My Road To Salvation: From Harlem To Heaven

My Road To Salvation: From Harlem To Heaven

by III John H. Anderson


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My Road To Salvation: From Harlem To Heaven by III John H. Anderson

This is a spiritual journey that has taken place in my life over the course of over three decades. It is the struggles, tests of faith, and the essence of my soul on paper. So many young people today are disheartened about their future and their purpose and I want them to know that God is real and has a specific wonderful purpose for each of their lives. I am no better than anyone, so if He can change my life with a willing heart, He can do it for any and everyone who is willing. To God be the glory!

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ISBN-13: 9781496915764
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/09/2017
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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My Road To Salvation

From Harlem To Heaven

By John H. Anderson III


Copyright © 2017 John H. Anderson, III
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-1576-4


Thank you Lord for being able to live the American Dream and obtain a slice of pie, WHY? Because your mercy and grace are abundant, and Christ for my sins paid the price when he died; Started off on the road a piece of coal was I, God brought me thru the fire, now even the eyes of Stevie Wonder can see me shine. They wrote me off for dead, thought I'd fall in due time, I accepted Christ, so how can I not be alive, better recognize, I'm not even at my pinnacle, in my prime. I'm like French fine wine, I get better with time, and the Real Testament I read is better than Plies "Shawty", the devil lies and can't do nothing for me. I don't glorify the life I lived, but that's my story with the poise of the black mamba, tenacity of Kobe. I stand bold for my Lord, so on the other side, he can say he knows me. It's not about being a King on earth, but subservience to His word, not lip service, but work. But struggle will almost smother you but won't put you in the dirt; if you hold on to His garment and diligently seek His fare first. A generational curse can be broken, not due to spoken word, but on the hope of his word and apply what you learn to your life, and you will have less stress and strife and find your dark days turn to light. Thank you Lord the battle has been won, just show up for the fight.

* * *

Thank you Lord for bringing those people into my life; who tell me the truth, when I am wrong who won't kick me when I'm weak, but uplift me to be strong. My life cannot end until my promise is fulfilled; May I be a good servant Lord and obediently follow your will; the mistakes of my past the devil throws in my face; but my prints from the scene of the crime you erase from the concrete jungle, wilderness of the desert. I was thirsty for your mercy and grace. You delivered me from the everyday struggle, illegal hustle my old comrades are amazed, they can't believe I've changed. I told them for a million dollars I wouldn't jump back into the flames; My God provides my needs and desires of my heart according to his will. My unshakable faith conforms to me. He is real time after time thru life threatening ordeals he's better than a Teflon bullet proof vest. He's my shield; His word is the sword that dwelled I'm a true general of man, a solider on God's battle field. His plan for my life He reveals my true calling to fall in line with His will and assignment, receive all He has for me

* * *

The devil attacks where we are weakest. God's willing to save us if we seek Him, and humble ourselves, let go of our pride. Submit to His will is divine, I admit that at times I went on my own understanding and rebelled against His commandments the reprimanding was necessary for my advancement, I thank Him for giving me more than second changes. I've danced with the devil in the past, now days I seek higher level holier path, I'm throwin the trash my former life am reborn in His spirit a soldier for Christ think twice before actions what would He do some can perpetrate a fraud but He can see thru the Hebrews rejected their own we reject ourselves wearing gold necklaces, thongs, speaking disrespectful tones; You will bow and worship the throne; It ain't Gucci young girls acting like hoochies and grown men walking around in a 2 piece sign of the times; I thank God for my salvation, time to take our neighborhood back tell 'em they can make it, but keep it real if u ain't in to win it, you faking Christians ain't soft if you are you mistaken

* * *

Black gold in the ocean, a generation of young souls feeding hopeless. Disciples of Christ need to regain focus. Aren't we all immigrants, racial profiling, black on black crime, genocide, lopsided ratio, education, imprisonment. Hard for them to believe I'm a businessman. As if selling cocaine is the only way I can make cake like Ente Mann's. Our communities have no wealth to leave to our children. No jobs or youth programs and you expect them to stop the killing instead of on the block chilling; couple rocks, a glock where are the real men. The ignorance and excess spending of our people has us spiritually naked and complacent. Nobody wants to listen to a poor righteous teacher. When there are so many hypocritical pork chop preachers. I seek God first. Let my work be to save Him, and study His word to achieve higher learning and discernment. God can ease your burden, if you just turn to Him, repent and turn from your sin. Put on the Armor of God form your head to your feet, and honor God thru your lifestyle. Actions and speech. I don't need Gatorade when I'm thirsty, only the Word of God can guarantee no devil can hurt me. Grace and mercy, I see His miracles working. You want salvation; accept responsibility for your actions, that's the first thing. Allow His spirit to spark something deep in your heart. Leave the ways of your past behind and on a new path embark. It starts with each individual, personal morals, values, principles. Are you satisfied being wrapped in Satan's tentacles, or do you want a right relationship with God that is truly spiritual?

