The Myth of Elizabeth

The Myth of Elizabeth

by Susan Doran, Thomas Freeman


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Elizabeth I is one of England's most admired and celebrated rulers. She is also one of its most iconic: her image is familiar from paintings, film and television.
This wide-ranging interdisciplinary collection of essays examines the origins and development of the image and myths that came to surround the Virgin Queen. The essays question the prevailing assumptions about the mythic Elizabeth and challenge the view that she was unambiguously celebrated in the literature and portraiture of the early modern era. They explain how the most familiar myths surrounding the queen developed from the concerns of her contemporaries and yet continue to reverberate today.
Published to mark the 400th anniversary of the queen's death, this volume will appeal to all those with an interest in the historiography of Elizabeth's reign and Elizabethan, and Jacobean, poets, dramatists and artists.

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ISBN-13: 9780333930847
Publisher: Macmillan Education UK
Publication date: 07/14/2003
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 269
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

SUSAN DORAN isa Senior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University, UK.

THOMAS S. FREEMAN is the Research Officer for the British Academy John Foxe Project and is affiliated with the University of Sheffield.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations.- Introduction; S.Doran and T.S.Freeman.- PART ONE: TROJAN HORSES: CONTEMPORARY CRITICISMS OF ELIZABETH.- Providence and Prescription: the Account of Elizabeth in Foxe's 'Book of Martyrs'; T.S.Freeman.- Duessa's Trial and Elizabeth's Error: Judging Elizabeth in Spenser's Faerie Queen; A.Hadfield.- PART TWO: JACOBEAN PERSPECTIVES: POLITIC PRINCESS OR PROTESTANT HEROINE?.- William Camden and the Anti-Myth of Elizabeth: Setting the Mould?; P.Collinson.- Elizabeth in Arcadia: Fulke Greville and John Hayward's Construction of Elizabeth, 1610-12; L.Richardson.- Drama Queen: Staging Elizabeth in If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody; T.Grant.- 'A Very Deborah?' The Myth of Elizabeth I as a Providential Monarch; A.Walsham.- PART THREE: ELIZABETH ENGENDERED: THE PRESENTATION AND PRACTICE.- Virginity, Divinity and Power: the Portraits of Elizabeth I; S.Doran.- Queen Elizabeth and Mrs Bishop; B.Usher.- Harington's Gossip; J.Scott-Warren.- A Queen for All Seasons: Elizabeth I on Film; T.Betteridge.- List of Abbreviations.- Notes and References.- Notes on Contributors.- Index.

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From the Publisher

This is an excellent collection. All the essays are very strong and many are by noted scholars. This book will find a wide readership.' - Carole Levin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

'This attractive collection of essays takes in Elizabeth's myth as Protestant martyr and heart-of-a-king monarch for gentle questioning.' - Plays International

'Capably fills an important gap in the market.' - Dr Alec Ryrie, University of Birmingham'A splendid and useful collection.' - Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, Oxford University

'It is hard to imagine a more riveting or coherent group of essays than those in The Myth of Elizabeth.' - H.Albion

'These essays serve to reorient our vision, to see the sixteenth-century world as the men and women of that time saw it.' - Wallace MacCaffrey, Journal of Ecclesiastical History

'The thought-provoking essays in this collection are certain to pave the way for much new research in Elizabethan studies.' - Elizabeth Goldring, Renaissance Quarterly

'The Myth of Elizabeth provides a variety of fascinating insights into the formation and perpetuation of Elizabeth's mythic image.' - Ronald Fritze, The Sixteenth Century Journal

'Thomas S. Freeman and Susan Doran have produced a collection of essays of considerable elegance and consistency.' - Women: A Cultural Review

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