My Search for God Through the Akashic Records

My Search for God Through the Akashic Records

by Lee Fisher
My Search for God Through the Akashic Records

My Search for God Through the Akashic Records

by Lee Fisher


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What is a soul? Does the soul have a personality? The Akashic Records response was - The soul is the personality. There is no determining factor as to how many times the soul re-incarnates. This is left up to the individual as to how many times they re-incarnate. There is no such thing as a failed incarnation. The soul is never discarded or destroyed. Once the soul reaches perfection, it rejoins the spirit of God for all eternity.

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ISBN-13: 9781452594774
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/29/2014
Pages: 108
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My Search For God Through The Akashic Records

By Lee Fisher

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Lee Fisher
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9476-7


My Awareness of God

As a child growing up in the city of Chicago, IL, I remember seeing a picture of God as a great white image of a man sitting among large, billowing, white clouds. I remember seeing a picture of this enormous man with a long, white beard, a deep frown on his face and a white loin cloth with one end thrown over his shoulder. As I studied this picture, I thought to myself how was this huge person sitting on these soft, almost transparent clouds in the sky and did not tumble out of the sky. As I continued to stare at this strange image, the idea of someone of this massive size showing anger made me wonder "what kind of god is this". Why is he angry? Who is he angry with? What made him angry? Why is he sitting, alone in the sky? How is he sitting in the sky? Where did he come from? How did he get in the sky?

As we are aware, children have questions that come into their minds; but because of the old traditions we were taught that you must not ask certain questions concerning God, so we kept these questions to ourselves. We were taught that God would punish us for asking these questions. So, many of us would only think about these questions and never voiced them out loud. This fear that was ingrained in children, as well as adults, was the basis for this great white image that was presented to all church goers to look upon as a reminder to each and everyone that God is Watching You! Think about this – God is sitting on a cloud in the sky with nothing to do but watch the people on earth. First of all, how could this "god" see anything on earth sitting that far up in the sky? If you have ever flown in an airplane, you would know that it is not possible for anyone to be sitting in the sky. Why couldn't we see this "god" through a telescope? How is it possible to watch millions of people at the same time 24/7, 365 days a year, year after year for all eternity? If you think about it, the astronauts who venture into the elements of the Universe are enclosed in a huge steel capsule and are wearing some kind of element-proof protective body gear. They know there is no way that they can survive the atmosphere in the Universe without protection from the elements. As we continue to rationalize this "god" sitting in the sky, one might wonder exactly where in the sky is this "god" located. This to me is an indication of how far removed we are from reality.

As we become adults, some of the questions we had as children are still in our thoughts, but because there was no way we could ask these questions and get a definitive answer we accepted this concept of God as being normal. But, if we truly thought about these questions without letting fear enter into our thoughts, we might not have accepted these irrational teachings. I say might, because there were many other conditions why we believed what was taught to us. As adults, we continued with our daily lives, worshipping this "god" in some form or fashion; yet, the unanswered question of "Who is God?" continues to linger in our thoughts. As we continue with our lives, we begin to seek out other forms of information on this idea of god.

Let's take a look at the Christian religion. In this religion, we are taught that God sent His only begotten son to the people of earth. Now this person, is supposed to be the son of "God" (remember that we have been taught that God is not on earth and is not human). This "son of God" whose mother is a human being conceived this "child of God". Now, let's think about this. At what point did this massive sized, angry man sitting on a cloud in the sky have a sexual relationship with an average-sized human woman? I know I used the word sexual. Honestly, what other means is a child conceived? Let us not forget that we were to believe that through some kind of unrealistic miracle, this woman conceived this child without the aid of human touch. Now, so as not to introduce a shroud of dishonesty, a male guardian was appointed to protect this woman and this child. You may ask yourself, why did we so readily accept this story? I would venture to say that it was because this child was portrayed as the "son of God" and was sent to die for our sins. We were so fascinated by the idea that God sent his only begotten son to wipe away all of our sins so that when we die, we can go straight to heaven. All we have to do is live a good life on earth. Imagine that! This one person was to absorb all of the sins of billions and billions of people who have lived and died on this earth for the past 2,000 plus years. This brings to mind yet another question, what happened to the people who lived before this person was born? Did they all go to this so-called hell or did they just vanish into thin air. This is something else to think about.


