Naughty Baby

Naughty Baby

by Maureen McGovern
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Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan and protege-from-afar of Maureen McGovern for over two decades. Truly, in the industry, those ''in the know'' KNOW she is ''The Singer's Singer''. There is just not enough that can be said about her mastery of the art. Whatever the genre of her performance, she makes it sound like THAT is what she does, all the time. Her range easily exceeds an effortless 4 octaves, with perfect clarity, heart, passion, artistry and finesse. And, I tell you, she has proven time and time again that she can do ANYTHING -- thoroughly, flawlessly pleasing. With this ''Naughty Baby - McGovern Sings Gershwin'' recording, actual history was made. If you have an oppotunity to read the CD booklet, it is an education in itself. Commissioned personally by the Gershwin family, she sings and records (live in 1 take, no less) an unprecidented collection of Gershwin delectible works -- including a couple of fantastic compositions no one had ever performed or even knew existed before. This, stemming from a late '80's warehouse find of a huge, previously undiscovered collection of Gershwin ''lost'' original works. This is a truly important, essential recording for collectors as well as the listener -- quality and greatness beyond words. Buy one to wear out listening to, over and over . . . and one to leave in the shrink wrap for your definately-going-to-be-worth-something-someday collection. Then, buy a bunch to give away and get other people hooked on the mastery and infectious vocal artisty of Maureen McGovern.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just received my copy of ''Naughty Baby'' and have become a dyed-in-the-wool Maureen McGovern fan! I've always known she is a fine singer and great performer, but until I actually had this album, I didn't realize what a consumate singer she truly is. She has such incredible control of her vocal mechanism that she makes some of the most difficult things sound incredibly easy! Speaking as a singer, she is my IDOL!! She has renewed my enthusiasm for my voice lessons! I can't wait to get all of her albums and am waiting with bated breath for her return to this area!