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Napoleon's Oracle by B&N

The answer to life's questions lie within this ancient oracle, discovered by Napoleon's armies in Egypt's ancient Valley of the Kings. The original oracle, a papyrus roll, was purportedly found in a Pharaoh's tomb during the 1798-1799 French invasion of Alexandria and Cairo. Taken from its 1835 publication, this edition contains the very same interpretations, techniques, and guidance that Europe's most notorious Emperor was said to have used throughout his life, particularly during the 1800s in his astonishing rise to world power. It is said that Napoleon relied upon the Book of Fate for many years, and yet when his pride and ambition became overwhelming rejected its counsel - his downfall followed soon afterward. As psychic and historian Judy Hall explains her comprehensive Introduction, after the death of the Emperor the oracle reached a small Paris publisher, and stayed in print throughout the 19th century all over Europe.

The Oracle, an astounding fragment of divination heritage, contains questions and answers that cover every area of life; from travel and romance to family and marriage, finances and career achievement. Whatever your dilemma, consult the Oracle, tried and tested over centuries. This handbook of kings will help you find the answer.

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ISBN-13: 9780760739754
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Publication date: 02/15/2003
Pages: 96

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