My Seductive Highlander: A Highland Hearts Novel

My Seductive Highlander: A Highland Hearts Novel

by Maeve Greyson

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ISBN-13: 9781101968161
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/11/2016
Series: Highland Hearts , #4
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 290
Sales rank: 45,706
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them. That’s Maeve Greyson’s mantra. When she’s not working at the steel mill, Greyson’s writing romances about sexy Highlanders and the women who tame them. Tucked away in a five-acre wood, Maeve listens to the wind singing through the trees and hears her characters telling their stories. Her work is proofed by her sharp-eyed dog, Jasper, and her greatest supporter is her long-suffering husband of more than thirty-five years who’s learned not to throw away any odd sticky notes filled with strange phrases.

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MacKenna Keep
Thirteenth-century Scotland

“Dammit, man! Did ye no’ think to learn her name afore ye decided to bed her?” Gray MacKenna, chieftain of Clan MacKenna, moved to the edge of his seat as though ready to lunge across the room, wrap his hands around Graham’s throat, and choke the livin’ shit out of him.

Graham MacTavish edged back a step whilst rubbing the nape of his neck. He stole a quick glance about the room. All eyes were locked on him and ’twas no small wonder. This was thrice in a fortnight that the MacKenna had publicly chewed his arse over what he had honestly deemed as sound choices at the time that he’d made them—but apparently, once again, he’d chosen poorly.

Dammit all ta hell and back. Graham swiped a hand across his mouth, vainly attempting to wipe away any forthcoming words that might damn him even further. He’d ne’er picked his words wisely. He thought back to the particular debacle in question. Nay. Neither lass had hinted at their surnames. Why had the one no’ mentioned her husband was bloody chieftain to the Buchanans?

Ah well . . . it doesna verra well matter now. What’s done is done. He squared his shoulders and locked his fists to the small of his back. Lifting his chin, he boldly met Gray’s infuriated glare. “I didna take her to m’bed. We stayed in the stables.”

From the purplish shading of the MacKenna’s face and the vein twitching along the man’s temple, perhaps that was no’ the best defense Graham couldha chosen. He’d better try again. “But ye’ll be pleased to know, I didna lift any of their cattle—nor a single horse this time.”

“I should turn ye over to the Buchanan and be done wi’ ye.” Gray huffed out a rumbling growl, fixing Graham with a murderous look. The sorely annoyed chieftain threw himself back in his ceremonial chair centered on the dais. The great meeting hall fell silent, all poised to hear what Graham’s punishment would be.

Graham’s gut tightened. That would no’ be good at all t’be turned over to the Buchanans. But if that was the MacKenna’s wish . . .

Snorting out a silent humorless laugh, Graham shook his head. ’Twould be a damn shame to die o’er one such as that lass and her maid. The women’s shrill tirades and dead aims with clods of dried horse shit on the morning after the quite enjoyable romp had taught him a thing or two—mainly that ye best ne’er get too deep in yer cups when charmin’ the lasses because their druthers could sorely change when ye sobered up and faced them the next day.

A soft clearing of a throat drew Graham’s attention to the chieftain’s wife sitting quietly at her husband’s side. Lady Trulie smoothed a hand atop her husband’s tensed forearm and sat taller in her chair. “Now, now. We can’t do that, Gray. You know what would happen if we turned him over to the Buchanans.”

She leaned forward the slightest bit, staring down at Graham from the raised platform as though he were a disobedient child. “We understand your need to experience all that you missed while cursed but”—Lady Trulie’s face darkened like a building storm—“dammit, Graham, pull your head out of your ass and stop endangering the peace and safety of this clan just because you can’t keep your britches on and your hands off what belongs to somebody else.”

Britches? What the hell are britches? Perhaps the Lady Trulie was referrin’ to his trews? Actually, he’d nay even removed his léine while samplin’ the sweet lasses, but perhaps now was nary the time to get into the particulars.

