My Younger Lover: Did God Put an Age On Who We Love?

My Younger Lover: Did God Put an Age On Who We Love?

by Margo Douglas

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As a child I was taught an older woman shall never date or marry a younger man. Consequently, it will shame you as a woman and destroy your life. Society’s view of a man with a younger woman was accepted. After being married to a much older man for years, I realized I was unhappy with my life. My husband paid the bills, but was it worth the cheating he bestowed upon me? How much will you tolerate before you let him go and realize there’s no hope for the marriage? So many wasted tears for the aging years is all you have, except for the kid’s that adore and treasure their mom. What can you do? Will you stop crying your pitiful life away, be strong and face a better day? If you believe, speak and pray, will God send the perfect man your way. Does it matter if he’s young or old? Is age only a number? Does age identify who we are as a woman or man? Does age set a person’s qualities, wisdom, desires or character? Will true love find you? If you search your inner spirit or opened your wounded heart will you eventually become a wiser person and learn the beauty of God’s commitment to his children. The rainbow is there, shining truthfully everlasting and bright, for abused and hurt you. No woman should have to tolerate, fake love, unhappiness, or suffer rejection just to say, I’m married but my husband is not at home.

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ISBN-13: 9781645310761
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 01/31/2020
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Pages: 114
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