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BN ID: 2940158496417
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Publication date: 09/20/2016
Series: The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 184,804
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Mystified 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
McM0mmy-PW More than 1 year ago
For this 3 sets of stories we start out with Claire and Teddy. Teddy and Claire have loved each other for as long as they can remember but have yet to tell each other. Claire has lived with the fear that she will suffer the same curse her mother and aunt did of going mad. We meet the witches in this story and see how Claire and Teddy's dreams are made! Next Sam and Chad meet at the family gathering and fall in love. Sam's family has her destiny already decided when she takes matters into her own hands. Chad is immediately smitten with Sam and wants her for his wife, but he's had to attend the reading of the will with his loving father at home on his death bed from cancer. Their story wraps up with Sam standing on her own and Chads dream of her meeting his father before he dies. The last story in the book is about Blade and Elethea. She's a witch and he's a man of science. Blade becomes sick on the way to the gathering and Elethea treats him as her father is the country physician. With her grandmother being the head of the coven that is responsible of stopping the curse, a father that's set on keeping his daughter under control, and a witch who's in love with a man of science, everyone has to be on their toes!
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
So far, I’ve had the pleasure of reading only THE MAD COUNTESS by Erica Monroe, and this novella alone is worth getting the MYSTIFIED anthology. THE MAD COUNTESS by Erica Monroe The Mad Daughter, that’s how they call Lady Claire Deering behind her back. Claire believes she is cursed: her mother and aunt both finished their days in the Ticehurst lunatic asylum. Claire, along with her faithful maid Kinney, is travelling to Castle Keyvnor to hear the reading of a will. The castle is reputed to be haunted and there’s a witches’ coven nearby. Claire is hoping, and not hoping to see her old friend Theodore “Teddy” Lockwood, however she didn’t know he was coming. She’s in love with him, but won’t do anything because of the madness in her family. Teddy doesn’t like change of any kind, and is quite mystified at being the new Earl of Ashbrooke, a title which he recently inherited. Teddy is attempting to conquer his various fears, he’s trying to be daring and it is, to say the least, trying! Teddy has been in love for ages with Claire, but he’s afraid she’ll refuse his marriage proposal, and he’d rather keep her as a friend than be turned down. Erica Monroe is one of my favourite authors, I have always loved her writing, and in THE MAD COUNTESS, Ms. Monroe shines as never before. Her prose is more subdued, even richer and more nuanced, the surroundings appear in all their finest details, the touch of paranormal feels totally real, and the dialogues sound natural, as always. Ms. Monroe is a wizard at creating convincing characters, I love her heroes, and Teddy might be my favourite so far; he is quite the surprising fellow! As for Claire, I thought it rather extraordinary, but the character is so meticulously crafted that when reading her dialogues, I knew precisely how she sounded; her voice was translated so well in words, that I could hear her, and this happens very seldom indeed. THE MAD COUNTESS is full of unexpected plot twits, and the romance is almost too gorgeous for words. THE MAD COUNTESS is in some ways a bit of a departure for Erica Monroe, and it is a resounding success. THE MAD COUNTESS is a most wondrous, beautiful, and touching love story; just wonderful! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Erica Monroe in exchange for an honest review.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Book 3 of 4 in The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor (4 Book Series) by Renee Bernard, Erica Monroe, and Jerrica Knight-Catana. Wow! Another great read in this intricately woven series of "The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor"! **"The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor includes twelve Regency romance novellas. Don’t miss the anthologies Vexed, Bedeviled, and Spellbound."** Renee Bernard’s The Sweetest Curse. Blade Hambly believes in only three things: science, logic and he has a notion that if a man stays focused, and keeps looking forward, he won't get tripped by his past. But, he finds his logic might be a bit faulty when he meets, Miss Elethea Fairfax. A woman who can heal with just a touch of her masterful hands, she talks to nothing, and radiates with magic just by fluttering her eyelashes. What, can she be a witch? How can a man of logic and science fall in love with a woman whose possibly a witch? There must be another scientific explanation, or is there? An intriguing and masterfully fascinating story. What a great read! ~~~~ Jerrica Knight-Catania's Possessed by the Stranger. Is a new author to me, but I was impressed and captivated by her story. Meet, Lady Samantha Priske, yet another relative of the late Earl of Banfield. And, Chadwick Kendall, a stranger whose not a relative but must be present for the reading of the blasted will, while is father is dying, he desires not be away from home. Who cares what the blasted Earl may have left him, until he meets and becomes captivated by the redheaded Lady Samantha. Can these two people find their HEA at the Castle Keyvnor? Another great addition to this amazing Anthology. ~~~~ Erica Monroe's The Mad Countess is one of my favorite Regency authors and she never disappoints her readers. Meet, Theodore Lockwood, Earl of Ashbrooke, he has been in love with his best friend, Lady Claire Deering, for what seems like forever. But Lady Claire refuses to act on her regards and secret desires for Theodore due to a dreaded curse, placed on her family by a witch, resulting in madness. Together, can they break the curse to find their HEA? Or will all be lost to a curse placed by a witch? Awesome, just awesome! ~~~~~ WOW! Here are some compelling and captivating characters, intriguing storylines and some most satisfying reads! Each story was a Novella, and quick reads to me. Each has a satisfying ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this Anthology by these masterfully and talented authors. I also was thrilled to find a new author. A must read! What a great addition to any Regency Romance library. I received a complimentary copy. Overall rating: 5 Heat rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilR
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The best thing I think about the 4 books and all the stories is how the intermingle and flow along side each other. I have read other series where I was thinking about what happened to so and so. And the books gives us that. Loved it!
