Native Hawk

Native Hawk

by Glynnis Campbell


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A multicultural romance of the Old West!

When ambitious Catalina di Ferrara turns her back on her noble Italian past to pursue her dream of designing dresses in America, she quickly learns that jobs in high fashion are scarce in the mountain town of Paradise, California. Her determination to succeed, however, earns her a position—in a less-than-upstanding establishment.

For half-native twin Drew Hawk, life means a poker deck, a Colt 45, and the open road, until he crosses the wrong man and has to make a quick getaway. But he doesn't mind hiding out in Paradise, especially when he takes a gander at the beautiful and spirited Catalina working in the town's Parlor.

Cat manages to drain the handsome gambler's funds while never quite delivering the goods. But Drew is captivated by the clever lady, and it takes all of Cat's willpower to resist the gambling gunslinger's charm. When the law finally comes for him with guns blazing, will Cat risk her heart and prove to be Drew's Lady Luck?


Book 3 of California Legends

These are chronicles of the Old West–of the native people who lived on the land for generations and the pioneers who came from all over the world in search of riches…the struggle to survive in a land without laws…the strange bedfellows that resulted from the clash of cultures…and the common language of the heart that spoke of a love more precious than gold.

Length: 73,000 words = 308 pages

Rating: R-rated for passionate passages

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California Legends




Key Themes: Native American historical romance, adventure stories, strong women, multicultural romance, Westerns, half-breed, Italian characters, gambling poker player, gunslinger, fashion designer, twin brothers, 1800s, the Old West, whorehouse, stories with humor

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781938114359
Publisher: Glynnis Campbell
Publication date: 11/27/2016
Series: California Legends , #3
Pages: 306
Sales rank: 640,483
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

The California Legends trilogy--Native Gold, Native Wolf, and Native Hawk--is a love letter to Glynnis Campbell's home town of Paradise, California, where she once reigned as the Gold Nugget Queen in the town's celebration of its Gold Rush roots.

Glynnis Campbell is a USA Today bestselling author of swashbuckling action-adventure historical romances set in Scotland, England, and the American West, with over a dozen books published in six languages. She has won awards in the Orange Rose, Hearts through History, and Book Buyers Best contests and was a double finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA Awards. Her books appear in several multi-author boxed sets with such esteemed talents as Bella Andre, Marie Force, Tanya Anne Crosby, Lauren Royal, Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, and Claire Delacroix. Writing from her California home, she loves playing medieval matchmaker and transporting readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are stronger than they look, the land is lush and untamed, and chivalry is alive and well!

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Native Hawk 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sam1219 More than 1 year ago
I am voluntarily posting my review after receiving an ARC copy of this book so generously provided by the author. Unwilling to marry for political reasons according to her father's wishes, intrepid Catalina strikes out from her native Italy to the mountain town of Paradise, CA, to make a fresh start. Catalina quickly learns that finding a job as a dressmaker in the gold rush boom town won't be easy, but rather than giving up on her dreams, Catalina finds work as a housekeeper in a bordello to make ends meet while she saves to buy a sewing machine. Soon, Catalina captivates Drew Hawk, a half-Native American gambler known for his gunslinging skills, quick wits and rampant charm. Catalina soon has Drew draining his pockets simply to keep all others away, but how long will they be able to guard their hearts from the attraction so clearly simmering between them? In a land often ruled by violence, vengeance and prejudice, how long will Catalina and Drew be allowed to live in peace when others wish to intrude upon their idyll, and what will the young couple be prepared to do to fight for each other? This fast-paced and fantastic portrait of life and love in the west offers an uplifting, yet unflinchingly realistic view of times gone by. While this novel invites readers to be swept away in the romance and adventure of a gambling gunslinger and his lady love with a heart of gold, Campbell does not shy away from the reality of the bigotry against foreigners and Native Americans endemic among the Wild West, and society as a whole during the time frame of the novel. While it makes a wonderful backdrop for the action of the story, the author does an excellent job of reminding the reader of the awful injustice real people of the era faced when a person's ethnicity guaranteed that a fair trial could not be had. For me, however, the most compelling draw of the novel was the non-stop action and excellent writing typical of all of Campbell's novels that makes them such a pleasure to read. Being a fan of Glynnis Campbell's work, I had high expectations going into this book, and I was not disappointed in any way. I read the entire novel--start to finish--in one sitting and loved it the whole way through. Fans of historical fiction, particularly those looking to capture a sense of the American West, should not miss this book.
Diane_Rubio More than 1 year ago
A reverent tribute to Paradise, California during the Gold Rush Era and post Gold Rush Era. The third book of California Legends brings the lives of a Native American Konkow family to a close. While dealing with conflicts between Native Americans & Foreign settlers, we learn to love, heal and hope. Glynnis Campbell offers rare insight into the many facets of human nature, from villain to hero, male to female. As always, Glynnis pulls the reader into her world, delivering high-quality-stellar romance and gut-wrenching-thrilling action. Glynnis is a force to be reckoned with, outshining the best in Historical Romance. Readers will not regret any minute of time spent reading her work ;) I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.