Myth and Metaphysics

Myth and Metaphysics

by W.A. Luijpen

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1976)

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This book is an attempt to interpret man's religious existence, an inter­ pretation for which some of the groundwork was laid by the author's book PHENOMENOLOGY AND ATHEISM (Duquesne University Press, 2nd impression, 1965). That work explored the "denial" of God by the leading atheists and came to terms with the most typical forms assumed by their "denials". Nevertheless, I am not an adherent of atheism. The reason why it is possible to agree with many "atheists" without becoming one of them is that man can misunderstand his own religiousness or lapse into an inauthentic form of being a believer. What many "atheists" unmask is one or the other form of pseudo-religiousness which should be unmasked. On the other hand, I have also constantly refused to identify religiousness with such inauthentic forms and to define it in terms of those forms - just as I refuse to identify the appendix with appendicitis, the heart with an infarct, the psyche as a disturbance, and marriage as a fight. The book offered here has been written since the rise of the radical "God is dead" theology. This "theology" without God has often been presented as the only form of theological thought still suitable for "modern man". As the reader will notice, I reject the brash facility with which some "modern men" measure the relevance of "anything" by its "modernity".

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ISBN-13: 9789024717507
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 05/01/1976
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1976
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

One: Mythical Speaking “About” God.- 1. The Rejection of Myths and the “Denial” of God.- 2. The Rejection of Myths and the “Affirmation” of God.- Bultmann.- Vergote.- 3. Mythical Speaking as Authentic Speaking “About” God.- Gusdorf.- 4. Retrospect and Prospect.- Two: the Rejection of Metaphysics and the “Negation” of God.- Analytic Philosophy.- Rudolf Carnap.- Ayer.- Flew.- Hare.- Findlay.- Three: the Rejection of Metaphysics and the “Affirmation” of God.- 1. Kant’s So-called “Agnosticism”.- Synthetic a Priori Judgments.- Space and Time as a Priori Sense Forms.- Justification of the Possibility of Mathematics.- The Objective Validity of the a Priori Forms of Sense Experience and the “in Itself”.- Sense Experience and Thought.- Condemnation of Metaphysics.- Interlude.- “Rational Faith”.- Retrospect.- 2. The Intellectualism and Objectivism of Christian Thought.- The Core of the Intellectualistic and Objectivistic Conception of Faith.- The Temptation of Christian Thought to be Objectivistic and Intellectualistic.- The Objectivism of Scholastic Thought.- 3. The “Overcoming of Metaphysics” in Heidegger.- The Approach to Being.- “Forgetfulness of Being”.- Back to the Ground of Metaphysics.- Being as “Initiative” and “Mittence (Geschick)”.- The “Reversal”.- The God of Metaphysics.- The Godly God.- Four: the Acceptance of Metaphysics and the “Affirmation” of God.- 1. The Objectivistic Tradition: Lakebrink.- 2. The Spiritualistic-Monastic Tradition.- 3. Logical Empiricism.- Empiricism and Rationalism.- The Principle of Verification.- Interlude : Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy.- Language Games.- The Religious Use of Language.- Austin and Evans.- Five: Hermeneutics of Religious Existence.- 1. The Calling of the Name “God”.- Situations of Existence.- Calling the Name “God” and “Describing”.- Anthony Flew’s Parable.- No “Flat Descriptions”.- 2. The Proper Character of Religious Language.- The Symbolic Use of Language.- “Object Language and More”: Ian T. Ramsey.- 3. Speaking “About” God is Speaking About Man.- Barth Versus Bultmann.- Feuerbach.- Carl Jung.- Is Jung Agnostic?.- Unavoidable Misunderstandings About Jung’s Position.- The “Self” of Religious Self-understanding.- 4. Christian Religiousness.- Belief in Statements.- Meaningless Questions and Opinion Polls.- Christian Faith as a Way of Existence.- “I Believe in the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ”.- “My Father is Stronger Than the Mayor”.- “Old” and “New” Ways of Speaking “About” God.- Prospective.- Six: Religious Existence and Metaphysical Speech.- The God of Philosophers.- Rejection of the “Proofs” for God’s Existence by the Religious Man.- “The Conclusion of a ‘Proof’ for God’s Existence Can Never Be True”.- The Metaphysical “Proof” for the Existence of “God”.- Metaphysics in the Sciences.- Regional Ontologies.- Metaphysics in the Strict Sense.- Parmenides.- Affirmation in Negation.- “The Metaphysical in Man”.- “Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?”.- Conclusion.

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