Sodapop74 More than 1 year ago
These novella's were well written and fun to read. Each story is a written by a different author about different characters, but revolve around the reading of a will. I love the paranormal twists to each one. My favorite was The Mad Countess by Erica Monroe. Claire and Teddy are best friends and have been in love with each other since they were children. The problem is that Claire's family is cursed to go mad, so she does not want to burden someone with that. I just loved this one! ***Copy gifted by publisher in exchange for an honest review***
Robindpdx More than 1 year ago
These 3 novellas are part of a series of 4 books containing 12 novellas that have related characters, who are all attending the reading of a will at the estate of the deceased Earl of Banfield. Each novella can be read as a standalone story. Renee Bernard’s The Sweetest Curse: Blade Hambly believes in logic and science. Miss Elethea Fairfax heals with the touch of her hands, talks to the air and radiates magic. How can he fall in love with a witch? This was a very entertaining, well-written, clever story. Jerrica Knight-Catania's Possessed by the Stranger: Lady Samantha Priske just wants to be left alone to explore the haunted estate. Chadwick Kendall has been forced to come to the estate for the reading of the will, but wants to leave as quickly as possible because his father is dying. When these two meet, the unexpected love they find changes everything they thought they knew. This was a charming, sweet story. Erica Monroe's The Mad Countess: Theodore Lockwood, Earl of Ashbrooke, has been in love with his best friend, Lady Claire Deering, for as long as he can remember. A witch has cursed her family with madness and she is terrified to involve him in that. Maybe if they work together they can break the curse and find true love together... This was a fun, romantic story. Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
NanatoAS More than 1 year ago
The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor is a collection of 4 books, each containing three novellas by different authors, the stories all taking place in and around the notoriously haunted Castle Keyvnor during the gathering of the family and friends of the recently deceased Jonathan Hambly, the Earl of Banfield, for the reading of his will. The books can be read in any order, as all the stories take place concurrently. It's a charming device because while each story is a standalone complete unto itself, many of the same characters appear and reappear in each of the novellas, so we get to observe them in different circumstances. All the stories have a little (or a lot) of supernatural flavor, with ghosts, pixies, demons and the like either aiding, thwarting or trying to murder the main characters. Having a collection like this is as delightful as going to a Tapas bar and sampling fabulously prepared tidbits of food—the tastings make you want more! I definitely plan to seek out more works by some of the authors who I'd never read before. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the collections. Erica Monroe's "The Mad Countess" Theodore Lockwood, Earl of Ashbrooke, is someone who we would call a "nerd" in today's vernacular. He is afraid of heights, spiders, and green space to name but a few phobias. He is also socially awkward, researching, thinking and rethinking every situation in which he might find himself. But when the girl who he's secretly been in love with since they were children needs him to assist her and protect her, he steps up gallantly. Lady Claire Deering, afraid she is doomed to suffer the madness that claimed her mother and aunt, won't give in to her love for Teddy, not waiting to saddle him with a madwoman for a wife. When the witches coven in Bocka Morrow offers to intervene, it will take all of the faith the two lovers can muster to claim their HEA. Renee Bernard’s "The Sweetest Curse" When Blade Hambly (who "never falls ill") is laid low by scarlet fever, he is nursed back to health by the angelic daughter of the local physician, Miss Elethea Fairfax. But her belief in magic and witchcraft goes against the science and logic which drive him. Exceptionally witty and funny dialogue distinguishes this excellent story. Jerrica Knight-Catania's "Possessed by the Stranger" While still well written and pleasant, this story had less "story" than the other books in these collections. Lady Samantha Priske sees Chadwick Kendall as he arrives and is immediately attracted to him, especially when she learns he is no relation. But because she believes he is just a "Mister" and not a Peer, she fears her parents won't approve. Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
dfosterbooks More than 1 year ago
