Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure

Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure

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ISBN-13: 9781483513690
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 02/07/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
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Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure” is a book filled with rich details of two stunningly beautiful sisters, Sisim and Mamuke from the Irigi Village. After losing their parents, Sisim raises her little sister Mamuke. One day Sasim’s husband mysteriously disappears. Mamuke watches as her pregnant and distraught sister mourns for many days. In attempt to make her feel better, Mamuke goes on a long journey to the market to buy her sister some fish. Never making it to the market, Mamuke’s life is turned upside down as she walks into a true nightmare. She is forced into a position that no little girl should be in. Given only three days, Mamuke holds the fate of many people as well as her own, in her hands. With the assistance from the secrets of her past, Mamuke prepares to go to Lake Eni to try to wipe away the anger that the Gods have for her. That is not the only thing she must do. Because of an evil plot, she must also go before the circle of elders, to be judged. They will decide if she needs a truth ordeal or not. Wow, this book definitely takes you away from the norm. It is a very interesting and well told African Fable. Mimizz Efemena Agwarota did a wonderful job at captivating my mind in the storyline. I am now looking forward to reading more books by African Authors.
HeatherDawn More than 1 year ago
“Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure” by Mimizz Efemena Agwarota surpasses the term Adventure completely, hedging into Legend.  There is magic in these words, twisted and wrapped around one woman’s soul – a woman who became entwined in a destiny not of her own making. On the way long way to the Market to pick up salted fish and chalk for her emotionally wrought sister, Mamuke stumbles into a trap laid by fate and in the process offends the Gods by seeing a ceremony her womanly eyes were never meant to see.  While her destiny was already designed by the sins of her Mother, her future relies on making amends to vengeful Gods and surviving the gauntlet of Magic and events that swirl around her.   Amazingly crafted, Agwarota pulls you into Mamuke’s life quickly, using words (including a handy glossary) to paint Africa in vibrant colors of Myth and Legend.  Mamuke’s fear is palpable, the scent of smoke wafting and the mystery as deep as the cover illustration.  
Peter_Mckinsey More than 1 year ago
Loved the read, the way the characters seem to keep evolving. “Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure” is a story that combines the enchanting touch of a fairy tale with the pace of an action story. This is a love story (between Mamuke and Prince Uwami, as well as Sisime and Otobo), the true strength at the heart of the novel is the bond between the two sisters and their willingness to sacrifice for each other. “Mysterious Depths” is well-written, and the plot flows along nicely. Recommended for readers who like fiction, romance, and action.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It didn’t take long for me to be drawn into this engaging story. We follow kind hearted Mamuke who agrees to a go on a laborious trek to help out her sister who is pregnant. Along the way events soon take a dark turn leaving Mamuke experiencing a journey like no other she has faced before. In many ways it forces her to look within and develop as a person to overcome the challenges that now surround her. A major positive in this book is the descriptive writing style, it allowed me to get a real sense of all the events as they unfolded which only heightened my enjoyment. Mamake was a fascinating lead character who was more than able to carry the weight of the complex plot on her shoulders. She had many endearing qualities which really made me emotionally invest in the surreal journey she takes throughout the story. There are some deep messages contained in the pages about evil and the hold and influence it can exert on people that really added a thought provoking element which elevates the book beyond most other similar offerings in this genre. Overall the above qualities I have listed combine to create a memorable story. I feel many readers would really appreciate this book and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend it to others.
