Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art: A Reader

Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art: A Reader


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ISBN-13: 9781784915605
Publisher: Archaeopress Archaeology
Publication date: 01/31/2019
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.75(h) x (d)

About the Author

George Nash is an Associate Professor at the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (IPT) in Portugal and Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol.

Table of Contents

1. Seeing and Construing: The Making and ‘Meaning’ of a Southern African Rock Art Motif – by J.D. Lewis-Williams2. An Introduction to the Problems of Southern African Rock Art Regions: The Rock Art of Bongani Mountain Lodge and its Environs – by Jamie Hampson, William Challis, Geoffrey Blundell and Conraad De Rosner3. Fluvial erosion of inscriptions and petroglyphs at Siega Verde, Spain – by Robert G. Bednarik4. The Location of Prehistoric Rock Art in North-East England: An Experimental Approach to Field Survey – by Richard Bradley, Tess Durden and Nigel Spencer5. Beyond Art and Between the Caves: Thinking About Context in the Interpretive Process – by Margaret W. Conkey6. Transculturation, Rock Art and Cross-Cultural Contact – by Thomas Heyd7. The Cultural Context of Hunter-Gatherer Rock Art – by Robert Layton8. Who Thought Rock Art Was About Archaeology? The Role of Prehistory in Algeria’s Terror – by Jeremy Keenan9. The power of a place in understanding southern San rock engravings – by Janette Deacon10.Acoustic elements of (pre)historic rock art landscapes at the Fourth Nile Cataract – by Cornelia Kleinitz11. Unsettled times: shaded polychromes and the making of hunter-gatherer history in the southeastern mountains of southern Africa – by Aron D. Mazel12. Engraved in Place And Time: A Review of Variability in the Rock Art of the Northern Cape and Karoo – by David Morris13. Rock art and the material culture of Siberian and Central Asian shamanism – by Ekaterina Devlet14. Chronological Trends in Negev Rock Art: The Har Michia Petroglyphs as a Test Case – by Davida Eisenberg-Degen and Steven A. Rosen15. Making sense of obscure pictures from our own history: exotic images from Callan Park, Australia – by John Clegg16. Religious Spatial Behaviour: Why Space is Important to Religion – by Matthew Kelleher17. Bedrock notions and isochrestic choice: evidence for localised stylistic patterning in the engravings of the Sydney region – by Jo McDonald18. Rainbow Colour and Power among the Waanyi of Northwest Queensland – by Paul S. C. Taçon19. Caves as Landscapes – by Jean Clottes20. Landscape representations on boulders and menhirs in the Valcamonica-Valtellina area (Alps, Italy) – by Angelo Fossati21. Roaring Rocks: An Audio-Visual Perspective on Hunter-Gatherer Engravings in Northern Sweden and Scandinavia – by Joakim Goldhahn22. Rock Art and Archaeological Excavationin Campo Lameiro, Galicia: A new chronological proposal for the Atlantic rock art – by Manuel Santos Estévez and Yolanda Seoane Veiga23. The Shore Connection: Cognitive landscape and communication with rock carvings in northernmost Europe – by Knut Helskog24. Rock art as visual representation – or how to travel to Sweden without Christopher Tilley – by Liliana Janik25. A discovery of possible Upper Palaeolithic Parietal art in Cathole Cave, Gower Peninsula, South Wales – by George Nash, Peter van Calsteren, Louise Thomas and Michael J. Simms26. Images as Messages in Society: Prolegomena to the Study of Scandinavian Petroglyphs and Semiotics – by Jarl Nordbladh27. Approaches to Passage Tomb Art – by Muiris O’Sullivan28. Ritual Landscapes: Toward a Reinterpretation of Stone Age Rock Art in Trøndelag, Norway – by Kalle Sognnes29. Excavation of a rock art site at Hunterheugh Crag, Northumberland – by Clive Waddington with Benjamin Johnson and Aron Mazel30. From natural settings to spiritual places in the Algonkian sacred landscape: an archaeological, ethnohistorical, and ethnographic analysis of Canadian Shield rockart sites – by Daniel Arsenault31. In Small Cupules Forgotten: Rock Markings, Archaeology, and Ethnography in The Deep South – by Johannes H. N. Loubser32. Shamanism, Natural Modeling and the Rock Art Hunter-Gatherers – by David S. Whitley33. Tsagiglalal, She Who Watches: Rock Art as an Interpretable Phenomenon – by James D. Keyser34. Rocks in the landscape: managing the Inka agricultural cycle – by Frank Meddens35. On-Site and post-site analysis of pictographs within the San Pedro Viejo de Pichasca rock shelter, Limarí Valley, North-Central Chile – by Francisca Moya, Felipe Armstrong, Mara Basile, George Nash, Andrés Troncoso and Francisco Vergara

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