My Sleeveless Heart: Lyrical Memoirs of a Naked Soul

My Sleeveless Heart: Lyrical Memoirs of a Naked Soul

by Joshua DuBois



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My Sleeveless Heart: Lyrical Memoirs of a Naked Soul by Joshua DuBois

Conventional perceptions of, and approaches to, romantic relationships are challenged and changed in this step-by-step breakdown of modern courtship practices. Author Joshua DuBois uses a combination of narrative prose, practical reasoning and original poetry to chronologically describe the phases that relationships go through. Each reader is given the opportunity to uniquely connect with one or more ideas from a wide variety of concepts based on the reader's individual romantic experiences. My Sleeveless Heart: Lyrical Memoirs of a Naked Soul (Advanced Edition) gives every reader the tools necessary for anyone trying to become a more communicative person, a more understanding companion and ultimately a more compatible partner.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692531518
Publisher: Joshua DuBois
Publication date: 10/21/2015
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

Joshua DuBois is a native of Inglewood, CA born on July 25, 1987. At 4 years old he recited a poem for his church entitled Hey Black Child and Joshua has had a passion for story telling ever since. He was enrolled in the All About Kids Acting Conservatory where he learned classical theatre and started his acting career. At the time, however, Joshua did not feel he was yet well rounded enough for film and television, so he went on a hiatus from acting to further develop his skills as an entertainer. While earning his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University and A&M College, Joshua taught himself to play the electric guitar and piano, became a notable spoken word poet, learned gymnastics tumbling, joined a modeling troop, pledged a fraternity and performed in a heavy metal rock band. He firmly believes that a good storyteller can be anything, but a great storyteller can become everything so that he can personally connect with a wider audience from a variety of backgrounds. He has spent his entire life listening to, observing and counseling his friends, co-workers and family members in matters of romance from an empathetically rational state of mind. He is thusly very emotionally intelligent, boasting a deeply rooted compassion for the emotional needs of people in all walks of life. He coined the phrase "Josh of all trades" because he has worked his entire life to feed his need to be great at any- and everything he puts his mind to. He works daily to satisfy that need by always trying to entertain the world one audience at a time.

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