My Style: An Expression of God

My Style: An Expression of God

by Ntokozo Ncongwane




When you ask most people why they dress the way they do or prefer certain fashion trends over others, the answer is never about how it resonates with who they are or what they feel but most often about what people around them think of how they look and how it helps them blend into their environment
The irony about it all is that no matter how much we try to fi t in
, there is always a part of us that wishes to be different , more true to ourselves . Yet it seems to confl ict with our beliefs of what is right and wrong and how it will limit our social growth. Fashion and style is hardly promoted as a tool for self expression, let alone a way to celebrate God.
What if you took a different approach to how you look at fashion and your personal style? Looking good is not just about putting on an outfi t and receiving countless compliments. It can also be about celebrating you and the Goddess within ......
Start noticing how people gravitate toward you when you exude confi dence (not arrogance)?
Your sense of style will automatically become appealing and your own sense of self will defi nitely become stronger......Own your Style!

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Publication date: 07/16/2012
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