My Stunt Double

My Stunt Double

by Travis Wayne Denton


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Poetry. "Travis Denton makes me think that attention is akin to affection, at least here, where loss and damage continually lead us deeper into the world, not away from it. While he has a fluid and curious mind, I think he roves to stay, that a belief in the value of all things underlies these peripatetic poems. Some poets write nervously, out of fear. I think Travis Denton writes largely out of joy, to gather and bring what he finds back for us to share. This book is a harvest."--Bob Hicok

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ISBN-13: 9781936196906
Publisher: C&R Press
Publication date: 03/15/2019
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

Travis Wayne Denton lives in Atlanta where he is the Associate Director of Poetry @ TECH as well as McEver Chair in Poetry at Georgia Tech. He is also founding editor of the literary arts publication Terminus Magazine. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies. He is the author of MY STUNT DOUBLE (C&R Press, 2019), WHEN PIANOS FALL FROM THE SKY (Marick Press, 2012) and THE BURDEN OF SPEECH (C&R Press, 2009).

Table of Contents


15 What Beauty Gives Us

19 The Body

20 Balloons

22 My Stunt Double

24 Achilles Realizes There Is No God

25 Dear Seventeen-Year Cicadas

26 Buzzed, Fragile, Morning

27 What the Satellite Saw

28 In the Days when There Were Many Gods

29 Donor

30 Brother: God of Projectiles

31 The Body Next Door

33 The light in bars then, around the holidays

34 Man, one day, went to see a Madam Somebody

36 Born to Run

37 Searching for Amelia Earhart

38 We knew we were lucky

39 The Rooms We’ve Left or Never Entered

40 Good-bye the Way You Imagined It Would Sound

41 Poem to the Dying Earth

43 Teulada

45 Penumbra

47 A Near Always, and Then

50 Letter to Those Who Prophesied My Doom

51 Where We Left Off

52 Car Idling in Grocery Store Lot

53 Post Apocalypse

54 Frank Hayes

56 And, Etc.

57 Man once thought himself

59 Homo Erectus

60 The Way Back

61 Saturday with Plymouth Duster

62 Bombs Over Water

63 Love Letter to My Failed Crisis

64 Man Sits on Bench Beside Lake

65 On the elevator

66 Man one night sitting out with a drink

68 Things We Lost in the Crash

69 Waking a Sleeping Limb

71 Apology to My Buick Skylark

73 Love and the Moon

74 Man, one evening

76 Dead Boy

77 Man one day started believing

79 Teeth

80 Notes for a Wedding Toast

81 Man once stood on his dock

83 Cornered Beasts

84 The Spiders in My House

85 Goners

87 Nudiustertian

88 In a Better Place

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