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My Seductive Highlander: A Highland Hearts Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love time travel,the whole family,the love stories . There isn't a thing I didn't like. More please ! !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved everyone we got to meet. It was fun that each book involved the whole family every time. Laughed and cried. I enjoyed the descriptive detail, short but to the point. Each story made for a Good Adventure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well done but i wouldve liked a little less detail in the sex scenes.....just saying. Do start with the first book to enjoy the full story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this one, probably more than the others. Great sex scenes, and the characters were awesome. I'd give it more stars if the story was longer. Less than 300 pages is a tease. Finished it in a day. If you are just finding this series, start from the beginning.
LynnLTX More than 1 year ago
The fourth and final book in the series, My Seductive Highlander, tells Lilia’s story who is Mairi’s twin. She is the last of the Sinclair sisters remaining in the 21st century. Lilia has no plans to follow her family back to live in the 13th Century. She is an empath and the most sensitive of her family as well as saddled with the onus skill of having prophetic visions. Lilia has built up shields to protect her heart making it quite challenging to any man who would court her. Graham and his friend Angus are sent to the future because after his being released from the curse that made him a dragon for three hundred years, he becomes a philanderer of the worst kind causing much trouble for his clan. He must win Lilia’s heart and stay with her in the present or face death back in his own century. I have enjoyed this series thus far, but I am less than pleased with characters like Graham who see no problem “swiving” other men’s women. Graham knew his behavior put the whole clan in danger, but did it anyway. I have trouble finding humor in men, regardless of the reason, who see nothing wrong with being as randy as possible. As in the previous stories, the adjustment the men have to make to living in the 21st century adds comedy and communication problems. Graham and Lilia’s romance does help him see how his previous behavior was shameless, and he resolves to redeem himself. Readers who enjoyed this series will probably want to see all the other family members and their stories completed. ARC from NetGalley
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I really liked Lilia and Graham's story. It was a nice change of pace to have someone come from the past into present times. I really like Graham from the other books in the series and I was happy to see he got his HEA. Lilia was a great match for him. This was a great conclusion to the series!
The_Avid_Bookivore More than 1 year ago
In the 4th and last book of the Highland Hearts series, My Seductive Highlander, we follow the story of the cursed and previously banished, Graham McTavish as he finds out what living and loving is truly about. I've read all the previous books in this series and this one is my 3rd favorite. The storyline is very similar to the previous books. In this book, we read about the seductive beau, Graham MacTavish, who used to be a dragon banished to the Loch Ness. He's gained his freedom and now has developed a penchant for seducing other men's wives causing himself to get banished once more. In order to come back home, he must find and gain Lilia Sinclair's love. He agrees to the deal because he figures it will be easy, but one look at the fiery and headstrong Lilia sets Graham's heart aflame! Lilia, the last Sinclair sister has a gift that she deems a curse. She doesn't allow any man close to her heart for fear of what she may see. But, despite Lilia's well-built wall of ice, Graham scorches through it and there's nothing else they can do but fall into the deep abyss that is love. Granny's meddling has won again! I adored reading about Graham, the ex-dragon, though I wish he would've kept his dragon powers. That would've been amazing...and hilarious to read about. With that said, this is the one book in the series that I thought could've been more in-depth with the characters. I didn't find myself as intensely intrigued as I thought I would, but I still enjoyed the story. I would recommend romance readers give this series a try because it is entertaining.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NovelKnight More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting read, sort of an inverse historical romance as it's not someone going back in time, but coming forward into the present instead. Time travel and Scotland hold a place in my heart after reading Outlander but perhaps I should have read the previous books in this series instead of this one to get that same feel.  The characters were alright but nothing extraordinary. I didn't necessarily connect with either one, but I liked the ways that Lilia and Graham sort of reversed their roles through time. Graham is new to the present day so there's a lot of confusion going on there as he adapts to the modern age. Lilia, on the other hand, has an older feel to her. Not so much age but like she wasn't meant to fit just in our time, but another as well.  There must be a formula to historical romances set in Scotland. Even though this doesn't quite qualify as historical like the previous books, it followed the pattern of the two lovers disliking each other but attracted, growing closer over time. Someone is after someone else, there's a rescue, all that.  Though I did find the matchmaking Granny amusing, manipulating time to pair the couples up. For those, like me, who haven't read the previous books in this series, there are some tie-ins with the previous characters featured but it didn't make it too difficult to understand the story but I have no doubt that reading the other installments would help in understanding the current situation in this book.  My Seductive Highlander was certainly different from the usual romances I've read in that it contained a hint of supernatural elements while drawing on the feel of a historical romance. I'd recommend it but only after reading the previous books. You don't have to but I think it'll make a better reading experience.