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mySAP Toolbag for Performance Tuning and Stress (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)
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mySAP Toolbag for Performance Tuning and Stress (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)

4.6 6
by George W. Anderson

“A good book for people who deal with SAP systems for a living. I haven’t read another book like this. It’s technical but it’s also an entertaining read. A pleasant departure from the norm.”
—David C. Gilliland, Senior Consultant, SAP America, Inc.

“Clearly, this book could be used as an


“A good book for people who deal with SAP systems for a living. I haven’t read another book like this. It’s technical but it’s also an entertaining read. A pleasant departure from the norm.”
—David C. Gilliland, Senior Consultant, SAP America, Inc.

“Clearly, this book could be used as an excellent development tool and could help a company like mine perfect performance tuning steps and standards.”
—Dennis Prince, SAP Development/Support Specialist, Hewlett-Packard

“SAP optimization is one of those subjects that developers struggle to find time for and managers don’t know is necessary. Presenting the value of the process up front serves to give the developer ammunition to win time for optimization and the manager an education in the value and necessity of optimization. Even if the manager types don’t read past chapter 3, George’s job is done. They should be convinced that someone technical in their IT department needs to be reading this book. Anderson explains the value, then the core technology, and then when we’re all on the same page, the process. To me, that was very helpful.”
—Crew Reynolds, Software Development Manager, Daydots

“This book features good discussion on performance tuning the mySAP suite that no other books have so far. This is the perfect book for SAP Stress Test Project Managers, SAP Stress Test Project Teams, SAP Basis Administrators, Oracle DBAs, Unix Administrators managing SAP systems, and project implementation teams. Those who stress test their systems well with the help of this book will have significant returns.”
—Sanjoy Rath, SAP Consultant

Drive maximum performance and value from your SAP investment!

In this book, a leading expert on SAP performance walks through every facet of tuning and optimizing mySAP Solutions, and the technology layers underpinning these solutions, to maximize performance and value. George W. Anderson covers the entire testing and tuning process: planning, staffing, developing, testing, executing, validating, evaluating...and acting on what you’ve learned.

Anderson offers unparalleled guidance with regard to predicting the impact of system changes—from new hardware to updated NetWeaver-enabled business processes. Along the way, he shows how to make the most of countless optimization and monitoring tools—from free and low-cost technology stack-based utilities to comprehensive, automated SAP testing suites. His vendor-neutral, unbiased coverage includes:

  • Quantifying concrete performance requirements—even for complex, cross-application business processes
  • Testing and monitoring daily system loads, month-end or seasonal business peaks, key transactions, and complex multi-system business processes
  • Conducting comprehensive server, SAN/disk subsystem, and database testing
  • Managing the testing process, leveraging proven best practices and techniques
  • Analyzing, verifying, and quantifying SAP availability, scalability, and TCO

Regardless of the technology infrastructure underpinning your SAP solutions, if you’re responsible for deploying, managing, maintaining, refreshing, upgrading, or supporting SAP technologies, you need this book—now.

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Read an Excerpt

This book is about a whole lot more than performance tuning and testing. It’s about saving and making money—your company’s money, your own customer’s budget dollars left on the negotiating or purchasing table, and even your personal funds. By getting the most up front out of your infrastructure investment in SAP, and continuing to reap the benefits of a well-oiled and well-performing machine over time, the dollars will accumulate quickly. How? Simple—by keeping your SAP Business Warehouse users well informed, your SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team highly productive, and your R/3 users anything but idle. In turn, your company will reap the benefits of rapid access to information, increased sales per customer, and more—saving and making not only money, but jobs and careers as well.

This book is also about managing the risk inherent to the single most important thing that makes tuning and testing so critical: change. The manner in which change is handled—or how your company verifies that a change to its mission-critical SAP systems will not significantly impact the performance or availability of those same systems—has the power to turn good companies into great ones. Of course, the converse is true as well. That is, for centuries unmanaged change has left behind a broad wake of destruction, squashing and consuming otherwise successful entities while sparing the adaptable. Certainly, once-great companies and institutions have risen and fallen over seemingly less important matters.

Fortunately, given the past, it only follows that the opportunity for greatness is just as promising—simply take a look at the Global 2000, and it should be self-evident that companies with their arms around change thrive even in the midst of great difficulties. The best of these companies embrace testing beliefs and employ tuning processes similar to those I discuss here, taking a holistic view of their SAP and other enterprise systems to maximize performance, minimize service disruptions, and ultimately mitigate the risk of change. Indeed, that’s why I wrote this book—to provide a blueprint or roadmap of sorts, such that we can survive, even thrive, rather than unwittingly perish as victims of change.

Meet the Author

George W. Anderson, senior SAP Basis Consultant and Project Manager for HP’s Consulting and Integration Services organization, specializes in implementing and optimizing HP and other technology vendors’ solutions for mySAP customers. He is a seven-year veteran of numerous successful end-to-end SAP implementations and related mySAP design, upgrade, load-testing, and performance-oriented engagements. He is a certified SAP Technical Consultant, SAP Migration Consultant, HP Master ASE in SAP, Microsoft MCSE, and PMI PMP. A frequent speaker at SAP events, he also authored SAP Planning: Best Practices in Implementation (SAMS, 2003).

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4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoy toolbag. Many ideas and useful facts and easy to read. I am certain to use what I have learned. Make it in your book collection for definute. Ses outstanding.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The author does a good job walking through a load test project. Less tuning info than I expected, but excellent data nonetheless. Good lessons learned and great information ideas on managing a large SAP system's performance, and changes to it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best find I've come across in years, a book that addresses SAP load testing. Its bound to become one of my all time favorites. Anderson covers tools useful in load testing different parts of the solution, some expensive and some cheap, even free. The approach is excellent too, making a complicated task like testing into something manageable and doable. Great screenshots and processes for tuning iterative test runs, too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is well thought out and should be on the shelf of anyone responsible for SAP performance and availability. Whether you are new to stress testing or a seasoned professional, there is a wealth of knowledge to tap into here. George's holistic approach can and will make your stress tests accomplish what they were meant to.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is full of truly innovative methods and ideas that will not only increase your system's performance, but fundamental availability as well. It should be used as a change agent and catalyst within your IT organization, helping to bridge the gap between your business and IT SLA-driven groups. By creating a common language and foundation for managing risk, they'll be able to truly talk the same language. And once they're all singing from the same hymnal (reading from the same book!!), you will be natuarally positioned to finally please your users as well as your CFO. For less than $40 a copy, it's certainly the best investment I'll make this year.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Not only does this book make for an entertaining and easy read, it just makes sense. It's clear, to the point, balanced technical/non-techie, and focused on mitigating the risk of change. Anderson backs up his thoughts and ideas with proven approaches and tools (and an effective analogy in the first chapter that weaves its way throughout), and does so in such a way that I'm amazed no one has trod here before. I expect this book to be used over and over again by my team, like a roadmap, as we strive to improve our own testing methodolgies and change management processes with the help of our new 'SAP toolbag.'