My Tiny Love Teacher: A 19 Years and 11 Months Continuous Class

My Tiny Love Teacher: A 19 Years and 11 Months Continuous Class

by Monique Paul, D.J. Swykert

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My Tiny Love Teacher: A 19 Years and 11 Months Continuous Class by Monique Paul

My Tiny Love Teacher is a novel based on real life events. Arianna was out of the city when she is informed her beloved kitty Choux is dying just a few days before her twentieth birthday.

To Arianna, Choux is not only a pet, Choux is part of her family and also her friend. Arianna takes the first available flight back home to be with darling Choux in her last minutes of life. While traveling Arianna remembers and tells us all these experiences, laughter and tears she and her son have shared with Choux and Sheila, her son Alex's Doberman.

Coming from a dysfunctional family where she suffered psychological abuse and mistreatment for years, Arianna desperately searches for the way to give her son a happy and harmonious life full of love. With Choux Arianna learned to experience the unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness that would help her give her son the life she wants and her professional success.

Choux came to Arianna’s life just at the right time, when she was ready to learn, to apply her wisdom and to make significant changes in her life. Little Choux was herself a miracle of life.

For nearly twenty years, Arianna learned from Choux. She learned to live in the present; she learned that she could materialize all her desires with the complicity of the universe, and she learned that the true source of abundance is within.

Being blessed with a loving son and pets, Arianna applied the wisdom she learned from her darling Choux day by day achieving the harmonious life she longed to have. This harmony allowed her to raise her son in the healthy environment full of love, happiness and understanding raising him to be a happy father and successful man.

My Tiny Love Teacher will make you cry and laugh, will make you reject abuse; and will get you look at your pet in a whole different way. Who knows, if you don’t have a pet, then you might want to go to a shelter to adopt a Tiny Love Teacher that won’t do anything but give you love and gratefulness.

Choux was real, and she is now a little guardian angel and a “Tiny Love Teacher”.

Tell me… Do you have a Tiny Love Teacher in your home?

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ISBN-13: 9781944871079
Publisher: Magic Masterminds LLC
Publication date: 05/25/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 215
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About the Author

I am a marketer with twenty years of experience and the owner of my own marketing firm, Marcomtec. I have published more than five hundred press releases and articles as a ghost writer on topics of information technology, marketing and social media for companies like Extreme Networks and Progress Software among others. My articles have been published in specialized magazines in Spanish and English, including El Empresario (Columbia,) Revista Neo (Mexico,) Ulitzer (USA,) BlogHer (USA,) Marcomtec's Press Center, Magic Masterminds blog and stories from my ePen blog. I have done promotional writing and translation in English and Spanish in he corporate arena: webinar mailing invitations set and landing pages for ABB, GUIAR and LabTech Software; the website content in Spanish. Translation of ebooks and brochures for ABB, LabTech Software and Extreme Networks. Website translation for "My Tiny Love Teacher" is my first published book. Contact: Magic Masterminds Monique's Website

Table of Contents

Table of Contents MY TINY LOVE TEACHER 1 Published by 2 Magic MasterMinds Edition, License Notes 3 Special Dedication and Author's Note 5 Special Thanks to Veterinary Carolina Servin 6 Thanks to Alejandro and Juan Pablo from Pets in the Sky 7 Monique Paul 8 Chapter 1 - I was Blessed with a Little Angel 11 Chapter 2 - Gratefulness 15 Chapter 3 - Learning Compassion 20 Chapter 4 - Jealousy Versus Loyalty 26 Chapter 5 - I'm Here with You 34 Chapter 6 - The Courage to Let Go 37 Chapter 7 - Learning about Myself Through Choux 43 Chapter 8 - Dealing with Changes 47 Chapter 9 - Smile for the Camera 52 Chapter 10 - Forgiveness 56 Chapter 11 - Life Happens in Present Tense 60 Chapter 12 - Santa's Helper 67 Chapter 13 - The Best Tiny Nurse of the World 71 Chapter 14 - Roses also Have Thorns 75 Chapter 15 - I Love Your Foot 78 Chapter 16 - Bob Marley's Chorus 84 Chapter 17 - Come Here, I'm Ready to Give You Love 88 Chapter 18 - The Day Sheila Left 92 Chapter 19 - Looking for a Boyfriend 98 Chapter 20 - Close Friends AKA 'The Terrorists' 108 Chapter 21 - Crazy Woman, I'm Not a Toy for Your Kids! 115 Chapter 22 - So Lucky to Choose my Family 121 Chapter 23 - Fear or a Locked Heart 126 Chapter 24 - Absence of Peace 132 Chapter 25 - Old and New Experiences 136 Chapter 26 - Alfonse, Our Savior 142 Chapter 27 - Another Merry Christmas 147 Chapter 28 - The Yoga Cat 154 Chapter 29 - Rain Has Never Been so Scary 159 Chapter 30 - You Saved Me, Now I Nurse with Love 164 Chapter 31 - I Didn't Mention Him 169 Chapter 32 - Spider! 177 Chapter 33 - Every Cat Has a Favorite Chair 183 Chapter 34 - Time to Start a New Cycle 189 Chapter 35 - Motherhood or No Motherhood? 194 Chapter 36 - Definitely My Little Terrorist 202 Chapter 37 - Cycles Close, Cycles Open 206 Contact Monique Paul 212 My Tiny Love Teacher's Support Initiatives 213

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