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Graham was caught in bed with a rival laird’s - Buchanan - wife and mistress. Graham was to be exiled from Scotland or executed he was sent to the future if he didn’t fulfill his mission he would be brought back and killed. So graham had to go to the twenty first century from the thirteenth and find Lilia and make her fall in love with him. Marry her and make her happy. Her granny had a vision that graham would be her husband. Lilia lives in the twenty first century but her sisters live in the thirteenth even her twin Mairi. Lilia has prophetic visions and usually it’s bad news. She has to bear what the visions show her except telling her two friends who don’t really believe her but still support her. Granny and Mairi were worried about Lilia as the woman- Eliza MacTavish- who had been watching over Lilia is dying from cancer and is in hospice. Lilia can also read people’s true feelings and can feel what they really feel. Graham is to marry the old pagan way blood mixing blood. The Sinclaire women are time runners so they can go to any period of time. Lilia is part owner of a natural beauty company . then Lilia finds out her partner is embezzling the company and has him put in jail. Then her two closest friends Vivienne and Alberto become her partners. I enjoyed this story a lot. At times it choked me up and brought tears to my eyes and it also had it’s humorous parts. I applaud the author good writing when a story pulls out my emotions. At time this story was slow moving. Usually don’t like time travel stories but I really enjoyed this one. I really liked Lilia’s character. I like how her friends supported her even if they didn’t believe she really had real visions. It had a good plot although Graham was quite the player in the beginning of this story. I was glad he changed and did as he had to do to stay alive. But was it such a chore for him? I don’t really think so. Funny had he reacted in the twenty first century. I liked the characters a lot and loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful final book of 'A Highlander Hearts Novel'. Each story can be read as a stand alone, but once you read one, you will want to read the rest of them. "My Seductive Highlander" is romance, drama, suspense, and all of the things we love about people and clans in historical Scotland. Graham is such a hot, take charge, and fun character that meets his match in Lilia. She is one kick-a** woman that knows her own mind. I loved the connection between the H and the h, with the real story being enriched by the two of them going back in time to visit family at a time of mourning and healing while fighting a neighboring clan. Of course, we will see a HEA between the H and the h, but which time will it be in? If this is your genre, then I encourage you to pick this one up for a great read. Thank you to NetGalley and Loveswept for gifting me "My Seductive Highlander" and asking for my honest opinion. This is mine. 5 Stars!!
Marichus-Real More than 1 year ago
I received a free review copy of this book by NetGalley Lillia is the last of the Sinclair sisters who is still in the future and the only one still single, but not for long. Graham, once cursed to be a dragon, is now a magnet for problems, most of them related to women. So to prevent a war between clans, he is sent to the future to take care of Lilia. A sweet romance set halfway between the 21st and the 13th centuries. Sometimes funny when Graham and Angus discover all the devices we use in this century. Even the language is different and give ways to funny situations. Sometimes sad when we feel Lilia’s pain for Eliza’s impending death. Sometimes sweet when Graham falls in love with Lilia. Sometimes happy when Graham and Lilia are together. I have just one question: what happened with the Buchanans?
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Though part of a legacy of time-traveling sisters, Lilia Sinclair is planted firmly in twenty-first-century Edinburgh. Her granny’s matchmaking with thirteenth-century Highlanders isn’t about to lure her into the past, especially as ancient Scotland enters troubled times. After all, Lilia is blessed—or cursed—with dire prophetic visions. To protect herself, she’s put up an icy emotional wall no man could cross—until a pair of gorgeous, rippling arms breaks right through. Graham MacTavish is pure trouble. Once the dragon bound to Loch Ness, he’s transformed into a philanderer of the first order. In fact, because of his dalliances with other men’s wives, a rival clan wants his head on a pike. Before he provokes an all-out war, Graham is banished to the twenty-first century, where he must win Lilia’s hand—or return to die. But after meeting a lass as fierce as any Highland warrior, Graham knows one thing: life with Lilia, in any century, is a fate to embrace. Review: In this final installment of this series we get to know the final Sinclair sister Lilia. She is paired with our favorite dragon transformed back into man, Graham. Graham is quite the philanderer and he has finally pushed it too far and is banished. Lilia's grandmother and sister send Graham to the twenty-first century to help Lilia since her guardian is dying and they have a premonition that Graham and Lilia are meant to be together. The story that ensues is an exciting and entertaining time-travel romance. I liked that the story was written in a style that grabbed my attention and kept me reading. I loved the witty dialogue, that had me laughing at times. The inclusion of LARP-ing and the intro to twenty-first century sex toys was fun to read. The gamut of emotions running through the story, I was sad when Lilia's guardian dies but the ending leaves you happy and was very satisfying in it's wrap up of the series. Of course, the story has is spicy, sexy elements too. Lilia and Graham are very sexy together and the chemistry is off the charts. I am sad to see this series go, but like I said the wrap up at the end is well-done and will leave you happy. 4Stars *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
sportochick More than 1 year ago
