My Son, the Dork: The Trials and Tribulations of a Mother Thrust into the World of High Technology

My Son, the Dork: The Trials and Tribulations of a Mother Thrust into the World of High Technology

by R. K. O. Timoshenko


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"Children like Damon are like the waves of the ocean you never want to turn your back on them."

With two older teenage children, Damon's mother Audrey is preoccupied with the mirid of problems common to children of that age. Quiet, never making any trouble at home or school, trouble for anyone, it's so easy to overlook Damon and what he is doing. But like the tide, problems can quietly, unobtrusively slip in, to suddenly sweep parents unexpectedly away. When everything for once is nice and quiet, you feel a comfortable calm about you, that's when a Damon Problem explodes like someone tossing a hand grenade at your feet. And not because he's trying to make trouble or really doing anything wrong. The thing is, what he's doing is quite commendable for someone ten or twenty years older. Over confident, self assured easily getting himself in way over his head.

On his tenth Christmas, Damon got a high technology gift, where he could build up to 500 different electronic circuits, a kit to introduce youngsters to the world of electronic technology. And Damon instantly took to the technology like the proverbial duck after a june bug, to the exclusion of almost everything else, and that's when Audrey started pushing back wanting her littlest child to be like the older two. But her husband Shamus has a better understanding of the situation, and counsels Audrey that if she want's a relationship with her son Damon, then she must find a way to accommodate his world in hers. That if she doesn't, then she'll build a wall dividing them that may never be breached. With that, Audrey acquiesces, and thus begins her journey into the world of high technology, the trials and tribulations of a mother being thrust into the world of high technology. A world, that like so many people, she is always careful to avoid as much as possible. Audrey wanted no more understanding about technology, than to stick the key in, turn it and drive away, but with Damon, she's continually forced to face the world of technology.

And slowly, but surely, one wave after another starts coming in to un-expectantly sweep a befuddled and perplexed Audrey away.

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ISBN-13: 9781986388115
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2018
Pages: 260
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