* * *

Black History to me is my paternal grandfather being the first black radio celebrity of the south; funeral home director, who built the first hospital for colored people in Alabama; my paternal grandmother helped organize the march on Selma; I was named after the man who built a railroad with two hammers; my father was in the middle of hell up in Harlem with Bumpy Johnson; later he was a protégé of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz; better known as Malcolm X; the Black Panther party met in my living room while the FBI threatened my mother with death; when Robert F. Kennedy came to Harlem, it was my father who walked him down 125th street with no problems; they named 7th Avenue for my father's best friend, Adam Clayton Powell Jr.; and I know who killed Malcolm X forget what you heard and all the rumors; my mother was a teacher when segregation said don't teach us; my roots with God go way back my great grandfather was a Baptist preacher; my great uncles fought in World War 2 and Korea; and my mother wore full length mink coats and traveled the world from Europe to Tanzania; my history is not just of slaves and slave masters; my story is about achieving the American Dream by overcoming obstacles and disaster; yeah I hustled in Harlem in the Richard Porter era; when only made men ran the streets before Bloods became a terror; I don't condone my actions, but I learned valuable life lessons, honestly, betrayal, jealousy, love, and compassion; how my childhood friend made a movie with Damon #&8212; how I made the dean's list getting straight A's in class; went to school with white kids because my mother knew that education would be the door to all success and my future greatness; my maternal grandmother introduced me to the Lord and instilled that He was my Savior my shield and my sword; Satan hates how God has protected me through His grace; Black History is being written with every sentence I create; and after all the injustices to our people, I do not seek vengeance; I am a disciple of Christ and for my sins I seek repentance; 28 days later will we be greater or still haters; will we put into action the gifts and talents that God gave us?; can't blame the Willie Lynch syndrome for our behavior; it's been over 400 years since the slave ships; I'm sick of the excuses, opportunity is knocking what will you do with it; it doesn't take the philosophy of Confucius to come to the conclusion that the word "I can't" is an illusion; I refuse to lose, I must be aligned with God's will and utilize my mind; if we don't look outside of the matrix then you and I are blind; Black History is now the blueprint is behind; masterminds will shine and manage wise your time; I write not to rhyme but to stimulate what's inside; the body dies it's the spirit that survives; my ancestors thrive through me; my seed will multiply like Abrahams; like stars in the sky and sand by the sea.

* * *

My Lord was born to die so that I may live. I put my trust, my faith in Him. He gives me joy and a life of substance; when the sky is dark and water roughest. But today the sun is shining bright my eyes are blinded by his light, but I do see the path the road that I must follow where I must go. I have no fear he's in my heart and always was from the start. Blessed be his mighty name, glory honor and upmost praise. I give to your for everything, I see my dreams being fulfilled, and my desires awarding to your will, continue to bless and keep us safe till we cross the finish line of life and win the race

* * *

The day my son was born was the second best day of my life the best day of my life was when my soul was saved by Christ; you can flee or fight, enemies try and steal the joy the Lord provides but, thru the trials when I thought I was alone He was with me the whole time; modern day crimes, genocide, children alive but feeling dead inside; hell is here so why do we look for a heaven in the sky; I can fly I'm a war eagle, regal not a peasant, for I know that wherever I go I'm in God's presence; the spirit of fear will not consume me, I am a son of my father; I've seen eye to eye with revolvers and I'm still here not a martyr; until my job's up; you're not helpless I learned to be selfless and do what God wants; any and every problem can be encountered if you ever lived in Harlem; we don't need a film director to make a movie; bright lights big city action, teens dead from tecs and uzis; lose ya life or decide to choose life, there are two types, those who make excuses and those who choose to move right; designed strategy for mass casualties of urban and rural poverty stricken, unemployed welfare victims; regardless of party, whether Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon, the agenda is not to fix the affliction; but to extend the empire to the ends of the earth listen; I'm not from this world so when I leave here I'm not gonna miss it; you can go to church doesn't make you a Christian, if when you leave your souls are in a worse condition; did you come for recognition or did you come to hear the Word and seek repentance? God can use a sinner in the trenches and exalt him to a top position, so many choose devils apprentice, deceiving the people; education is key but all our kids know is psp and reality tv; they say this is the land of the free but you can get locked up for crossing the street and can't say prayer in school, and how dare you call them gay they'll sue you; and call it a hate crime, you can't compare gay pride to 400 years of taking our lives raping our wives without one out of 40 acres you said you would provide, nothing but lies; now the topic is illegal immigration, but this nation was inhabited by natives who's the racist? Death, disease, and destruction are the foundation of the nation what happened to In God We Trust?; we're hypocrites if no one can see the God in us; the spirit of Delilah is a pariah blinding us; fire in the sky only God knows when our time is up; the sand in the hourglass is moving fast, if what I'm saying is too deep for you to grasp, simply choose your path

