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My Seasons of Grief: a story of healing

My Seasons of Grief: a story of healing

by K. R. McMahon


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I am a rarity in this modern world, in this 'Quantum Age', now, in the sea of life, we all have yachts with a spare engine and a jet ski. We like to keep moving, to duck and weave, to crawl if we can't walk, or to run in every other instance, we move, our culture, society, economy, media, ecology, our whole way of life, here in the West at least, has been centered around the notion that we always ought to be moving, full of motion sickness, this feeling, the feeling of moving (simulated to perfection by our greatest creation; the automobile), this allows us to know that we are in fact alive, and not dead, but I believe there is a further 'benefit', that this constant motion allows for us to ignore another of the more serious, life defining questions, what are we rushing towards? Where does this treadmill ultimately lead? The answer is the same for all of us, sick, healthy, fat, bald, ugly, short, accomplished, home-wreckers, murderers, free men; ultimately we will all die.

Kevin Ross McMahon 11/19/1984 - 6/29/2013

Encourage each other in my death with calls to go 'farther up, and farther in' in this life, so that you are prepared for the next as best you can.

Alright, that's hardly all I have, but still it must suffice I fear. Peace, joy and delightful things to you all.

Love, always;


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Publication date: 09/21/2015
Pages: 236
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