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Nature of the Sun

Nature of the Sun

by S.F. van der Meulen
Nature of the Sun

Nature of the Sun

by S.F. van der Meulen



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The book Nature of the Sun explains the truth. Within is a complete cosmology model and a complete brain model of the human brain that also explains all spiritual feelings. And you won't be needing mathematics to understand these models. Also the book Nature of the Sun will explain what is to come soon. There will be a struggle between good and evil. Right and wrong. Loving and unloving. Equality and selfishness. I have explained the book the Revelation and many more things that will have you see the truth. Most of the believes in today's world of religion and science are wrong. This book will explain step by step and in logic how to understand some of the most important things in life and how humans will live forever as angels. Nature of the Sun opens your eyes to the truth that has been hidden so give it a try you will love the truth.

Humans think in the form of shapes and motion and that is exactly how to perceive particles and their nature in heaven. Heaven is no mathematical equation, I write no numbers or calculations but practical and logical explanations of the cosmology of heaven. Read Nature of the Sun and find out how to apprehend infinites. It's easy to apprehend once you know the trick.

Finished version: August 11th 2022

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Publisher: S.F. van der Meulen
Publication date: 05/22/2018
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About the Author

Choose to live God's way...

I've known the truth for some years now. Sometimes I wonder what the world is like for those that don't. It seems like a blind dark place to me to not know how things logically work. Where everything is unknown. Though they have made up lots of wrong science and believes in the world. Thinking it is true. It's probably the reason why so many hold onto religion. Though all religions are created by Satan to deceive and steer people away from God. Only the Revelation written by John is God his word. We know how to be honest we do not need a religion for that. The Revelation is a prophecy book and not a religious book. It says so on the first page that it's a prophecy book. But people stuck it in the bible as the religious books created by Satan were made to appear to be part of the Revelation. And it's true that God exists and angels and demons and Jesus. Only believing the Revelation gets you all the good things without Satan's lie books and the rules that come with them.

People are just living the way they know trying to make the best of it without knowing the logical truth that opens your eyes. God will kill the demons some day so they can no longer cause harm. And demons cause personality disorders and all mental attacks on earthlings and this world made up its own reasons why people have what is called mental illness. People can be afraid of the unknown big heaven that is out there but people on earth live safer than they think. After death we are reborn as angels to live forever. Forever if you choose to live God's way. Which is equality and not selfishness (sin).

I figured out how heaven really works and how the human brain really works and how feelings make us behave and how genetics really works and how mentally illness really works and how aura's really work. What really happened instead of evolution. God created us and we didn't came from other apes but we did came from more primitive life forms. And I figured out what holy is and how it can be used to create new technology which is completely new to the scientific world. And also how holy can be used to time travel information to the past. Angels don't only remember their past they also remember their future. That's why the Revelation book was created in the past with knowledge of what is to come.

I figured out how the Revelation has to be interpreted. The description of the city New Jerusalem is actually a blue print of an angel brain cell written in synonyms and you can only see that if you know how heaven and the human brain works. Its proof my knowledge is true and that the Revelation written 2000 years ago is true and that God is real. And I figured out how humans will become angels. There will be an almighty angel which is the first of the reborn. And it will recreate all earthlings to angels. And life will be forever if you choose to live God's way.

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