My Self, My Soul

My Self, My Soul

by James Debar

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Life continues beyond this existence. I saw it, I felt it, I witnessed it.

During a life-altering heart attack, I touched my Soul. This powerful event changed my life and filled me with knowledge far beyond anything I'd ever known. A lifetime of questions were instantly and miraculously answered.

My Self, My Soul is a dialogue between the 'self' and the Soul during life's most defining moment when time, as we know it, comes to an end. This profound exchange reveals the 'self' at its most vulnerable moment, and the Soul at its most powerful. Experiencing what the enlightened Soul has to say to the limited 'self' is the basis of this life altering discussion.

During a sudden near death experience, with life saving chaos all around, I found myself entering a quiet and most spectacular place at the edge of the Universe. No tunnels, no family members there to greet me, no other encounters, but for One. A voice. *A crystal clear, peaceful, nonjudgmental resonance permeated me. While experiencing an extraordinary, even overwhelming feeling of love and serenity, I became aware of an absorption and transference of knowledge. I was given choice to continue or to stay. I sensed neither fear, nor trepidation. The decision was easily made. I chose to stay.

For months the information I received resonated in my heart and the dialogue continued. This remarkable experience confirmed we are both a Soul and a 'self' joined in sharing and learning. The exploration of this relationship offers a deeper understanding of the more perplexing elements of our physical journeys without waiting until the end of a lifetime. Communing with our Souls propels each of us toward a greater understanding of love and gratitude.

My Self, My Soul seeks to add another ray to the beam that lights the path providing reassurance and encouragement on our life's journey. Along that passageway is the empowerment to tear veils of fear, which bind emotions and imprison joy. It is my fervent hope that the breakthroughs toward understanding the Soul, and all of its gifts, may in time propel us toward unprecedented personal enlightenment.

* Excerpt from the Prologue:
"A crystal clear, pleasant and calm voice resonating all around me says, 'You can keep coming, or you can stay. If you are going to stay, open your eyes.' The voice is neither inviting, nor repelling, is entirely nonjudgmental, and appears neutral to what I am experiencing. The voice has no gender.

I sense that I am absorbing something, which so many years later I remain unable to fully explain - a knowledge or awareness of things far beyond me and vastly greater than what I have known. This instantaneous assimilation of knowledge is far different from the methodical process of learning and comprehension through which I had matured, or developed along my journey. More overwhelming than this knowledge spreading through me is the feeling that envelops and permeates me. This energy intensifies as the moment progresses.  From the vantage point of my human perspective, expressions such as Love, serenity, peace, joy, and lightness come to mind, but they barely begin to describe this energy. I immediately recognize that I am the energy that I know is my Soul. I experience the purity of my Soul, momentarily unfettered by the physical needs and conditions of my body. My Soul is unencumbered.

At that moment I know everything waiting for me following this transition to the other side is a moment along the natural progression of my broader existence. I am confident the experience is to be an enjoyable one, should I decide to continue. I sense neither fear nor trepidation. In that surreal, but seemingly natural event, I sense the remainder of my life on earth is not finished. It is also to be harmonious. I know a new phase of my life is about to begin. I yet have more to learn and more to do. I have been given a choice. The decision to remain is easily made.

I open my eyes."

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