The Mad Countess – Erica Monroe She’s going to go insane. For most of her Lady Claire Deering has known this will be her fate; after all her Mom and her aunt suffered, and died from, this curse. A curse put on the family by a spiteful witch long before she was born. Knowing her fate Claire has determined she will remain a spinster, never falling in love. If only she wasn’t already in love with her best friend. Theodore Lockwood’s, Earl of Ashbrooke, friends encourage him to go after the woman he has loved since childhood. When the reading of her great-uncle’s will, who also happens to be related to one of his closest friends, Theodore takes the opportunity to tag along, conquer some fears and convince the lady he loves that together they can make things work. Claire’s conviction that she will suffer the curse and her desire to protect the man she loves to her hope and desperation that maybe things can turn out differently are very well written. Theodore’s skepticism to his determination to make things work and his willingness to do whatever it takes to make Claire had me falling in love with him. Toss in the curse, a spell breaking ritual, and a huge surprise and you have an excellent read by Erica Monroe. Possess by the Stranger by Jerrica Knight-Catania The very last place Chadwick Kendall wants to be is a haunted castle at a will reading for a friend of his father’s. He’d much rather be by his father’s side as he lay dying; the man who has been there for him and loved him enough for a father and mother. Torn between staying with his father or following his dying wish Chad makes his way to Castle Keyvnor to what may be the best thing that happens to him when he sees the image of a red-headed angel. Lady Samantha Priske can’t wait to explore what’s reported to be a haunted castle, if only she can escape her mother’s harping. If her mother is not complaining about one thing it’s another-her sister’s belief that she’s sees ghosts, Samantha’s red hair, her lack of conducting herself properly, etc. When she’s finally able to slip away from the latest tirade she makes her way to the turrets to view the beauty of the landscape below; a landscape that includes the sight of a man that makes her heart race more than the eerie sounds from close by. A first encounter that has Samantha literally falling to each meeting thereafter is filled with longing and despair (as Samantha knows her parents will never approve). Add in a meddlesome little brother, a determined hero, a heroine who follows her heart and a surprise and you have another excellent story by the talented Jerrica Knight-Catania. The Sweetest Curse by Renee Bernard Miss Elethea Fairfax has lived her entire life caught between being the daughter and helper of the local doctor and the daughter/granddaughter of a “witch” with healing properties of her own. No matter the situation she allows her father to take all the credit when it comes to healing; something that recently hasn’t felt right; especially when the new heir presumptive falls ill practically at her feet. Determined to do all she can to save his life she does her best to not fall in love; after all, he’s from a different class and can never be hers. Not to mention his family suffers from a curse because of a witch and blame has be laid at her grandmother’s coven. Heaven help her if he or his family ever finds out she is the one who tended him and he dies. And if he survives can she forsake him to break the family curse?
JuliaAD More than 1 year ago
The Sweetest Curse: Elethea is the daughter of the village doctor. She is also a healer and a lot of the villagers prefer the old ways of healing to her father's more modern medicine. As she is approaching the local inn, a man steps out of his carriage and falls into the mud. He is very sick and Elethea's father is busy elsewhere, so she has to help the man. Blade is never sick, until now. He has a fever that is burning through him and there is an angel there to heal him. At least he thinks she is an angel. Elethea's father doesn't want anyone to know that she is the one who healed Blade. What would people think? She falls in love with this man in one night and her father forbids her to see him again. Will fate intervene? Possessed by the Stranger: Chad's beloved father is dying and he orders Chad to go to Castle Keyvnor to hear the reading of the will. Chad does not want to leave his father because he will probably die before he can return. Once he is at the castle, he runs into Lady Samantha. He is instantly intrigued by her and can't seem to stay away. Samantha sees him from a distance and knows there is a connection. Her parents would never approve of this man because he doesn't have a title. She will marry him with or without a title. How to get around her parents? The Mad Countess: Teddy has loved Claire since they were children. Claire knows the curse on her family will take over if she marries and has children, so she vows to stay single. She is so tempted by Teddy, but she can't give in and put him through what her father went through with her mother. There are some witches in the village that believe they can help her lift the curse. Can Claire hope that it is true? Teddy is so practical and needs to believe, will he truly believe so the curse can be lifted and they can be together?
