Native Voices

Native Voices

by David Chaltas




Native Voices is a collection of prayers, sayings, cultural expressions, and philosophy of life by Native American icons. Each saying has a spiritual message and addresses the needs of the human soul. God is an integral part of American Indian's way of life. Through the journey of life we all need strength to continue the walk in harmony with all things. The intent of this book is nothing more than to help the reader along the journey through the wisdom of elders who have already walked the path we currently wander. It is the fervent prayer of the author that through these sayings the reader will have a closer walk with his Creator and find a peace within the soul that can only be given by the Great Mystery. Native Voices is a journey into the past and a vision for the future. The voices and images of chiefs, warriors and women who now walk on the wind can still be heard and seen through their sayings as well as pictures. Listen and look with your heart. You will discover great truths, but more importantly, you will find a peace and harmony with nature, man and Creator that has eluded our fast-paced society. Become involved with those who currently carry the sacred pipe of wisdom like the Thunderbolt Warrior Society, as they preserve their rich culture, heritage and honor their legacy. Embrace the words and deeds of the Indigenous people's journey as they led their people; leaving behind only footprints for the rising generation to follow. Listen closely with your heart and you will hear the distant voices of Native Voices whispering on the wind.

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