* * *

Lord despite myself, you love me; therefore I put no one above thee. They call this the lost generation your grace provides us the chance to receive salvation. The world is at war with nations, pollution is slowly destroying nature, mankind is absorbed with hatred, but Lord I remain patient. The rain comes it storms but the sun does shine there is no love greater than a love divine. The atrocities, tragedies, and hardships are apart of suffering, endure it and receive the blessings of God's gifts. I choose to walk the road less traveled, the Lord's path, paved in gold not gravel. The ways of the world will not consume me. The former is dead I present the new me. Obedience is better than sacrifice to enter in to the after life of my sins I repent them Lord I am your apprentice on all counts I plead guilty to a life of Christ sentence

* * *

When the quick sands of life pull me under, I thank God by the blood of the lamb, I am covered. A desert oasis is but a vision a fragment of the imagination, but my Lord is risen true and living if we receive Him and seek forgiveness. My intuition knows He is the prescription for my condition. I was trapped within a mental and spiritual prison, delivered form sin like the day of labor, all thanks to the Father, Holy Ghost and Savior. I praise you and bless your name. Almighty I'm thankful that in my soul resides thee those who despise and antagonize me, for your name's sake will break under the pressure of my foot on their neck. This is God's promise, not idle word, not a threat. Blessed assurance Jesus is mine, I thank you Lord for your presence in times of despair when no one else cared. You were there; I'm prepared to face struggles with you on my side. Anything I need, you alone provide please continue to guide me thru your spirit in this journey called life to the cross draw me nearer

* * *

My country is so divided, a dangerous climate, but that's the goal of a tyrant, to take over and rule with an iron fist at the same time have the masses preoccupied to where they are blinded. Genius strategy, but it saddens me, that freedom paid for by brave soldiers anatomies, have in vain become casualties, praying for God's Calvary to salvage me and those who believe the truth, those Solomon wise types who won't be deceived and those strong women like Ruth, who have faith in what they cannot see without scientific proof. Peace treaty over nukes, but an enemy of the state will never respect a truce. My 10 year old can boldly speak about the Rapture, while mindless sheep graze in a dried up pasture, and the unsaved parade on TV leading souls to disaster, new slaves serving the same master.

* * *

Oprah is the same person that said there are many ways to salvation, but if I talk about her you'll say that I'm hatin'. A billion dollars can't buy wisdom and won't get you into heaven, nor will believing something just because she said it. A true divine presence in a simple man supersedes the "so called" mega church reverend, believe me the devil will deceive you if you let him. Democrats voted to take God off the national convention platform, but you pork chop pastors still were screaming "Obama we got ya back bruh!" Let me step back because I don't want to be struck by lightning, the reality of hell is frightening, but ignorance refuses to be enlightened. Abortions in black communities has killed more than the Klan, but for a dollar these "community leaders" for traditional, conservative values will not stand; it's a paradigm shift, a change in ideologies; minds that were keen seem now lost like a lobotomy; blindly following whatever the rhetoric of people that by their words and actions are definitely not heaven sent; let's talk logic, will spending money that you don't have get you out of the projects?, how can a pastor ignore the bible and truly say that seeking God is his object? Stop it, hypocrisy and hidden agendas, pretenders, this is reality not the science fiction game of Ender; but the Matrix is real and the sheep won't swallow the right pill, they seem satisfied to graze in the pasture, while the whole world is headed for disaster. Different color but the same slaves yelling "Yes Massa!"

* * *

Lord I'm blessed to live the American Dream; thru You I will overcome all obstacles and adversity; the devil is unemployed and I will not let him work through me.

* * *

I thank you for your obedience to the will of the Father; the suffering you endured makes me in the midst of contemplating quitting; continue the journey one step farther

Your Holy Spirit guiding me makes me pursue success harder that you will receive glory thru my trials tribulations and life's dramas

Sign of the times earthquakes and volcanic ash; but You said You would not return until Your church together united did stand

So until denominations stop bickering and bishops cease from having relationships with other gentlemen; then we will be on the battlefield fighting for souls; God wants an army of lions who will accept His word and commandments then stand firm brave and bold

I'm meek not weak fool; strength under control; and I will worship Him thru my actions and pray for the lost souls

Who believe they are responsible for their so called wealth; how can you claim to know God; you don't even know yourself

How can you be at peace all the wrong you did others; look your brother in the eye and lie and say you love him

What then when you have no money family or friends; will you still resist God or will you embrace Him and turn from sin?


Excerpted from My Road To Salvation by John H. Anderson III. Copyright © 2017 John H. Anderson, III. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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