

"Of course." She tapped the red folder on his desk. "You can review it on the plane. Edward is expecting your call tonight."

"Edward's an ass," he said, and added the file to the stack.

Lewis O'Kane, Ethan's vice president of legal affairs, choked. "Ethan, you can't ignore this. My source at the Justice Department says they're very serious about prosecuting him."

"I'm not going to ignore it. I'm just going to tell Edward he's an ass. What the hell was the man thinking?" Ethan glanced at his public relations assistant. "Which reminds me. Maggie, please make sure that any statements we issue specify that Maddux Consulting only worked with Edward Kinsey's domestic technology affiliates. What he did with his import-export interests was his own business."

"I've already written that into our releases," she replied. "Do you still want to wait until questions are asked before issuing the statement?"

"Absolutely." Ethan flipped through the stack of pink messages Edna handed him. "Send flowers to Letty. Something expensive and tasteful" — he crumpled the top message — "a..."

My One and Only. Copyright © by MacKenzie Taylor. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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My One and Only 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great read by this author.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is really about finding your true love of your life. Once I started reading I just could not put it down. I loved every second of it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book soooooo much. Could harldy put it down. I was at chapter 4 before I realized this book had kept me in the store! If you like sharp wit and funny reparte'... this book is a must read!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Over a decade ago Harrison Montgomery saved Abigail Lee¿s life when he provided her employment following the murders of her parents. Harrison¿s kindness enabled Abigail to keep her younger sister Rachel with her and she would do anything for her mentor and his family.

However, the company is in trouble so Abigail turns to an international expert on saving failing businesses for help. She turns to Harrison's alienated illegitimate son Ethan Maddux just prior to the man flying to Prague for a conference. Neither father nor son look upon Abigail¿s request with favor as they have not spoken in two decades, but she continues her pursuit of saving the business and even more important: a reconciliation between the two. As Ethan and Abigail fall in love, he wonders if she really is his father¿s paramour, but his doubts don¿t stop him from needing to keep her safe when her life is threatened.

This is a strong cast especially the dynamic secondary characters. The lead couple is a charming duo as Abigail is an intrepid individual while Ethan occasionally overplays the angst-laden family victim remains a viable delightful protagonist. The story line is fast-paced especially when the suspense of the who-done-it and doing-it kicks into full gear. Fans will enjoy MacKenzie Taylor¿s debut novel and want a sequel a few years into the future starring the heroine¿s sister (and a couple of nieces/nephews).

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a great book by MacKenzie Taylor. This contemporary romance takes place between San Francisco and Chicago. The lead characters, Ethan and Abby, work for different companies, in different cities. They never would have met, if it weren't for Abby learning that the company she works for is in serious trouble. In order to save the boss who has been so kind to her, she turns to her boss' rival, Ethan, for help. Trying to save the business while raising her sister proves to be stressfuk for Abby, and she turns to Ethan for emotional support as well. Neither one expected to fall in love........