Native North American Theology Through A Christian Lens

Native North American Theology Through A Christian Lens

by Rev. John W. Friesen Ph.D DMin DRS


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"Dr. John W. Friesen's latest book synthesizes Aboriginal theology with the tenets of Christianity in a systematic way, and this has long been a challenge and struggle for the First Peoples of this continent. This book is therefore timely and long overdue.

Professor Friesen is uniquely qualified to address this topic since he grew up in an Aboriginal community in northern Saskatchewan, and subsequently devoted his career to the study of First Nations ways. An academic by profession, a clergyman in practice, and educated in both streams, he compares and contrasts the two belief systems, carefully noting parallels and identifying points for meaningful dialogue.

I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a guidebook and direction to assist them in achieving a balance of appreciation for what are too often delineated as opposing theological perspectives. As Dr. Friesen points out, the similarities between the two worldviews are more than coincidental and definitely worthy of study!"

--Dr. Maurice Manyfingers, Ph.D.,
Deputy Superintendent of Education & Business Affairs,
Kainai Board of Education,
Kainai First Nation (Blood Tribe)

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