The author hits another home run with book 4 of the Highland Heart series. I love time travel books especially historical romances including paranormal. This book exceeds all the things I love in a book. It has time travel, intrigue, a fast pace, battles, takes place in Scotland, loss, includes humor with the romance and a great love story. It has Graham, an out of control, carousing hot male character who is making up for centuries of a life as a dragon and Angus, his oaf of a sidekick that adds lots of humor to the storyline. Graham is on the loose and doing whatever he wishes. He reminds me of a 16 year old who has just discovered what the opposite sex is for. His character matures and grows as you read further in the book and he becomes more then one dimensional. Angus I will have to admit is still pretty much the same throughout the book. Don't get me wrong. He does change some with their jump to the future. But at the end he is still lovable and an oaf. Lilia proves to be a multifaceted woman. Portrayed as a woman who has a gift that could also be considered a curse she struggles with how to survive this gift and the distance she needs from people. She is shown as someone that has a big heart but no one who can be there with her or for her. Her character is believable and real especially with her gift of prophecy. I give this 4 STARS for being an exciting read.
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
I think this was my favorite of the series. Lilia is quite a feisty heroine, yet she struggled with her gift. Graham was gallant and quite willing to follow his destiny. This story had me laughing, cheering, and at a couple of points, crying. The emotions ran high as the story was ending and were so descriptive, my heart hurt. Thank you for a journey with feeling. I highly recommend this story and the series. I received a copy through Netgalley. This is my honest and unsolicited review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When you play with fire...Graham isn't breathing fire anymore, but he has been playing with it by playing the rogue, bedding women. This time he's made a powerful enemy who's sworn to kill him! He's ordered to leave his adoptive land, never to return or meet his death. Lilia Sinclair is a strong-willed, independent woman whose powers often leave her drained and lonely; Graham's reparation for placing Clan MacKenna in jeopardy is to befriend and protect Lilia! Not an easy task, at all! A brilliant, emotional ending to this endearing series! The Sinclair women, their husbands, children and cohorts were so well-rounded and lively. I'll miss visiting with them through their stories. Would love a follow-up with the children. Book free from Netgalley and publisher for honest review.
BookloverUT More than 1 year ago
Lilia Sinclair is part of a time traveling legacy, although she lives in present day Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s used to having her psychic defenses up to hide her empathic visions. When she suffers a loss, her grandmother plays matchmaker and sends Graham MacTavish. Graham, once cursed to live as a dragon, is living like a philanderer. After he’s caught in a dalliance with another man’s wife, he’s banished to the twenty-first century and to find love with the stubborn Lilia. Even though I don’t usually read time traveling romances, I liked this one. I love romances with strong, intelligent lead characters, and the comedic moments where Graham and Angus dealt with the intricacies of living in the modern world. The only drawback was the ending. I think it would’ve been better if the lead characters fought together to save the day. I will read this author’s work again. An Advanced Reading Copy was received in exchange for an honest review.
Mirabelle8 More than 1 year ago
Beautiful conclusion for the Sinclair sisters! I love stories that go back and forth in time, they are so much fun to read. Some scenes had me giggle! I really enjoyed My Seductive Highlander! Maeve Greyson has done it again! Lilia Sinclair and Graham MacTavish's journey, is filled with romance, magic, mystery and lots of twists and turns. In her previous stories, we followed Trulie, Kenna, Mairi, who have been known to be time travelers! Let's say that the Sinclair women, possess some very unique talents, so the legacy of time-traveling sisters continues. Lilia is the last of the Sinclair sisters who is still living in the 21st century. Trulie, Kenna, Mairi, and Nia, are all living back in 13th century Scotland. Again, we follow these charming time runners. Their grandmother, Nia Sinclair, is still having fun with her matchmaking! This time, it will be Lilia and Graham's turn to charm us. The chemistry between Lilia and Graham sizzles! This book has many fantastical aspects to enjoy! Ms. Greyson is a very talented writer of paranormal time travel romance and I love everything she writes! I could not put it down, it's fast paced, funny and romantic! She never disappoints me! Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
jdh2690 More than 1 year ago
Oh how I laughed…and cried…while reading this lovely romance! I laughed because Graham and Angus in 21st century Edinburgh with electricity, modern plumbing and automobiles (not to mention modern females) was a veritable hoot! I can well visualize what it would be like to go back to 13th century Scotland through a study of history and stories so there wouldn’t be many surprises, but going forward in time would be full of hysterical surprises to unaware alpha males. And I cried because of the strength and tenderness amongst the females of Clan MacKenna, their love of family and their beloved elders who taught wisdom and lore to the generations coming after them. This story revealed Granny’s greatest secret, that a mother’s love for her children is the strongest power of all. The romance between Lilia and Graham was, indeed, another wonderful Scottish romance from this author. The Publisher provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
My Seductive Highlander was enchanting! The first book I've read from Maeve Greyson and now I'm eager to read the rest of her Highland Hearts series. Having never read one of her books before I was pleasantly surprised to find delightful well-developed characters, witty dialogue and banter, a great storyline that was entertaining, yet emotional in all the right places. I found myself laughing out loud, wiping away tears, swooning a bit (okay, quite a bit) over the sexy leading man (hello! Scottish Highlander with a sexy brogue!), shamelessly enjoying the hot sex scenes between Graham and Lilia, and tensing during the battle scenes in 13th century Scotland... all told with a very fluid, engaging writing style. This book truly has it all and I loved every word! 4.5 stars ~Complimentary copy downloaded from NetGalley. All review comments expressed are my own honest opinion.