Nasty Leftovers

Nasty Leftovers

by Guy L. Pace

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Reality is back on track, but the world is devastated with only a remnant of humanity left. On a mission to restore Washington, D.C., Paul Shannon and Amy Grossman must face a sinister presence left behind by Satan. In the ensuing battle, physical and spiritual warfare is waged against the possessed, hellhounds, and even the evil presence itself. In this fast-paced sequel to Sudden Mission, can Paul, Amy, and their army of faithful triumph against such impossible odds?

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BN ID: 2940158531910
Publisher: Guy L. Pace
Publication date: 06/01/2016
Series: Spirit Missions , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 518 KB

About the Author

Guy L. Pace, born in Great Falls, MT, grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He served in the US Navy, including combat operations in Vietnam in 1972. He was a Navy journalist, and later worked primarily in community newspapers as a reporter, photographer, editor and finally a managing editor. He changed careers in the mid-80’s getting into computer support, training, networking and systems, and eventually information security. He retired in 2011 after more than 20 years working in higher education. He lives with his wife, Connie, in Spokane, where he gets to spend time with children and grandchildren, and ride his Harley-Davidson. Follow Guy L. Pace on his website at

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Nasty Leftovers 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CorLaw3 More than 1 year ago
'NASTY LEFTOVERS' Needs More Nastiness The YA Christian Fantasy novel, Nasty Leftovers, by Guy L. Pace, presents a group of Believers on the mission field in Washington, D.C. after the incident of 'The Troubles.' I didn't realize this was Book #2 in the Spirit Missions series. 'The Troubles,' I gather, represents the Post-Tribulation or Rapture of the Christians/Church setting the stage for Armageddon. The story follows teenagers Paul Shannon and Amy Grossman, with a mild romantic attraction depiction in the book, their families, other friends, pastors, and Church Elder/Mission Leader Ray Franklin. The three hold the story together, and Paul and Amy work well as a tandem. I'm guessing more information about them can be found in Book #1, Sudden Mission. But they're likable, heroic, and faithful. So what's the mission? To gather and save as many survivors as possible. The survivors appear and act like zombies without having to venture too far out. It's strange. To convert these lost souls, Paul, Amy, and the others must confront some nasty, evil, manifestations from hell. I knew something was awry when Paul finished setting a personal best in a mile run and made mention of a memory that harkens back to a confrontation with the Adversary. Now, those who know their Bible, realize that name references Satan. Okay. Then the local community barters for food just to survive. Electrical grids have gone, and the people rely on an intermittent nuclear power source. Not just Paul's neighborhood, but the nation experiences devastation and have to make due the best they can with communications cut off. Okay, so we're talking Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy. Then shortly after that, I read that Paul and others battle zombies, aliens, killer monks, samurai, and the Adversary. So now I think what have I stumbled upon here? It was actually funny because Paul and Amy made references to monsters and "...Angel stuff..." so matter-of-fact I knew I was behind aka this is Book #2 in the Spirit Missions series. With all of that, I anticipated a wild ride, and I got some of that. Nasty Leftovers moves with good pace, it's not a very long book, but it seems all proceeds too smoothly for our heroes. Once essential information comes to light, the teams use that information and then execute their plans pretty flawlessly. Comparing Nasty Leftovers with Kingdom Come by Justin Coogle, another Christian Fantasy that deals with spiritual warfare, the significant catastrophes dwindle the ranks of heroism in Coogle's book and raise the high stakes even higher. This doesn't mean Nasty Leftovers isn't compelling, it just needs more nastiness or complication for the good guys. Again perhaps, this was what happened in Book #1, Sudden Mission. I can only go by what's present in Nasty Leftovers. Now, having said that, I need to allude to several plot points without giving them away to those like me who hadn't read, Sudden Mission. With that statement, I'm assuming these plot points occur in Sudden Mission. Certain weapons, in use by the teams, don't lend themselves to failure. A minor point that I have to point out exists in a couple of handful of typos. In defense of Nasty Leftovers as well, this is Book #2. Mr. Pace probably needs to save pace, for Book #3, Carolina Dawn. So, let me close with this. I love the use of the authority of the saints in the book. I wanted to go around and rebuke everything in sight after reading about Paul, Amy, and their missions teams!
Zot79 More than 1 year ago