Mystery Sound Effects

Mystery Sound Effects



Having kept relatively quiet for the past few years, riding out the electro-clash fad that their long run of '90s electro records helped to inspire, Disko B finally stick their heads out of the ground with this new act who craft the best in slightly retro-electro dance-funk as if the fashion casualty of electro-clash never even happened. On their debut album, Mystery channels forefathers Depeche Mode and Afrika Bambaataa, as well as elder disciples I-F and DJ Hell to create a full-length's worth of dancefloor action that keeps song structure in mind, but never caves in to the pressure of pop. "Space Attack" echoes the sound of the Haag with vocodered alien proclamation like a lesser known speech from the cosmic leader who sang "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" while "It Feels Nice" follows the early-'90s sound of Detroit techno as it detoured into what would eventually be bastardized as trance. "Electromode" could qualify as one of the faster techno cutters on the Kompakt label and the a cappella opener, "Don't Look Back," could kick off a Daft Punk concert. Not terribly creative, yet flawlessly executed, Mysterymen brush off trends and stay the course from Italo-disco to electro and on into the future.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/04/2000
Label: Gateway Records
UPC: 0010592461721
catalogNumber: 4617


  1. Squeaking Door
  2. Steps
  3. Steps
  4. Steps
  5. Scream
  6. Laugh
  7. Body Falls
  8. Splash
  9. Bubbles in Water
  10. Boiling
  11. Chinese Gong
  12. Clock
  13. Time Bomb
  14. Stabbing
  15. Gunshot
  16. Gunshots
  17. Machine Gun
  18. Boomerang
  19. Axe Attack
  20. Chain
  21. Chain
  22. Electricity
  23. Water Dripping
  24. Cranking Gears
  25. Rope Tightened
  26. Gate Closing
  27. Gate with Bolt
  28. Gate
  29. Digging
  30. Pickaxe
  31. Creaking Wood
  32. Wind Howling
  33. Telephone
  34. Telephone
  35. Telephone, Rotary
  36. Telephone, Touch
  37. Telephone, Touch
  38. Car Squeals to Stop
  39. Car, Screeches
  40. Chimes
  41. Music, Eerie
  42. Music, Suspense
  43. Glass Breaking
  44. Ghosts
  45. Foghorn
  46. Blacksmith
  47. Thunder
  48. Storm
  49. Gun Shot
  50. Walking

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