Mythborn: Rise of the Adepts

Mythborn: Rise of the Adepts

by V. Lakshman




2014 1st PLACE WINNER, Dark Fantasy, Cygnus Awards

2014 SILVER MEDALIST WINNER, Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror eBook, Independent Publisher Book Award

4.5 / 5 stars, "IndieReader Approved"

Edyn - A world ravaged by war, cursed by Gates through which gods and demons still walk the earth...

A plume of power erupts, pointing to an ancient Gate between our world and the


creatures born from myths and legends, hungering for worship, and offering only possession and slavery in return.

An order of monks known as Adepts sense the Gate, but are not alone. Elder races have taken note and converge on the Gate's next appearance, a desert stronghold known as Bara'cor. Lacking much of the ancient lore and might, the Adepts still send one of their very best to investigate: Silbane.

Silbane Petracles

- lethal assassin, Master of the Way, honed as a living weapon. His mission: stop the Gate from opening, no matter the cost. His best chance: use his apprentice's ability to disrupt magic, possibly killing him in the process.

But others have a stake in the outcome...

Themun Dreys

- Lore Father and leader of the Adepts, powerful in the Way. For two centuries he has been saving those born with Talent. Now he faces a danger beyond his Council's abilities and has limited options for a path to salvation.

Lady Lilyth

- Lady of Flame, Eye of the Sun, and Aeris Celestial, a goddess who no longer wishes to serve the beliefs and whims of the people of this world. Ravager, destroyer, warforged, she believes Silbane's apprentice holds the secret to life for her kind and will do anything to get it.


- Dragon-knight of the Conclave, ancient guardian of power. He believes Silbane's apprentice does more than disrupt magic; he eradicates it and forces the world around him to become mundane. He will take any steps necessary to ensure magic and those beings sustained by it, survive.

Kisan Talaris

- Master of the Way, fellow warrior and friend to Silbane. Decisive and powerful, she tracks unknown assassins sent against her Order, but is then given a new directive - kill Silbane's apprentice and complete his mission, by any means necessary.

Destinies converge as the mighty strive to balance the fate of their worlds against the life of one boy. He is

Arek Winterthorn

, apprentice to Silbane, assassin-in-training, student of the Way.

And he is -


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ISBN-13: 9781493603985
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/25/2013
Pages: 582
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Vijay Lakshman was born in Ottawa, Canada. He spent his early years in Bangkok, Thailand. When he was nine, his father took him to a martial arts exhibition and his life changed forever.

He dedicated the next thirty years to mastering the martial arts, his quest taking him across the U.S., Europe, and to China. In 1991 he earned his master's rank in a hard style of Chinese martial arts, then in grappling and submission (ground fighting), and finally in kendo, a Japanese form of sword fighting. Since that time he has accumulated over 1,200 combat engagements against the best the world has to offer. His true passion however, is writing, and Mythborn his first epic fantasy novel.

His day job is as a designer and architect of game-based learning software, but he spends his free time entertaining his endless curiosity. This includes researching useless facts on Google, testing ideas on antigravity and combustion (only on interesting things), and writing more about Mythborn.

His eclectic experience includes graduation from the Harvard Business School's General Manager Program, creator of over 85 video game titles, thirty years of training in the martial arts, sixteen years of close combat grappling, fifteen years of kendo, six years of long-distance cycling, and taking various things in the house apart.

Putting everything back together is the job of his beautiful wife, two amazing sons, and soon to arrive baby daughter, who will oversee the madness.

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