My Road To Rome - The Running Times Of Bj Mchugh

My Road To Rome - The Running Times Of Bj Mchugh

by Betty Jean Mchugh, Bob Nixon




The world needs a sporting hero like Betty Jean McHugh, surely one of the unlikeliest of athletic champions. Over the past quarter century, BJ has won fame with her remarkable record as the fastest senior women's runner. She has set and broken dozens of world records in the marathon, half marathon and 10K road races - running faster than any woman her age have ever raced before.

Countless runners have been inspired by her example, a woman who continues to race and set new records into her 80s. In her memoirs, BJ answers all those who wondered over the years about the secret of her success, determination and longevity. It is a fascinating story and all the more extraordinary when BJ tells of her life before she first put on jogging shoes when she turned 50.

Hers is a life that rejects common notions about the physical limitations of old age. In that quest, BJ has become a model for all who seek to challenge with grace, strength and joy the inevitable decline that faces us all.

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Publication date: 09/07/2011
Pages: 196
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