Natural Law: Historical, Systematic and Juridical Approaches

Natural Law: Historical, Systematic and Juridical Approaches



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Publication date: 08/01/2008
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Garcia Martinez, Alejandro Nestor PhD. in Philosophy. Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Navarra. Visiting Scholar at University of York (2008). Research interests: social theory, sociology of culture, consumption and lifestyles. He has published several books, chapters and articles, including: La teoria de los procesos de civilizacion en la sociologia de Norbert Elias (Civilising Process Theory in Elias' Sociology), Eunsa, Pamplona: 2006; Distincion social y moda (Social Distinction and Fashion), Editor, Eunsa, Pamplona: 2007; The Proliferation of Fashion and the Decline of its Code of Meanings, in Fashion, Image, Identity, STI, New York - Barcelona: 2007. eilar, Mario Research Assistant and Assistant Lecturer in Ethics in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Navarra. Visiting Scholar at the University of Reading in 2007. Research interests: moral and social philosophy, natural law in Thomas Aquinas, the philosophy of law, and the relations between culture and philosophy. Select publications include: Metodologia de investigacion y tecnicas para la elaboracion de tesis, (Hispania: 2006) and Trascendentales, encuentro entre etica y religion (Eunsa, Pamplona: 2007). Torralba, Jose M. PhD. in Philosophy. Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Navarra. Visiting Scholar at Oxford University (2003) and at University of Munich (2005-2006). Research interests: moral philosophy, theory of action and theory of judgment. In addition to a number of articles on modern philosophy, he has published the following books: Accion intencional y razomaniento practico segun G.E.M. Anscombe, (Eunsa, Pamplona: 2005); La facultad del juicio en la filosofia practica de Kant, G. Olms, Hildesheim - Zurich - New York, forthcoming; and edited Two Hundred Years Later: Returns and Re-interpretations of Kant (CAF, Pamplona, 2005).

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction 1

Part I Historical Approaches

Chapter 1 Marcus Tullius Cicero and the Role of Nature in the Knowledge of Moral Good Laura E. Corso de Estrada 9

Chapter 2 Rom 1:18-2:16 and Natural Law: A Rhetorical Approach Juan-Luis Caballero 23

Chapter 3 Practical Truth and Practical Falsehood in Thomas Aquinas Joaquín García-Huidobro 43

Chapter 4 The Darkening of Natural Reason and the Force of Law and Custom María Elton 65

Chapter 5 Some Reflections on Ethical Rationality in the Economic Theory of the School of Salamanca Maria Idoya Zorroza 85

Chapter 6 Phillip Melanchthon and the Reception of Aristotelian Natural Law Theory in the European Reformation Manfred Svensson 109

Chapter 7 Montaigne and Descartes: A Dialogue on Morals Raquel Lázaro 127

Chapter 8 Natural law in Hume: An Imitation of Divine Voluntarism? Ángel Beleña López 149

Chapter 9 The Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Law in the Early Writings of Leibniz Agustín Echavarría 159

Chapter 10 Edmund Burke and the Natural Law Ivone Moreira 181

Chapter 11 Kant on the Law of Nature as the Type of Moral Law: On the "Typic of the Faculty of Pine Practical Judgment" and the Good as the Object of Practical Reason José M. Torralba 195

Part II Contemporary Reception of Natural Law

Chapter 12 Phenomenological Perspectives on Natural Law Encarna Llamas 225

Chapter 13 Guaranteeing the Right to Have Rights: Hannah Arendt's Theory of Politics Julia Urabayen 237

Chapter 14 Alasdair MacIntyre: On Natural Law Margarita Mauri 259

Chapter 15 The Relation between Natural Law and the Law ofChrist in the Context of the Current Debate on the Specificity of Christian Morality Tomás Trigo 267

Part III Systematic Approaches

Chapter 16 Naturalistic Fallacy and Ethics: Problems of the Normativity of Nature in Aristotelian-Thomistic Philosophy Héctor Zagal 289

Chapter 17 The Practical Value of Natural Law Theory in the Work of St Thomas Aquinas Mario eilar 301

Chapter 18 Imperium, Instinct and Natural Law Teresa Enríquez 329

Chapter 19 Natural Law, Essential Law and Personal Law: A Study on the Nature, Hierarchy and Aim of these Human "laws" Juan Fernando Sellés 349

Chapter 20 Health as a Norm and Principle of Intelligibility José Ignacio Murillo 361

Part IV Juridical Approaches

Chapter 21 Practical Reason, Morality and Law Angela Aparisi Miralles 379

Chapter 22 Philosophical Hermeneutics and Natural Law: Some Critical and Evaluative Considerations Carlos I. Massini-Correas 393

Chapter 23 Rules of Imputation and Human Rationality Pablo Sanchez-Ostiz 409

Chapter 24 Practical Reason, Justice and Law (the Present Relevance of the Aristotelean-Thomistic Perspective) Diego Poople 427

Chapter 25 Exigibility in Legal Obligations Caridad Velarde 451

Bibliography 469

List of Contributors 489

Subject Index 495

Name Index 509

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