Natural Magic

Natural Magic

by Raje Airey (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780754814351
Publisher: Anness Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: 11/28/2004
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 9.30(w) x 11.98(h) x 0.96(d)

Table of Contents

Apprenticed to Magic10
Magic and the Sacred Tradition12
The origins of magic14
Monotheism and mysticism16
Magic in myth18
Magic in the modern world22
The web of life24
Sacred places26
Gods and goddesses28
Angels, fairies and other guides30
Inner and outer worlds32
Magical Tools34
Altars and shrines36
Robes and other equipment38
Symbolic tools40
Darkness, light and colour42
Incense and aromatics46
Herbs and spices48
Trees, flowers and fruit50
Crystals and stones52
Music and sound54
Animal totems56
Charms and talismans58
Abstract symbols60
Cosmic Forces62
The sun64
The moon66
The zodiac's influence68
The four great powers70
The element of air72
The element of fire74
The element of water76
The element of earth78
The fifth element80
Cycles and Seasons82
Nature's timing84
Cycles of the moon86
The wheel of the year88
Spring and summer90
Autumn and winter92
Magic in Action94
Planning and Preparation96
The power of magic98
Time and place100
Preparation rituals102
Casting a magic circle106
Invocations and offerings108
Ritual Through Life110
The power of ritual112
A banishing ritual114
Everyday rituals116
Ritual through the day118
A ritual for inner calm120
A healing ritual122
Rituals for blessing124
Rites of passage: beginnings126
Rites of passage: endings128
The spellweaver's art132
Spirit and angel spells134
Spells for psychic help136
Spells for healing138
Spells to empower140
Good fortune spells142
Spells for the home144
Spells for friendship146
Spells for partnerships148
Spells for separation and endings150
Sacred Space152
Good vibrations154
Space clearing156
Changing atmospheres158
Creating a special feel160
Magic in the workplace162
Personal altars164
Altars in the home166
Outdoor altars168
Magic in Daily Life170
The inner you172
Magic as medicine176
Harmonious relationships180
Coping with change182
Abundance and prosperity184
Lunar gardening186
Arts of Divination188
The Tarot198
The I Ching202
The runes204
Developing the Super Senses214
The mind's eye218
Psychic training220
Sensing auras222
Astral travel224
Journeying to other worlds230
Inner guides234
Exploring past lives236
Magical Correspondences238

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