Napoleon's Campaign in Poland 1806-1807

Napoleon's Campaign in Poland 1806-1807

by F Loraine Petre


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A fine work by a highly regarded historian of the Napoleonic Age

Every period in history has-in its turn-produced great scholars to chronicle it. The names of fine historians are linked with their subjects by natural consequence of their scholarship, insight and authorship as they have communicated their research and analysis to students, both professional and amateur. The Age of Napoleon is no exception and high in the shortlist of its principal historians stands the name of the author of this book-F. Loraine Petre. Petre's work has enjoyed enthusiastic popularity since the time of its writing. This fine example, which chronicles Napoleon's campaign into Poland, is no exception. Those familiar with the subject need not be told that the thorough Petre method has here been applied to the campaign in its entirety including Pultusk, Golymin, Eylau, Danzig, the Vistula, Heilsburg, Friedland and Tilsit. Naturally the leadership of the respective armies, the theatre of war and the forces themselves are considered with equal skill. This is, of course, an essential Napoleonic War reference work-and a true and acknowledged classic. Available in softcover and hardcover with dustjacket.

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