My Struggle Parts 1 & 2: Mein Kampf 1 & 2 (English Edition 2016)

My Struggle Parts 1 & 2: Mein Kampf 1 & 2 (English Edition 2016)

by Adolf Hitler


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In 1925 a thirty-five year-old Adolf Hitler, veteran of World War One, was the leader of an emerging political party who had staged a failed coup and, as a result, found himself locked up in a German prison.

By July of that year he had dictated the text of his first book to Comrade Rudolph Hess in their shared cell. The two men later completed what would become Hitler's manifesto at a Bavarian Tavern.

Mein Kampf fast became a German bestseller and clearly reflected the mood of the people at the time, namely a dissatisfaction with their government's immigration policy.

Mein Kampf reflects Hitler's personal ideology as a young man and outlined his ideas for the German Reich. Chillingly, it also demonstrates how a largely peaceful nation of people can move very quickly to the right wing when challenged and the book soon became one of the most popular texts in the whole of Germany.

The question is, is history going to repeat itself...?

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