My Search for the Real Heaven

My Search for the Real Heaven

by Steve Hemphill



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ISBN-13: 9781607990239
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
Publication date: 08/11/2009
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword 13

The Story Begins 15

Memories of Home 19

What Might Be: Arrival 22

Introduction 25

What Might Be: Five Earths of Scripture 29

Chapter 1 Literal Versus Symbolic 33

Dad's Special Sayings

What Might Be: A Tangible Heaven

Chapter 2 Prophecy Indications 57

Dad Was a Bible Scholar

What Might Be: Being in Covenant with God

Chapter 3 Satan's Strategy 91

Dad Was a Man of Integrity

What Might Be: The True Location of the Kingdom

Chapter 4 Purification by Fire 115

Dad's Attitude toward Others

What Might Be: Dad Visits Lazarus and the Rich Man

Chapter 5 Resurrection and Our New Body 139

One Last Handwritten Note from Dad

What Might Be: Seeing What God Sees

Chapter 6 Connecting Eternity, Heaven, and New Earth 167

Dad Was a Math Teacher

What Might Be: The Hall of Pictoglyphs

Chapter 7 God Promotes a Reward System 199

Dad Enjoyed Today But Focused On Eternity

What Might Be: A Place in the Capital City

Chapter 8 Reunion 223

My Brother Kendal's Memories of Dad

What Might Be: The Welcome Party

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My Search for the Real Heaven 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
John_Fields More than 1 year ago
Steve Hemphill was inspired to write this by the purest of intentions, a desire to know more about where his father will be. Hemphill was very close to his father. At his father's death he had to come to grips with Heaven. How strong is his belief in Heaven? When he and his brother found a thick sealed envelop after his father's death, the writing on the outside of the envelop said that if they held this in their hands AFTER he had died that they should destroy it. They made their decision on what to do based on what their dad would say to them when they saw him again in the resurrection. More of us should make our decisions based upon similar reasoning. Additionally, a series of what he felt were providentially inspired events led him to start something he had never really thought of doing in the past, writing a book. In this book on Heaven, he has written very thoughtfully and provocatively. He goes to the core of what our beliefs are on the matter. Is Heaven a plane of existence far up in the sky where our spirits will float with the clouds while we sing Kumbaya and master the art of harp playing or not? Hemphill takes the position, with a plethora of biblical support, that Heaven will be located in a place very different than many have thought. Interspersed with his MANY scriptures which have led his thoughts, are also some very interesting thoughts on God's covenant with men and Biblical prophecy. Hemphill takes a very literal view of the majority of the scriptures that he uses. Although I did not necessarily agree with all of his points, they were certainly respectable and worthy of consideration. This book does a very valuable thing, it makes you think. He also makes a VERY good case for a six day beginning of things in the Garden. Things you will see addressed here are: What does Earth burning up have to do with Heaven? Will there be anything left of Earth after the fire? Are there animals in Heaven? Will there really be NO tears? What will we remember when we get there? Will our rewards all be the same? Will we truly have mansions? Will we be singing and worshiping so much that we have no other activities to do? There are many more subjects as well. Finally, along with the factually based material, I thoroughly enjoyed the fictional interludes. There are sections at the ends of each chapter dealing with that chapter's subject matter in a "what might be" format. In these interludes, Hemphill's father, Jamie, is led and given insight by his angelic helper who gives him an ongoing orientation concerning what Heaven is all about. This is a heart-felt book which was written with heavy reliance upon God's Word, prayer and the most wonderful motivator of all, love; in this case a son's love for his father. I heavily recommend reading this book and am pleased to be its first reviewer for Barnes and Noble.
Jeff_Luallin More than 1 year ago
In "My search for the Real Heaven" Steve Hemphill explores a subject that Christians often tend to avoid - a discussion of the life in the hereafter. Heaven is the ultimate goal for the believer, yet we spend little time talking about it. Hemphill brings this topic to life and provides insights into God's deep and powerful love. You will feel a sense of inner peace as you read about this wonderful place God has in store for you!
ElaineLittauauthor More than 1 year ago
"My Search For the Real Heaven" by author, Steve Hemphill addressed so much more than the heavenly realm. There were Scriptural issues to ponder and sort out. (I love that in a book.) There was a lot of practical life application backed up with Scriptures. The description of the heavenly city of Jerusalem in Revelation was vivid. The city is 1400 miles X 1400 miles ( which would go from my house to New York City) and either cubed-shaped or pyramid shaped going up 1400 miles. (The earth's atmosphere is confined to 500 miles from the surface of the earth.) This book urged me to study Scriptures for myself. I highly recommend reading this book to those who have biblical questions of all kinds. Elaine Littau, author