My Teacher, My Son: Lessons on Life, Loss, and Love

My Teacher, My Son: Lessons on Life, Loss, and Love

My Teacher, My Son: Lessons on Life, Loss, and Love

My Teacher, My Son: Lessons on Life, Loss, and Love


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An unexpected book that readers are calling "breathtakingly honest," "courageous," "gripping," "intense," "inspiring," and "beautiful."

Life Becomes Our Greatest Teacher

When bereaved father Nick Shaw decided to write a book about the lessons he's learned from his three sons - William, Kai, and Bodhi - he knew that his story would begin with the tragic death of his oldest son, William. He also knew that My Teacher, My Son wasn't a grief book but a life book.

Nick knew that, despite our differences, we all struggle with big, complex concepts like being yourself, letting go, being present, and finding connection - in our lives, our work, our families, and our communities. Heralded as "heart-piercing" and "heart-empowering," My Teacher, My Son takes readers inside the mind and heart of an introspective man - a father, husband, son, brother, neighbor, friend, and accomplished business leader who never imagined he would write a book about uncommon tragedy and the universal challenges of the human condition.

A Portrait of Sharp Contrasts - Heartbreaking and Hopeful, Insightful and Inspirational

On February 19, 2019, Nick Shaw's family suffered the unbearable. What started out as a magical day - skiing at Big Sky, Montana - ended in the tragic death of Nick's nine-year-old son, William. In the days after William's death, amidst the fog of deep grief, the phrase "my teacher, my son" came to Nick in a moment of clarity. In that instant, he realized that William had been teaching him powerful lessons since the day he was born. Now, those lessons have found their way to the world at large. And William's story continues ...

A Must-Read Book for Anyone Wanting to Regain Clarity and Control ... in Life and at Work

Nick Shaw is proof that bad things happen to good people, but that life gives us the tools we need to succeed and survive. Nick's introspective nature and his talents as an executive coach served him well as he navigated the complex emotions following his son's death. And his son's death gave him new perspectives on serving his clients - and now, his readers.

We all know it to be true - in life and at work, we will suffer losses and change. Nick tells us: "The only way to pick ourselves up is to honor what was, accept what is, and embrace what will be with an open mind and heart."

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ISBN-13: 9798988259022
Publisher: Snowglobe Publishing
Publication date: 10/31/2023
Pages: 158
Sales rank: 527,671
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)
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