My Windows 8: My Windows 8 _p1

My Windows 8: My Windows 8 _p1

by Katherine Murray

NOOK Book(eBook)

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Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Windows 8 that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into Windows 8 problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from Windows 8.


Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping Windows 8 working just the way you want. Learn how to

  • Quickly master Windows 8’s fluid, colorful interface--and leave yesterday’s Windows behind!
  • Get super-productive fast with the latest touch and mouse techniques
  • Tweak your Start screen to get easy access to tasks you do every day
  • Get up-to-this-instant information with Live Tiles
  • Browse the web with the sleek, streamlined Internet Explorer 10
  • Use Windows 8’s great built-in apps and get more at the new Windows Store
  • Secure your computer with custom Lock screens, picture passwords, PIN logons, and location privacy
  • Copy, move, and share files through the revamped File Explorer
  • View, organize, and share all your photos on your PC, photo sites, and favorite social media accounts
  • Work with Windows 7 programs through the Windows 8 desktop
  • Keep your files safely backed up and Windows 8 safely updated
  • Improve computer performance with Windows 8’s updated system tools
  • Stream media and share files easily with your PCs, your Xbox 360, tablets, and phones

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ISBN-13: 9780133012361
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/11/2012
Series: My...
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
File size: 106 MB
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About the Author

After writing about technology for 25 years, Katherine Murray believes there’s never been a better time to be a tech enthusiast. With the advent of Windows 8, technology is more connected and more integrated with our daily lives than ever before. She’s worked with every version of Microsoft Windows released, marveling with the masses at Windows 3.1, swearing at Windows ME, enjoying Windows XP, and threatening to throw her computer off the roof, thanks to Windows Vista. Windows 7 was her favorite version of the operating system, followed in a close second place by Windows XP. But now with Windows 8, she feels Microsoft is in sync with the times, offering a fast, fluid, and secure option for connecting with others, enjoying media, saving to the cloud, and integrating our work across multiple devices. She started writing about technology 25 years ago and still enjoys it, specializing in Microsoft Office technologies and the fascinating ways in which we stay in touch with each other through cloud technology, blogging, social media, and more. You’ll find Katherine’s blog, BlogOffice, at In addition to writing books, she writes regularly for CNET’s TechRepublic and Windows Secrets.

Table of Contents

About the Author     ix

Dedication     x

Acknowledgments     x

We Want to Hear from You!      xi

Reader Services     xi

Introduction     1

Versions of Windows 8     2

Highlights of Windows 8     3

What You’ll Find in This Book     5

Let’s Begin     7

Chapter 1: Wow, Windows 8!      9

Exploring Windows 8     10

Touring the Start Screen     10

Using Touch in Windows 8     13

Getting Around with the Mouse and Keyboard     18

Using the Mouse     18

Using the (Real) Keyboard     22

Shutting Down or Putting Windows 8 to Sleep     27

Finding the Help You Need     29

Chapter 2: Preparing Your Windows 8 PC and Devices     35

Adding Devices in Windows 8     36

Connecting to Wireless Networks      43

Managing Your PC Power     46

Transferring Files     49

Refreshing Your PC or Reinstalling Windows 8     53

Chapter 3: Beginning with the Start Screen     59

Exploring the Start Screen     60

Understanding Windows 8 Charms     64

Changing the Way Tiles Look and Behave     66

Moving, Grouping, and Removing Apps     71

Searching in Windows 8     75

Chapter 4: Working with the Windows 8 Desktop     81

Moving Between the Desktop and the Start Screen     82

Getting Ready to Work with Programs     83

Tailoring the Taskbar     87

Working with Windows on the Windows Desktop     89

Window Basics     89

Chapter 5: Personalizing Windows 8     97

Personalizing Your Lock Screen     97

Adding Badges     103

Adjusting the Look of Windows 8     103

Changing Your Windows 8 Desktop     107

Tweaking Your Touch Experience     110

Adjusting the Mouse     111

Choosing Your Language     114

Chapter 6: Securing Your Windows 8 Computer     117

Customizing Your Login     118

Working with the Action Center     129

Using Windows Defender     134

Turning on Your Windows Firewall     136

Working with User Accounts     139

Maintaining Your Privacy      143

Chapter 7: Exploring Windows 8 Apps     147

Getting Started with Apps     148

Finding and Starting Apps     151

Working with Apps     154

Exploring a Program “Window”      155

Checking Out a Windows 8 App     156

Closing Apps     160

Getting New Apps from the Windows Store     162

Starting and Stopping a Program from the Desktop     165

Repairing and Uninstalling Programs     167

Chapter 8: Managing Files with File Explorer     173

Getting Started with File Explorer     174

Starting File Explorer     174

Exploring the Explorer Screen     175

Using the Ribbon     178

Working with Windows 8 Libraries     181

Managing Your Files and Folders     188

Copying, Moving, and Sharing Files and Folders     194

Chapter 9: Always Online with Internet Explorer 10     203

Introducing Internet Explorer 10     203

Starting Internet Explorer     205

A Look Around the Internet Explorer Window(s)      206

Browsing and Searching the Web--the Windows 8 Way     209

Navigating the Web     211

Searching for Information     216

Working with Tabs     220

Securing Your Browsing Experience     223

Chapter 10: Connect and Communicate with Windows 8     227

Getting Social with the People App     228

Staying in Touch Through Email     238

Checking Out the Mail Window     240

Keeping Your Dates Straight with the Calendar App     243

Messaging: When You Need Instant Contact     247

Chapter 11: Get Entertained with Windows 8 Photos, Music, Movies, and Xbox     253

Let There Be Photos!      253

Grooving to Your Tunes     260

Watching and Sharing Video in Windows 8     269

Games in Windows 8     273

Chapter 12: Connect with Other Computers, Devices, and the Cloud     279

Setting Up a Home Network     279

Gathering Your Equipment     280

Getting Started with a HomeGroup     283

Using Your HomeGroup     286

Saving Your Files to SkyDrive     289

Chapter 13: Windows 8 Care, Feeding, and Troubleshooting     293

Getting Windows 8 Updates     293

Backing Up and Restoring Your Files     298

Using System Tools     302

Compatibility with Windows 8     305

Appendix A: Windows 8 App Gallery     309

Appreciating Your Apps     310

Checking Out the Bing Apps     312

Finance App     313

Weather App     313

Maps App     314

News App     315

Sports App     316

Travel App     317

The Windows Store Revisited     319

Getting App Info     322

Installing Apps     324

The Windows 8 App Gallery     330

Allrecipes     330

ChaCha     331     332

HowStuffWorks     333

OneNote MX Preview     334

Paint 4 Kids     335

StumbleUpon     336

Wikipedia     337

Index     339

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My Windows 8 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
SHP62 More than 1 year ago
The book was an easy read. It followed a very logical path to bring you up to speed on Windows 8. It made my conversion to Windows 8 easy and short.