by Bret R. Wright

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Adultery pays. Murder doesn't. That is P.I. Nate 'Nasty' Jepson's motto, and he normally makes his living snapping pictures of cheating spouses. When a stranger is brutally shot in the passenger seat of his car, he finds himself in the middle of a gang war between battling triads, as well as a suspect in the murder. Nate must step far outside his comfort zone to clear himself and live to catch another cheater.

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BN ID: 2940150482692
Publisher: Courtney Literary
Publication date: 08/28/2014
Series: A Nate Jepson Mystery , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 305
File size: 842 KB

About the Author

A retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer, Wright has travelled the world extensively. When not abroad, he spent much of his time in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in Southern California. Always one to wear many hats, he is now a secondary English and Social Studies teacher, a freelance journalist, and author. He is married to his high school sweetheart, who was also the editor of their school literary magazine and was the first person to publish his work. He lives with his wife and youngest son, splitting their time between the Colorado Springs area and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Nasty 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SecretAgent00-BeHave More than 1 year ago
"Say, what do you do with a dead body and a bag of beef sticks?" That and the sentence, "Damn, damn, damn, and damn" are simply brilliant, ha-ha! The first 20 pages are intense, hilarious, and descriptive as h*ll and had me hooked immediately! Just finished reading this awesome novel, and I LOVED it! It was tempting to give a chapter-by-chapter (or in some cases, a page-by-page) review as I was reading this because, seriously, this is some GREAT reading!! Wright’s attention to detail, and the patience in which he writes with is astonishing. And, his sense of humor is friggin’ awesome! Good example is a chapter title like "Dance of the Middle Fingers". Very original! (Would make a h*ll of a song title!) Oh, another thing I loved in "Nasty" is the awesome homoerotic verbal interplay between Nate and his friend (sorry, I'm blanking on his name at the moment). That sh*t was on par with some stuff Peter Strain has done in a couple of his novels, and what Stephen King did in my favorite chapter of "The Shining", Conversations at the Party. Something else I really liked is that I could hear music behind certain scenes, and could so easily visualize seeing them as if watching a really good well made movie. But, as visual as it was, and so easy to picture scenes playing out like a movie, I kept realizing there is no way any filmmaker can do it justice, because the best aspect of it all was Bret's 'voice' throughout, the inside thoughts, random musings, unless there was narration throughout. I used to be proud of my new novel “Secret Agent 00-Behave!” until I started reading this, and now, I'm like f**k that garbage, I'm gonna promote this instead, ha-ha. But, seriously, it is great writing!! While reading, there was only one time I felt the inner editor in me come out, and it was right after Janis was taken, and Nate started his trek to find info on fireworks. When it was mentioned that he had no luck at the first three places, I expected it to then jump to him going on to the next place, but then when Wright so brilliantly referenced back to all three places later with important info (or characters), I kind of felt like an idiot for not seeing that coming. Oh, and really loved the female characters! This is one awesome novel I can’t recommend highly enough! If you’ve not read it, you are missing out on something really great! And what an amazing author! Like Ellroy and Leonard combined, but better. Can't wait to read the "Nasty People"!
Js67aec More than 1 year ago
Quite the page turner! I felt like I was back in the Chief's Mess listening to a "This is no s*** story. Action mixed with humor in a language I understand. Descriptive but without all the "fluff" that often requires a dictionary close at hand. Nicely done. I'm definitely in for the next round of Nate Jepson adventures. Bravo Zulu to my fellow Chief & Navy Brother!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nasty opens with Nate Jepson, referred to as “Nasty” by some on the street, standing next to his Subaru on a dark beach near Seattle. He’s looking at a hole in the passenger side window. There is a corresponding hole in the head of stranger he just met on said beach. Their encounter started with beef sticks flying, followed by bullets and ending with the guy shot dead in Nate’s car. Now he’s the number one murder suspect. And the people who did the killing want something from Nate or he’ll end up like the guy in his car. And what is up with those beef sticks? Nate is a former Navy SEAL and current private investigator. He makes his living following and catching—at least on camera—cheating spouses. It is, apparently, a pretty good living. It’s at least enough to keep up with the rent on his office, the mortgage on his condo and buy all the burritos he can eat. And that is a lot. You might have missed the part where I said “condo.” This PI does not live in a dark studio apartment in a seedy neighborhood. He lives in a nice condo located in a small town just outside Seattle. A gated community no less. He also has a garden gnome named Phred. This is not your father’s private detective. And that’s a good thing. Picking up the first book in a series can be a crap shoot. Especially when it’s written by a debut author. There is usually a lot of back story about the character that the reader will need. Then the author needs to build the world this character is going to inhabit. Even if the stories are set in what we like to call the real world. I’ve never been to Seattle, so I need a little grounding there. This can, and often does, lead to what is known as information dump. A whole lot of setting and back story in one place. That does not happen here. All of that good stuff is woven into the story. I never felt like Mr. Wright stopped the action to bring me up to speed. But I never felt lost either. And action there was. Guns, fast cars, twists and turns. The plotting was tight with some great surprises, and the pacing kept me turning pages well past when I should have turned out the light. What keeps me going with a series, though , are the characters. And Nate’s close circle of friends is populated by people I do want to spend more time with. Jeff and Peggy have known Nate since childhood and hint at some maybe not so idyllic memories. Jeff was also in the Navy SEALs and now works in law enforcement. Peggy acts sort of like a big sister, who alternately nags, scolds and patches up Nate. My favorite of the little group is Janis, Nate’s neighbor in the condo block he lives in. She’s a middle-aged hippie who, in spite of trailing the scent of sandalwood oil and espousing some New Age philosophies, has a lot on the ball. She’s always good for a cup of tea, a sympathetic ear and some surprisingly sound advice. I will definitely catch the next installment .
BexBoox More than 1 year ago
Adultery pays. Crime doesn't. That's PI Nate Jepson's motto. Meet Nate. He's fresh from the SEALS and trying to get past the pain. Just cooling out on the beach when a man runs up to his car, pushes a gun in his face, gets in, and tells him to drive. He's carrying a paper bag greasy from the beef sticks within. Neither one makes it off the beach. And Nate is left struggling with the memories and an unpaid case he didn't ask for. I first got acquainted with NASTY when I was a judge for a writing contest. I read 200 excerpts and this book was one of the top ten which stuck with me. It's in good company. Several of the others have gone on to be award-winning authors. Like me, I suspect once you get started reading NASTY, you will not want to stop. It's that good and that memorable.