Understanding Heaven and Hell

Remember, we each are individuals, yet we are all spiritually connected; and, we each are responsible for how we live our lives on this earth. We enter into this world by ourselves and when our lives have ended, we leave this world by ourselves. So, where do we go when we leave this physical earth? Well, according to what we have been taught in the churches, mosques and other places of worship, we either go to a place called heaven or a place called hell. As a child, I attended a Baptist church and a Catholic church. As an adult, I attended a Mosque. Each place of worship taught that when we die, we either go to heaven or hell, depending on the life we have lived.

In the Catholic religion, we were also taught that there is a third option when we die. If you did not live your life well enough to go to heaven and you did not live an evil life, then you would go to this place call purgatory. This is where you are to repent for the sins you have committed while here on earth. This is a place for those of us who have lived a life that's in between good and bad. Now, this place is supposed to be located between heaven and hell. According to what we were told, some of us will go to purgatory for a certain amount of time, so that we can repent for our sins before we are allowed to enter heaven. But, I recalled being told that Jesus died for our sins. So, "what is this purgatory and where is this purgatory located?" As we continue, I recall being taught that heaven is somewhere in the sky. Exactly, where heaven is located in the sky, I don't know. I remember being told that hell is located somewhere below heaven. Now, let's examine this concept. If heaven is somewhere in the sky and hell is somewhere below heaven that would mean hell is here on earth or somewhere in the earth. Wouldn't you come to that conclusion? So, where is this place called purgatory? If this place called purgatory is between heaven and hell, this means that it would be located somewhere within the earth's atmosphere. If you think about this place called purgatory, this means it does not exist. Let's continue with what we have been taught about heaven and hell.

As we live our lives, we have been taught to look to heaven for our reward from God. While we are living on this earth, we are not to wish for great wealth or happiness because we will have this once we have left our physical bodies. So, in the meantime, if we live in poverty, we should not worry, because all of our earthly wants and desires will be taken care of once we arrive in heaven with God. Let's think about this. After we have left our physical bodies, meaning we have died, what's left of our existence?

If we are no longer in our physical bodies, then we must have transformed into some other non-physical existence. Now, we can go to this heaven we have been taught about. The images that have been planted in our imaginations are that we see ourselves in heaven, dressed in long, white garments. We are engulfed in white clouds and we are walking on these clouds. In one particular religion we are taught that we will be drinking milk and honey. I don't know about anyone else, but I can get milk and honey while I am living here on this earth. This is not a heavenly reward to me. The question is, if we are in heaven and we no longer have physical bodies, "why would we need milk and honey?"

If you will recall, we gave up our earthly wealth to receive our reward from God when we arrive in this heaven that we have been praying for all our lives. We believe that we will see our loved ones who have passed on prior to our arrival, walking around in this heaven. We have been taught that we will not have to sleep or work again for our survival. So, this means we do not need money to buy food, clothes, shoes, cars and electronics or need a place to live. We will no longer have illness or pain (which is true--because we no longer have physical bodies). We won't have to worship God in the church, because we have joined "God in heaven".

As I grew older, and began to have questions about what was being taught in the churches, I decided that there must be a way to find the truth to my questions. I was not content with what I had been taught about God and the Universe, man's creation or heaven and hell. I decided that I would seek God's truth.


My Search for the Truth about God

In my search for the truth, my spouse and I were introduced to spirituality through meditation. This was a new experience for us and we became interested in increasing our spiritual understanding through meditation. We started meditating on a daily basis. As I continued to meditate, I started to find answers to some questions by becoming aware of other spiritually inclined people who had written books on their spiritual awakening. Reading these books answered many of my questions about God, death, heaven and hell, along with many other answers that lead to new questions. I started to attend meetings with people who were also seeking a higher spiritual understanding of God. I continued to read many books on attaining spiritual understanding, browsed the internet on seeking spirituality, and attended seminars designed to teach people about the awakening of their spiritual awareness. As I continued to meditate, I became aware of a certain inner peace, a moral contentment and a spiritual awareness that moved into my life.

In 2009, I felt that I was on the right path to understanding God, what we had been taught about God, and the universal creation of life. Although I had increased my spiritual knowledge, I had not found the answers to most or all of my questions. I continued my search for answers about God. During the time I was employed, I would visit the library or one of two bookstores located near my place of employment. One day while on my lunch break, I visited one of the bookstores still searching for what I knew would be a special book. This book would shed some light on the answers I was seeking in this life. As I browsed the shelves, looking for this special book as a guide to higher understanding, I saw a book that was titled "The Akashic Records". This book caught my interest. After browsing through this book for several minutes, I decided to purchase it. I had 15 minutes to buy this book and return to my job. I was anxious to find out about these Akashic Records. As I hurried back to my place of employment, I was excited to read this very interesting book. During my afternoon break, I took a few minutes to browse my newly purchased book. After I arrived home, I took a few minutes to read this obviously unusual and definitely different book from any others that I had previously read.