EDL85 More than 1 year ago
“Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure” is a novel that blends the magical feel of a fairy tale with the pace of an action story.  As the story begins, Mamuke leaves on an errand to bring back salted fish and native chalk for her pregnant sister’s cravings—but she falls asleep along the way, and her journey takes an ominous turn and she finds herself lost and afraid. When she is found by the handsome Prince Uwami, she’s both drawn to him but determined to get back to her sister. Her haste leads her to witness a sacrificial ceremony and in the process offend the gods—and only a cleansing that involves the Great River and the possession of Prince Uwami by terrible evil can set things aright.  It’s a little hard to summarize “Mysterious Depths;” the book weaves together many threads of plot that eventually come together in a violent, tension-filled climax. Its themes include the ripple effects of the sins of your parents; love at first sight and the sacrifices a person will make for it; and the strength of sisterhood. Though this is in part a love story (between Mamuke and Prince Uwami, as well as Sisime and Otobo), the true strength at the heart of the novel is the bond between the two sisters and their willingness to sacrifice for each other. Both women are well-done and distinctive characters, and as a reader you come to care about them; this connection to them heightens the suspense as the villains of the novel prepare to wage their war of revenge against Prince Uwami and the others who participated in the sacrificial ceremony. “Mysterious Depths” is well-written and the plot flows along nicely; it has the dark, formal feel of a classic fairy tale while at the same time feeling exotic and fresh, given its setting.  Recommended for readers who like fiction with equal doses of romance, magic and myth, and action. 
Jessie66 More than 1 year ago
I can't being to say how blown away I was by this grand tome of fantasy. I loved the African setting and their mythologies, mixed with the authors furtive imagination. Mamuke is taken by a the prince of a fantastical kingdom whilst walking running an errand for her sister. After that, a series of events get set into motion. The writing was clear and straightforward, and the characters well fleshed out. The tension in the action and plot revelations are superbly done. Great book! 
welchdesign More than 1 year ago
Awesome read! To be frank, I was a little hesitant about reading this book. Curiously I turned the first two pages then instantaneously the pages were turning themselves as this mind blowing book had me totally absorbed. Surely this captivating book grabbed my attention and maintained it to the very end. Certainly this mind gripping tale records thought provoking events relating to the life a young African woman named Mamuke. Surprisingly, the well-crafted characters portrayed deep emotions. Now that’s an A plus! From beginning to end this book is well written and organized.  The intense story line positioned various twists and turns to execute stunning suspension to leave you breathless. Truly I had an awesome read! Highly recommend.
hayleydeloitte More than 1 year ago
The writer did an amazing job of depicting the setting and transporting the pursuer into mamuke's reality. The story is so distinctively depicted and in such a one of a kind setting, to the point that is difficult to not become involved with Mamuke's story. Through and through a good read that I only hope there was more
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Complete pageturner! This book was actually fascinating for the African myths and the story was also extremely great. Has a bit of everything including romance, war, historical curses, and mad gods. Writer really knows her stuff and she draws you into each character and you feel like you're part of the publication. Highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author really knows how to write a great story. The rituals talked about seemed very real. The story is very engaging and Mamuke is a fantastically written character. I don't know much about Africa nor have I been but the writing makes you feel present in Africa. The book is written in a "storytelling" format which allows for some great reading. The story has some wonderful scenes involving mystical elements, oracles and well written violent scenes.  I recommend this book. I enjoyed reading it so much!
Jane-Doe More than 1 year ago
Mysterious Depths is a captivating tale filled with magic, mystery, betrayal and war set against the breathtaking landscape of Africa. Mamuke is a young woman living with her older sister, Sisim. Sisim is pregnant and alone, her husband having disappeared without a trace. At Sisim's request, Mamuke sets out to obtain some salted fish and local salts to help with the nasty metal mouth Sisim has because of her pregnancy.  Along the way Mamuke decides to take a pause to get a bite to eat and take a nap. When she wakes, everything has changed, and she seems to be caught up in some kind of dream, trapped in darkness and surrounded by shadows without faces. It is here her journey becomes a trip through African folklore and myth, superstition and culture. Somehow she has managed to offend the gods, and the only way to return to the light is to solve mysteries beyond her comprehension. If she succeeds, she will return to her world. If she fails, she will die. Beautifully detailed characters and a complex plot bring this story to life. The themes of love and deception are strong and exciting and the writing is bright and vivid. The fast pace keeps the action coming and you won't want to put it down until you've turned the last page.