gypsyluna More than 1 year ago
This is one of four books about Castle Keyvnor. Each book contains three romantic stories set against the spooky background of the Castle. The stories are slightly intertwined, yet each can be read as a stand-alone story. Erica Monroe's The Mad Countess Lady Claire has lived with the fear that she will go mad like her mother. It makes it hard to tell the man you love that you want to be more than friends. Teddy Lockwood, Earl of Ashbrooke, preferred books and research above all else. Instead of being a barrister as was his plan as the "spare heir", he found himself as the earl upon his brother's death. When it comes to light that Claire's family is cursed, rather than mad, they work together to find a solution. But when witches are involved, what will happen? Jerrica Knight-Catania's Possessed by the Stranger Chadwick Kendall finds himself at the castle in his father's place. Chad doesn't want to leave him because he is dying, but he cannot refuse his father's wishes. Lady Samantha Priske is attracted to Chad, but knows her parents would never approve of the marriage. The two of them can't stay away from each other, but a ghostly sighting causes Chad to hurry back home. How can the two of them find their HEA? Renee Bernard’s The Sweetest Curse Miss Elethea Fairfax is the daughter of the local doctor with witch blood in her. Blade Hambly, heir to the new Earl of Hambly, is more interested in science and his machines than the fact he will be an earl someday. As he falls sick in town, Elethea is the angel who heals him. However, her father won't allow people to know that it was his daughter and magic that provided the cure. What will happen? Will Blade be able to accept there is magic in the woman he loves? I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have only read the first story and plan to read the other two soon. Claire and Teddy have been friends since childhood. They have feeling for each other but neither have expressed those feelings. Claire believes herself to be cursed to go mad like her aunt and mother. She could never burden Teddy like that. He doesn't think she is cursed and is out to prove it to her. This is a great novella and worth a read. I received a copy from Erica Monroe in exchange for a honest review.
DianeD141 More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the collection of stories about The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor. The first story in the book is by Erica Monroe. Lady Claire Deering and Theodore (Teddy) Lockwood, Earl of Ashbrooke have been lifelong friends – both of whom are in love with the other but afraid to say so for fear of ruining the friendship. Claire won’t allow anything between them because she is afraid she has inherited the madness of her mother and aunt. Teddy was born a spare and didn’t feel he had much to offer until he suddenly became the earl. Teddy is a bit of a nerd. He’s bookish and always looking for answers in books. When Claire and Teddy find out that her family isn’t mad but cursed, they must both put aside their preconceived notions of the rational and believable and accept the possibility of other forces of nature. One of the most beautiful scenes in this story is when Teddy and Claire make love for the first time, 2 virgins who had saved themselves for the other. The second story is by Jerrica Knight-Catania – a favorite of mine. This is a delightful tale of love at first sight. Chadwick Kendall is at the Castle because his father received a notice about the reading. Unfortunately, his father, Baron Dinedor, is on his death bed. He asks his son Chad to go, knowing that he might not last until his son returns. When Chad arrives and gets out of the carriage, he looks up and sees a beautiful woman with red hair. At the same time, Lady Samantha Priske, who is out walking on the turret walk looks down and sees a handsome man. All she can think is that she hopes he’s not her cousin. These two don’t need ghosts to bring them together – the attraction is immediate. There is only one problem, Sam’s parents would never allow her to marry a mere Mister and Mr. Chad Kendall did not let anyone know that he is soon to be a Baron. Even being without a title does not stop Sam from allowing Chad to make love to her. The next morning he is gone. It has nothing to do with her but he sees the ghost of his dead mother and she encourages him to go home to be with his father. Will Sam ever see him again? Will they find their Happily Ever After? You’ll have to read the story to find out the rest but it is a delightful story to read. Renee Bernard rounds out this collection with a story of a witch and an engineer who have opposite beliefs except when it comes to falling in love. Blade Hambly is heir to the Earl of Hambly (the one who just inherited). He is on his way to the Castle for the reading of the will but something’s not right. As he gets out of the carriage in town, he collapse with Scarlet Fever. Luckily for him, Elethea Fairfax, the doctor’s daughter just happened to be at the inn and takes over his care immediately. Besides being the doctor’s daughter, she is also the daughter and grand-daughter of a witch and she understands the use of herbal remedies. She send for her father but works all night to reduce the fever. As the dawn breaks so does his fever but her father shows up to take credit for the cure. Because Blake was out of it while he was feverish he thinks he dreamed of his angel. But when she stops by to check on him (against her father’s wishes) he knows she is real. Can two people who are from such different classes really fall in love and make it work? Can Blade really accept the fact that there is magic in the world? Can anyone really believe that someone is named Blade –just kidding on this one)