Naming and Thinking God in Europe Today: Theology in Global Dialogue

Naming and Thinking God in Europe Today: Theology in Global Dialogue

by Brill



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ISBN-13: 9789042022058
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Series: Currents of Encounter Series , #32
Pages: 536
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Table of Contents

Norbert HINTERSTEINER: Introduction
Part I - Europe’s God in a Globalizing World
Peter BEYER: “God’s in His Heaven . . . Where He Belongs„: Religions, Europe, and Monopolar Transcendence in Global Society
Anne KULL: Speaking of God in the New World Order, Inc.
John D’ARCY MAY: Europe’s God: Liberator or Oppressor? The Postcolonial Mediation of Transcendence
Jacques HAERS S.J.: Thinking about God from the Perspectives of Encounter and Community: A Challenge for European Theology in a Globalized World
Hans-Joachim SANDER: From a European Subject to a Global Verb: God in Terms of Pastoral Relativity
Part II - Geographies of God in Europe
François BOUSQUET: Thirty-years’ Worth of Studies and Publications on the Subject of God
András MÁTE-TÓTH: Thinking About God in Central Eastern Europe: Social Experiences and Theological Challenges
Karel SKALICKÝ: Thinking About God Philosophically in Europe Today: A Czech Perspective
László HOLLÓ: Thinking God in National and Religious Conflicts: The Case of Romania
Peter STILWELL: God in Twentieth Century Portuguese Literature
Part III - Musing on God in Europe
Siegfried WIEDENHOFER: Thinking God Between Fundamentalism and Liberalism
Maureen JUNKER-KENNY: Ethics, the Hermeneutics of Memory, and the Concept of God

Amador VEGA ESQUERRA: Mystical and Aesthetic Experiences in Modernity
Georgios D. MARTZELOS: Kataphasis and Apophasis in the Greek Orthodox Patristic Tradition
Vincent HOLZER: Phenomenology and Theology: A Contemporary Exit Strategy from Metaphysics
Georg ESSEN: Ethical Monotheism and Human Freedom: Theological Convergences with the Pluralism of the Modern Age
Ioannis KOUREMBELES: Christian Monotheism: Exclusivity or Openness to Otherness?
George De SCHRIJVER S.J.: Christian Faith in the Post-Modern Context. The Case of Gianni Vattimo
Armin KREINER: Models of Divine Action in the World
Tomasz WĘCŁAWSKI: Thinking God in a Paschal Perspective
Leonhard HELL: Communio – A Problematic Keyword of Contemporary God-talk
Part IV - Europe’s God in Global Dialogue
Keith WARD: The Idea of God in Global Theology
Josef WOHLMUTH: Twentieth-Century Jewish Thought as a Challenge to Christian Theology
Ghasem KAKAIE: Ibn Arabi’s God, Eckhart’s God: Philosophers’ God or Religion’s God?
Bettina BÄUMER: Can the Hindu Experience of God Enrich the European Concept of God?
Marcus SCHMÜCKER: Thinking God in South India: The Theistic Vedānta of the Viśişţādvaita School
Aasulv LANDE: Thinking and Naming the Ultimate in Buddhist Theology
Norbert HINTERSTEINER: Intercultural and Interreligious (Un)Translatibility and the Comparative Theology Project
Perry SCHMIDT-LEUKEL: Limits and Prospects of Comparative Theology
Klaus von STOSCH: Comparative Theology as an Alternative to the Theology of Religions
Robert CUMMINGS NEVILLE: The Role of Concepts of God in Crosscultural Comparative Theology
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