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started this book a long time ago when I happened on it on social media. It impressed the hell out of me. I could tell that it was written by a determined artist. The first few chapters were available online so I indulged myself then. Mamuke drew me like a magnet. I loved how easily Mimizz opened her up to the reader in those first few chapters. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to finish the story and share my thoughts on it when Mimizz graciously asked me (thanks, Mimi). However, a little after the unfortunate incident where she witnessed the ritual that involved Prince Uwami and Otobo, the story started to get difficult. A little background and contextualization is necessary and enormously useful in every story, but it can get out of hand. New characters or other characters can become overdeveloped. There can be more than one major character in a story but a story gets unwieldy when so many characters are built up really fast and in very little space. It turned out a little like this in this story. Too soon there were too many people to keep track of and even Mamuke seemed somewhat edged out of the story. To start out with Mamuke and build her up so much that you are sure that you are actually experiencing the story through her and then push her to the side creates a real shock to the reader and causes confusion. There were lovely surprises in this story. The way every character was shown to be connected to each other was genius, as far as I’m concerned. I loved finding that Sinofu was in the story. Her character was a little rushed for me. I still don’t understand how she was such a powerful person and yet she married the man that she did. And as with Uwami, I was disappointed when I realized that the powers that were made so much of were fighting skill and physical strength. But that may be my love for fantasy speaking. I had expected maybe fire shooting from their eyes or hands or maybe an earthquake or two. But the fighting was still impressive even if not completely satisfying to me. It was amazing how Mimizz connected the characters, as I’ve already pointed out. It was beautiful, but I wonder if it would not have made the story so much better and less difficult to enjoy if she had started with various different backgrounds and characters and then built up to Mamuke and Uwami both of whom the story appeared to be principally about. The way it is currently, a lot was promised but not enough was delivered. But it was no less a compelling and somewhat riveting story to read. Also, toward the end of the story, the story appeared to begin to get tired and the writing a little sloppy. Some grammatical errors started to slip in and startle the sensitive reader. A little editing would set that quickly to rights, I’m sure. But the really painful part was the failure of the end. The effect of the return of Mamuke’s sister and brother-in-law was very badly dulled. It seemed too much like an afterthought, overkill too, not the sort of thing that satisfies you at the end of a story. Having said all that, I cannot deny, in fact, I very happily affirm that Mimizz has very powerful descriptive abilities. I think that she could use a lot more polishing in her language – clichés do get old and have a negative effect on imagery – but she did a very strong job of painting vivid pictures. I was most impressed how clearly one could see each scene like you were watching a movie. I didn’t like some of the explanations but that has more to do with me than with her writing. I tend to prefer to discover the ambience of the story through the characters (which may explain my particular love for graphic novels and mangas) but perhaps Mimizz could acquaint her reader with the environment, time and climate of the setting of the story with a less scholarly, more poetic approach. I’m not entirely sure though. But it is worth a try. It was tedious reading about the forests and the rituals. I think that she should also be careful to keep her story consistent. In the scene where the Uwami’s men used bees to flush the villagers out, there is no explanation for why the bees did not bother the soldiers who used them and who took the villagers prisoner. This is one example of inconsistency in the story. Mimizz did an awefully good job with this story. I loved the Mamuke character from the beginning. Uwami was a lovely match for her. Otobo fit the expectations that I had and Sisim was a worthy match for him too. All in all, I consider this work a good work. It can definitely be better but the work put into it was obvious. Now, I just hope to see more grace in the next work she produces. It will mean a little more patience in creating the work, a willingness to take the whole story apart and re-stitch it, if necessary, to make it easier to relate to. 
Jennychandelier More than 1 year ago
Mysterious Depths: An African Adventure had me captivated from page1. Mamuke, our main character, is a young African woman who lives with her pregnant sister. The pregnant sister is all alone since her husband disappeared. The adventure begins when Mamuke journeys away from home in search of finding some local salts her sister has been craving. Mamuke finds herself held captive and listening to some local folklore of oaths and curses. Soon, she finds she is the main character in a twisting and turning tale of African folklore. The story takes place on the African landscape in several villages. Lots of mystery and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was captivated from the start of the book and I was enthralled all through my reading to a wonderful conclusion. Excellent writing, flawless editing, loved the story! I would love to see this made into a movie.
