Naughty Nights (XXX First Time Erotica)

Naughty Nights (XXX First Time Erotica)

by Steph Turner

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Naughty Nights (XXX First Time Erotica) by Steph Turner

Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include taboo and forbidden elements including incest and BDSM. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
There was a light, misty rain in the darkness of the street. A few gleams from some house windows and a distant lamppost weren't enough to reach the road or sidewalks.
So I know damn well they couldn't have seen my tits or the hair over my cunt—even if the rain coat was blowing open.
Don't leave me now, reader. You're the only friend I got. And you and I are going to get real cozy. