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Mystery Of Being

Mystery Of Being

by O. H. Delgado


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Modern Science with its powerful instruments have a model of the entire creation (the universe ... or the Cosmos) as the result of a huge explosion that occurred 13-14 billion years ago. They call it the Big Bang. They surmise that something very dense and very big (lately, ... or very small) exploded into the universe we have today; and the explosion is still going on as the explosive swirls (now known as galaxies) are spreading or moving away from each other. In our swirl, known as the Milky Way (full of swirling embers, or Stars) there is a swirling ember known as the Sun with debris swirling around it. The bigger chunks of debris are known as planets. The Sun and its planets are in gravitational and centrifugal balance.

I totally accept this model of the physical creation, which seems to conflict with the biblical version in Genesis 1; but it really does not, according to my realistic interpretation.

Science cannot analyze that something that exploded or where it came from. Their instruments are powerless to go back beyond the Big Bang. Also, they never mention who (if anyone) set off the explosion!

I boldly attempt to explain these mysteries that science cannot. This author knows that the Author of the Bible and the Author of True Science is One and the Same.

I try to repair the schism that exists between the Church and True Science: each seeking the Truth honestly and vigorously in their own way. This is my Three-Stranded Chord Message: God, the True Church and True Science.

A three-stranded cord is not easily broken.

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