My Vampire, My King

My Vampire, My King

by Margy Millet


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My Vampire, My King by Margy Millet

Elena has been given an assignment by her vampire leader—to kill the Vampire King or her family will be eliminated. She goes undercover as a wedding planner for the Vampire King’s mating ceremony, and unexpectedly finds passion in the arms of a tall, mysterious vampire named Bash. Nothing has prepared her for the smoldering desire she feels when he touches her.

Elena keeps her distance from Bash, but how long can she sacrifice her craving for him and her burning thirst for his blood? For both Bash and Elena, this is a very inconvenient time to fall in love. She cannot allow herself be distracted from her plan to get her family to safety. He is about to be mated in a politically advantageous match.

Elena and Bash keep many secrets from each other. Bash is actually Sebastian, the Vampire King she was sent to assassinate. Besides being an undercover assassin, Elena has both vampire and Fae blood in her veins—a potentially lethal combination.

Will Elena’s assignment end in the death of her kind or bring her together with the love of her life?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781491763650
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/27/2015
Pages: 162
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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My Vampire, My King

By Margy Millet


Copyright © 2015 Margy Millet
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-6365-0


Ten Years Later

Elena discreetly looked around the airport for any signs that she had been followed. Slowly, she walked towards the baggage-claim area. She stood there in the middle of the crowd, trying to fit in as she waited for her baggage to come out. After waiting for some time, she spotted her two bags and quickly pulled both of them off the conveyor belt.

She moved very cautiously, trying not to bring any attention to herself. She pulled the handles out and tipped the luggage on the rollers as she walked out of the airport building. It was still dark outside but she knew dawn would be approaching soon. She quickly found the pickup stop where she could catch the van that would take her to the car rental location. She got in the van and sat down, observing everyone around her. She got her car and drove off towards what could possibly be her last event planner assignment——an assignment forced on her by her pack leader who was cruel, vindictive and heartless. She knew she had to do the job because her family's lives depended on it.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. She remembered her life back in Russia, full of bumps and obstacles and so many secrets, but no matter what life had thrown at her, she was able to succeed. Now with this assignment she could lose her life, or worse, the lives of her family. She hated that Arnav literally twisted her arm to take this job. Elena didn't put much value on her own life, but she was going to make sure her family survived.

She put some music on and focused on her driving. The drive would be long but it would give her the time she needed to go over her plan again. Right now, she needed to find a place to rest before daylight came. She knew she had maybe two hours before dawn. She used the car's GPS to locate a nearby motel. She drove to the motel and got a room, making sure to pay for everything in cash. When she got to her room, she took a quick shower and got settled in for the day.

Elena knew she only had two months to carry out her orders or her mother and sister would be killed. She went over the plan in her head again and again. She kept thinking about the exact moment she had come face to face with him. For every event that she planned, she always tried very hard to keep away from him. But when her agency won the bid on the king's mating ceremony, they offered her this great opportunity. She hadn't expected the leader of her vampire pack to find out about her hidden family after ten years.

Elena yawned; the daylight drowsiness took over her and in minutes she was asleep.

She woke up startled. She looked around for a moment forgetting where she was. The sun was just going down, and small strips of yellow and orange were still visible on the horizon. She threw the sheet off her body and sat at the edge of bed. She couldn't believe she was here when, just a month before she was sitting behind her desk in her office happily working on a plan for an event when the leader of her pack walked in. He ordered her to take the vampire king's event. He hinted, in a not-so-subtle way, that certain people that she knew and loved would get hurt. He even casually mentioned an address in Russia, proving that he knew where they were. But how did he find out? She shook her head, slid out of bed, and walked in to the bathroom. She took a quick shower and got dressed, thinking about the two hours she still had to drive.

She returned the keys to the manager and left the motel. After almost two hours of driving, she saw the exit to Leesville, Louisiana, the home of the vampire king and her home for the next two months—quite likely her last home. She took the exit and drove for another twenty minutes. It was just dusk now. At her next turn, she reached her destination and found herself in front of a thirty-foot-high metal gate.

"Holy shit," she murmured to herself.

She took a deep breath, lowered the window and spoke to the guard at the gate. She gave him her credentials and showed her ID. He instructed another guard to open the gate and let her in. Elena took the driveway to the front of a huge mansion. As she parked the car in front of the house, a servant came out. She got out of the car, grabbed her carry case and went to the back of the car to open the trunk. The servant pulled out the two suitcases and rolled them towards the house. "This way, my lady," he said walking in front of her.

She could see that the servant was human, which didn't surprise her because most vampires have humans helping them, especially during the day while they slept. She followed the man into the house. "This way to your room," he said turning to her.

She thanked him and smiled before following him up a set of stairs, then down a long hall. He opened a bedroom door for her and followed her into the room with her baggage.

She looked around the room in confusion, "I think this may be an error. I'm here to work; I'm not a guest."

"I was instructed to give you this room, my lady," he said bowing to her.

"Oh, okay. Please call me Elena," she said as she took in her surroundings.

"If you need anything, you just need to pick up the phone on the nightstand and call," he said before closing the door.

Elena was left standing alone in the middle of this huge room. It was bigger than her entire apartment back in Russia. She walked around checking out everything. She pulled her phone out and sent a quick text message to her sister. She knew it was early in Russia, but her sister would get it when she woke up.

She grabbed her bag from the corner and pulled a folder out. She opened it and looked at the documents the agency had given her with the information for this event. She read through the papers, noticing that there was no picture of the king and his bride to be inside. She took a deep breath and snapped the folder close.

She was on edge right now and felt that she needed to expend some energy. She had plenty of time before meeting with the king and his mate, so she decided to exercise—that always worked for her. Maybe there was a training room or some kind of gym. She pulled her exercising clothes out and put them on, then walked down the long hall and back down the stairs. There was no one around to ask for information, so she decided to investigate herself and turned down a long hall.

She walked for a few minutes and then heard the sound of banging, almost like punching behind a closed door. She followed the sound until she was facing the door. She opened the door and saw the biggest training room ever. There was equipment everywhere: one wall was full of weapons; the opposite side of the room was full of all kinds of exercise equipment.

In the far corner of the room, a man was working out with the punching bag. She looked him over and noticed that he was wearing just sweatpants and no shirt. He was probably a foot or so taller than her and she considered herself tall at five foot seven. His upper body was formed in a fabulous V-shape; his shoulders were broad and wide, his stomach was lean and his arms were like two huge logs. He was moving around the bag, deftly punching and weaving.

Elena could feel his eyes on her as he lost his focus and missed a punch, but immediately caught himself and got back his rhythm. He continued with the workout as she pretended to ignore him completely. She walked over to the wall and leisurely checked out all the weapons—it was an extensive collection. She didn't even hear him move until he was right by her side. "Hi," he said with a big smile.

Now that he was right in front of her he seemed even taller. She had to look up at him to see his face. Her head just made it up to his muscle-bound chest. She shook her head and took a step back from him. He seemed to be waiting for something as he just stood there in front of her, she didn't know what. "Hi," he said again.

"Sorry, hi."

"You're new here," he observed.

"Yes," she simply answered.

"A woman of few words."

"I guess."

She looked at him as he looked over her whole body. Her body reacted strangely to his stare, and even stranger, her heart beat faster. This had never happened to her before. She didn't consider herself attractive in the least and she was always so serious that men never approached her or showed any interest in her. "I didn't know there would be anyone here so early; usually everyone is feeding," he said moving closer.

"Well, I'm not like everyone," she said.

"I can see that."

Sebastian looked her up and down brazenly, taking in what she looked like and what she was wearing: a skimpy sports bra accentuated the curves of her full breasts, and a small pair of boy cut shorts just barely covered her beautifully round butt, which was attached to very nicely defined legs. She could tell that he appreciated what he saw as his gaze lingered on her body.

He hesitated for a moment then introduced himself by his nickname. "I'm Bash."


"You want to spar with me, hand to hand?" he asked.


She followed him to the large mats and stretched her muscles a bit before turning to face him. She got in a fighting stance with her hands in front of her. With swift, controlled moves they tentatively took the measure of each other, circling around before attacking. Elena threw several combination punches. Her moves were precise and solid. She forced him to defend himself. They were sparring with each other for more than an hour when she swiftly kicked him off his feet and flipped him over landing right in top of him. He couldn't move; their breath was coming fast and short. Instantly there was a charge of energy running through their bodies. Her breasts were just above his face and she watched as his gaze came up further to see that she was watching him too. She was half kneeling on his chest. His eyes moved back to her breasts as a drop of sweat ran down from her collarbone to her cleavage. He kicked his legs up and flipped her over—now he was on top, holding her arms over her head with his lower body tightly holding her legs down on the mat. "Get off me," she said firmly, looking him right in the eyes.

He smiled at her but didn't move. "Get off," she yelled, struggling to loosen her arms.

Her eyes sparked with authentic anger so he quickly let her go. He stood up straight and moved a few steps away from her. She stood up and took a step back too. She stared at him and he didn't take his eyes away from her. "Thank you," he said moving forward and stretching his hand out to her.

Elena hesitated for a moment but then stretched her hand out too. As their hands touched, an amazing charge of energy ran through her body settling between her thighs. She had never felt that before. Quickly, she pulled her hand away from his and rubbed it on her thigh while taking a few more steps away from him.