bitOhoney535 More than 1 year ago
Oh what a wonderful and enchanting story. I fell into its grasp as soon as I started reading it. It is filled with magic and extraordinary events that left me breathless. The sense of intrigue, mystery, revenge, betrayal and war are so heightened and real. The display of compassion and loyalty is intense. The strong well defined characters are perfectly matched for this story line. The struggle faced by so many of them, as they face the fates of the gods is tremendous. Love and romance, even ones that took place long ago are rekindled. It is set in Africa and the detailing is unsurpassed and sent me right into the wilds of the jungles and the land of Africa. I was so inspired by the love and bonds of these people for each other and their families. The battle between good and evil reach the climax and I was so captivated  I could not stop reading until it ended and I was sad it was over. It is beautifully written and a flow easily from page to page.This is one of the best tales I have read and it is a joy to read. There is so much happening and many twists and turns that lead to a wondrous adventure. I love the mind and imagination of this writer, Mimizz Efemena Agwarota. She is so gifted and her love of writing is so clear. I highly recommend this book. It is a great story.
BigD99 More than 1 year ago
This was a fascinating story that was unlike anything that I have ever read. It is out my normal genre that I read but I am glad I gave it a try. The story starts out with Mamuke deep in a nightmare that sets the tone for the story that follows. Once Mamuke sets out on the simple task of obtaining some salt to ease her sister's pregnancy things take a decidedly darker turn. After stopping for a rest, she awakens to find that all is not as it is supposed to be. The writer does a really good job building up the tension as the reader is given small tantalizing clues that something is wrong. This where the story telling really shines. As a reader I knew something was building up and it kept me turning the page to find out what was going to happen. I was fully immersed ion the author's world, a hallmark of good storytelling in my opinion. I thought that the writer did an excellent job of describing the setting and really transporting the reader into this world. The story is so vividly described and in such a unique setting that is impossible to not get caught up in mamuke's story. Altogether a wonderful read that I wish I had more of.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mysterious Depths is a dramatic and epic African adventure about a perilous journey taken by the determined Mamuke on behalf of her pregnant sister. Her adventure is reminiscent of an ancient fable - detailed, exotic and full of culture. The African terms and stylistic intention used in the novel really helped give it life and allowed me as the reader to feel absorbed in the rich and intricate world. The story includes multiple layers of mystery, magic, love, spirituality, and power, and it's nuanced and intensely felt.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In a male-dominated world, riddled with superstition and illogic, Mamuke strives to make sense of the impossible situation into which she finds herself pitchforked . . . The story begins with Mamuke, the heroine, in the grips of a nightmare. It is a nightmare that will soon become reality! Mamuke has been brought up by her older sister, Sisim, their parents having passed away. Sisim is pregnant and craving a particular “native chalk” and salted fish to help cure the ‘metallic mouth’ symptoms of pregnancy and Mamuke, out of love for her beloved sister, agrees to make the more than half a day’s journey towards the Great River in search of the ancient caves where the native chalk is found. She stops, en route, for a rest and something to eat and falls asleep. It is when she wakes up with a start, in a panic because she is now late to meet the fish traders, that her journey begins the transition into the surreal; from now on, no one she meets seems quite normal and soon she is travelling in darkness, surrounded by faceless shadows that surround her and then part a way for her in a northward direction. “Mamuke fled. As she ran for dear life, she could feel the ground descending underneath her. She felt as though she was running into the core of the earth, and as the blackened, moonless sky receded, she stumbled and lost her footing. The world flowed like a whirlwind as she descended into an abyss”. Part mystery story, part adventure, part romance, this story is a part of the African landscape that will not be familiar to many readers. It is written very much in the style of a narrative and I can imagine this as part of an oral storytelling tradition. Best-drawn of all the characters is the heroine, Mamuke: “With smooth flawless skin the colour of honey . . . Tall and slender, her pretty, oval face was graced with large almond eyes, a small but perfectly-shaped, pert nose and full lips which smiled wistfully. She was the embodiment of pure unadulterated beauty.” The other actors are somewhat sketchily drawn and remind me very much of the performers in Indian re-enactments of the Ramayana or actors in Kabuki theatre – dramatic but heavily stylised. Like these other genres of theatre, “Mysterious Depths” is a complicated and convoluted tale, sprinkled with local superstitions and witchcraft, but, fear not, dear prospective reader, all is well that ends well and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a vivid tale with an ending that allows you to feel complete and satisfied, as this one does. Read and enjoy!