During the next few days, as I visited the library, I started to read what was, for me, to be the greatest spiritual understanding of the highest level. As I started to read the instructions on how to access the Akashic Records, my understanding was that this is recorded knowledge of all the lives that we have lived and experienced during our lifetimes. This was the most fascinating and exciting information that I had ever read. This is a means of connecting to all knowledge ever recorded in each of our incarnations. It felt like a door had opened, and I had walked into a life of spiritual awakening to God's love and knowledge. I felt I had been set free from ignorance and darkness. I could finally see the light of God. I wanted to know more about the Akashic Records. As I continued to read this book, the author referred to the access to the Akashic Records as the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. As I read the authors description of the Akashic Records, I felt the inclination to seek a deeper understanding of the records. I read several other books on the Akashic Records to learn about others views of the Akashic Records. I browsed the internet to learn about the Akashic Records from the perspective of others who had the experience of accessing the records. My interest in accessing the Akashic Records became more pronounced. I was excited and somewhat nervous about this new journey I was about to take. I then decided that the only way I would truly understand the Akashic Records was to attempt to access the records for myself. I decided to use the author's method of accessing the records. I then repeated the author's method of opening the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records

Accessing The Akashic Records

One morning during the year end of 2010, I prepared myself for meditation and decided to see if I could access the Akashic Records. As I played some soothing meditative music; and as I learned from the book about the records, I repeated an opening request or prayer to access the records. The first day that I attempted to open the Akashic Records, I asked a question and waited for a response. I was not successful. After waiting several days, I decided to attempt to open the Akashic Records, again. I asked a question and waited for a response. Again, I was not successful in my attempt. I was determined to access the records, because I knew deep within I would succeed. On my third time I attempted to open the Akashic Records, once again. I patiently waited and listened for a response. This time I was successful. The question that I had asked, I received a response coming from within. You're probably saying to yourself, wait a minute. How could you hear a response? How is that possible? Well, when it first happened to me, I was thinking the same thing. I thought to myself, did I really hear this response?

I then decided to take a look at the book on the Akashic Records where the author stated that it was just that easy to access the Akashic Records. I then thought to myself, why not. It should be that easy. I had learned through meditation that all answers are within each of us. I was happy and excited that I received a response from the Akashic Records. Although I was sure that what I heard was true, I decided to ask another question. Again, the response that I had heard was true. This was amazing. I knew and understood that the answers that I received were from God within. As I listened to the response from within, the sound was familiar and comfortable to me. After I started to feel more confident in accessing the Akashic Records, my next question was, where within are the Akashic Records located?

*The following questions and answers are my experiences in accessing the Akashic Records. I trust that you will be amazed and one day seek the truth of God and your existence from within.

*[Please note: my questions and comments are written in italics]

Where are The Akashic Records located?

The Akashic Records response was -- The records are located within each individual. The God within each individual, the spirit within holds all information, spiritual experiences and incarnations.

This is the core of your being. When we meditate we look within our being, we connect with God, we connect with our spirit and anything we need to know we have the answer. The Akashic Record is not located in the outer space or the Universe. It is not located in a place we can touch or feel physically. It is located within our inner being-our make-up. All answers are within each of us.

I understand that this is how we know and receive our answers from God. Although I understand that we connect with God through meditation, I wanted to know why God created this means of connection for us. The next morning after I prepared to access the Akashic Records, I asked the following question.


Excerpted from My Search For God Through The Akashic Records by Lee Fisher. Copyright © 2014 Lee Fisher. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


My Awareness of God, 1,
Understanding Heaven and Hell, 4,
My Search for the Truth about God, 7,
The Akashic Records, 10,
God and Spirit, 17,
Prayer, 21,
Emotions and Thoughts, 27,
Mind and Brain, 29,
God, Man and Woman, 32,
Man and Spirit, 44,
Soul, 56,
Reincarnation, 60,
Consciousness, 70,
Religion, 74,
The Ego, 80,
Dreams, 82,
Health, 84,
Suicide-Taking of one's Life, 88,
The Universe, 90,
Meditation, 94,
Afterword, 95,

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