"How about tomorrow, same time?" he said smiling to her.

She hesitated for a moment then said, "Sure," as she turned around and walked towards the gym door. She could feel his gaze on her as she exited.

Elena rushed out of the gym. Her heart was beating fast and her body was feeling strange, almost electrified. The energy she felt going through her body when they touched was amazing. As she turned a corner, she nearly walked into the same servant who had welcomed her into the mansion just hours ago.

"My lady."

"Elena, please."

"Elena. There's a meeting in the living room. They're waiting for you."

"Oh, I'll be there in ten," she said quickly rushing up the stairs and down the hall into her room.

Elena got showered and dressed in record time. She walked downstairs where she found the servant waiting for her in the foyer. "This way," the servant said.

He walked her into a living room where there were several people talking. She stood behind the servant not moving or looking at anyone in particular. "Master, this is Miss Baich."

"Thank you, Matthew."

The man who the servant addressed as "Master" turned around. He didn't say anything but just stared at her, as did the rest of the group. Elena took a small breath and stood still as this man checked her out. So this is the Vampire King, she thought. This is the man Arnav wants me to assassinate.

"Miss Baich," he said offering his hand.

"Mr. Hunter," she said, firmly shaking his hand.

"Please excuse us," he said to the group as he walked out of the room. Elena followed a couple of feet behind him. He walked into what looked like an office and she walked in after him. He moved behind a huge mahogany desk then motioned her to sit down in a chair in front of it. "Please sit."

He sat down and opened a folder on the desk. He read for a few seconds then put the folder down. He looked at her and said, "You weren't expected until two weeks from now."

"Yes I know, but I was able to complete my previous project sooner than expected so I decided to come early. I hope that's not a problem."

"No, not at all. We appreciate your agency's quick response to our request for your services. You come with very high credentials."

"Thank you."

"Your proposal is extraordinary. I believe you have the unique qualities we require for this ceremony."

"Thanks. I'm glad that I have more than a month to prepare for the ceremony, so I can make this event a memorable one for everyone."

"Yes, it's great timing on your part. You will be working directly with me. You will only discuss any matter concerning this event with me."

"Of course," she agreed.

"How about if we start tomorrow night? Tonight, why don't you enjoy some time off."

"Thank you," she said.

He got up out of the chair and walked to the front of the desk as she stood up. He walked her out of the room then back to the main foyer. "By the way, you won't be needing the rental car. I'll have one of my men return it tomorrow. We have many cars in the garage for your use." he said.

"Sure, the paperwork is in the glove compartment."

"See you tomorrow," he said then turned around and walked back down the hall to his office.

"Tomorrow," she said as she stood in the foyer by herself.


Elena stood alone in the foyer for a few seconds longer. She felt closed in and needed some fresh air. She walked to the front door and then went outside where she saw a stone walkway leading into a garden. The weather was fantastic; it was warm but not muggy. There was a small breeze coming through the trees. She continued walking until she found a small bench where she sat down and pulled her phone from her blazer pocket. There was a text message from her sister. She responded to the message and put the phone back in her pocket. She closed her eyes and a tear rolled down her cheek, which she wiped away with the back of her hand. Could she obey her leader and go on with this horrendous plan? Could she kill the vampire king and save her family too?

She held her head in her hands and took several deep breaths, then got up and walked back toward the mansion where she found an open door. She walked inside and discovered she was in the living room where she had met the king earlier. She walked through the room and went to look for food. She found Matthew walking down the hall. "Matthew, right?"


"Can you please show me to the supply of blood? I'm due for my feeding."

"Sure," he said turning around and walking ahead of her.

Elena caught up to him and walked by his side. They entered a huge kitchen and he led her to a pantry and showed her the refrigerator that held the blood supply.


She took one of the bags out and found a cup inside the cabinet. Sitting down at the kitchen table in the corner, she slowly savored the blood. Back home, she had to get blood from the butcher. She and the butcher's son were best friends in school. He was one of the few vampires she cared for a lot. It was quiet in the kitchen and she was glad to be alone. There was so much on her mind, including her unusual reaction to the vampire in the gym.

Back in the study, Sebastian was pacing back and forth in front of Julian. The report stating that there may be an attempt on his life at the mating ceremony had just reached his ears and he was going over the report that had recently arrived from his source. The source was trustworthy so they knew to take it seriously. He couldn't believe that any of his leaders would want to have him killed. He considered himself a fair and just king. The report specified that it would be a professional assassin, but there were no suspects as yet. They spent another several minutes going over the report and then Julian changed the subject, "I met with the mating ceremony planner."


Excerpted from My Vampire, My King by Margy Millet. Copyright © 2015 Margy Millet. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse.
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