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Nagarjuna, Nondualism and the Nature of Nothing

Nagarjuna, Nondualism and the Nature of Nothing

by Todd Lorentz


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A new approach to understanding our world is rapidly gaining ascendancy in the hearts and minds of people everywhere; a worldview steeped in the growing awareness that we are One family, One humanity. At the foundation of this worldview is a mode of thinking called Nondualism and one of its most detailed and inspired explanations can be found in the works of Nagarjuna, a 2nd century Buddhist logician and founder of the Madhyamika tradition. In Nagarjuna, Nondualism and the Nature of Nothing, Todd Lorentz provides a detailed exposition on the rigorous lines of reasoning developed by Nagarjuna and illustrates how the contrasting qualities of logic and intuition collide to form the essential basis of argument in that famous Doctrine on the Middle Way.

Written by the author in a style that, by the power of its own persuasion begins to deconstruct the reader's own dualistic preconceptions, this primer on the 'emptiness of reality' is sure to become an essential tool in the search to penetrate the mysterious and intriguing field of nondualism. From the principles of uncertainty in quantum physics to the remarkable labyrinth of the logician's Tetralemma, Lorentz leaves no doubt in the reader's mind that they have entered into a brave new world.

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Publication date: 12/23/2011
Pages: 162
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