Beverly_D More than 1 year ago
There are many things to like about this debut work by a promising new author. There are interesting characters, lots of tension and suspense, a magickal element, and a happily ever after. I received a free e-copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. I did have some problems with the book. Firstly, I didn't know when/where I was. I got from the subtitle "An African Adventure" that it was set in Africa, but Africa's a big place. Time: from the beginning, when rain is drumming on the zinc rooftop (which sounds like something manufactured, in one piece), I thought it was post-colonial, along with the description of the people growing, among other things, maize, and in other places, references to ears of corn, which I believe (though I could be mistaken) was introduced to Africa in the 16th century by the Portuguese. However, the rest of the story and the active involvement of the gods in religious rituals suggests a pre-colonial time frame. It would be helpful for the reader if the author started the first chapter with some kind of place & time-clue, as I've seen other authors do: "Nigeria, Pre-Colonial Era." (And why are African people wearing a tattoo of a boa constrictor, a snake native to Central and South America?) It was difficult to tell who/what the story was supposed to be primarily about: sisters Mamuke and Sisim? a romance between Mamuke and Uwami? Wizardly/spiritual struggle between "native doctors" Zakuna and Agogo? (And why are they called "native doctors" here - is there another kind?) It felt like the story began as one thing and morphed into another and morphed into another and another, which might be perfect for some readers, more like an oral storytelling, but may be difficult for other readers to follow. It also seemed like one ritual was piled on top of another ritual, which made it hard to follow which one(s) were important. Cliches... ugh! Too many, and they gave a jarring modern interruption to the reading experience. Rather than Sinoufu "knowing the forest like the back of her hand," this is where a more experienced author might substitute something like:  "knew the forest like the [insert native critter] knew how to find [insert food source]. Still, I overall enjoyed the story, liked the characters (except the bad guys, boo-hiss!), and appreciated the glossary of terms included, the consistency with the spelling of names, spacing, punctuation, etc. which is often lacking  even with novels from a "big" publisher. I hope this author continues writing and I look forward to more of her work.
SoniaRadbourne More than 1 year ago
Well written novel, I highly recommend this books. Couldn't put it down. The book paints a clear picture of the African culture. The author does an amazing job by putting the reader in the midst of it all.Have a lot to learn and understand about the culture within the text to make it an even better read.
Eguolo More than 1 year ago
This book is simply amazing! a real head turner. Every page leaves you hungry and thirsty for more. as i flipped though every page, i couldn't help but wonder what lied in the next page. A very talented writer and even more brilliant story. i cant wait for her next book.
Olivia2 More than 1 year ago
Excellent read. Impressive for her first book. Loved it!
Olawriter More than 1 year ago
A beautifully crafted story by a talented writer which mirrors the myths, cultures and intrigues that were prevalent in many parts of pre-colonial Africa. The author’s ability to craft such a complex plot and resolve the subplots adequately is quite impressive. Also her description was very good. In fact, too good sometimes because some of the details given about some minor characters are not really necessary and sometimes you feel that there is a little bit of repetition and over-description with some characters. Mysterious Depths follows in the tradition of classic African literature which the likes of Chinua Achebe, Ng¿g¿ wa Thiong'o, Elechi Amadi, Francis Bebey and others have pioneered. It is a very good read for those interested in African literature and I really enjoyed the novel.
tarynsloane More than 1 year ago
A very gripping tale of love, tradition, destiny and war. Hard to put down and an easy read.
VandyV More than 1 year ago
The story has a lot of action and good characters. It is easy to follow and the author took her time explaining details and backgrounds. The details are exceptional and this is an interesting. A great book and if you like fantasy, you will love this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago