Nationalisms of Japan: Managing and Mystifying Identity

Nationalisms of Japan: Managing and Mystifying Identity

by Brian J. McVeigh


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In this fresh and original analysis, Brian J. McVeigh confronts both the demonizers and apologists of Japan. He argues persuasively that far from being unique, Japanese nationalism becomes demystified once 'management' and 'mysticism'—the same processes and practices that operate in other national states—are taken into account. Stripping away Orientalist-inspired misconceptions, the author stresses the variety and relative intensity of nationalisms, ranging from economic, ethnic, and educational to cultural, gendered, and religious. He moves beyond state-centered ideologies to explore the linkages between official and popular nationalisms and the complex interplay of ethnocultural, ethnopolitical, and ethnoracial forms of identity. The ambiguity and everydayness of nationalism, McVeigh contends, explain its enduring power. He concludes that modern Japan is imbued with a deeply rooted legacy of 'renovationism' or 'reform nationalism' that accounts for its streamlined state structures, guarded economic nationalism, and highly scrutinized relationship with the rest of the world. Highlighting the pluralism of identity among Japanese, this book will be an invaluable corrective to recent works that glibly proclaim the emergence of 'globalization,' 'internationalization,' and 'convergence.'

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ISBN-13: 9780742524545
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 12/20/2003
Series: Asia/Pacific/Perspectives Series
Pages: 352
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About the Author

Brian J. McVeigh teaches Japanese anthropology in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Purposes and Perspectives Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 The Ambiguity, Domains, and Degrees of Nationalism Chapter 4 Historical Background of Japan's Nationalisms Chapter 5 Renovationist Nationalism: The Self-Reinforcing Logic of Modernity and Japaneseness Chapter 6 Nationalizing the State and Statizing the Nation Part 7 State and Official Nationalisms Chapter 8 Economic Nationalism: Developmentalism and Capitalist Nationalism Chapter 9 Educational Nationalism: Reproducing Educational Dualism Chapter 10 Ethnos Nationalism: State, Nation, and "Race" in a House of Mirrors Chapter 11 State Cultural Nationalism: Cultural Policy-Aestheticizing the Nation and Nationalizing Aesthetics Part 12 Popular and Nonofficial Nationalisms Chapter 13 Popular Cultural Nationalism: Linking Ethnos, Aesthetics, Citizenship, and Progress Chapter 14 Postimperial Ethnos Nationalism: Homogeneity, Uniqueness, and Peace Chapter 15 Gendered Nationalism: Producing "Good Wives-Wise Mothers" Chapter 16 Mainstream and Marginal Nationalism: The Paradox of "Japaneseness" in the Mahikari Religious Movement Part 17 Final Thoughts Chapter 18 Japan's Legacy of Modernity and Issues of Citizenship Chapter 19 Internationalism, Extra-Nationalism and Renovationism Part 20 Appendix A Types of Corporations and Their Relevant Laws Part 21 Appendix B Procedure for Establishing a Public-Service Corporation Part 22 Appendix C Organization of Corporations

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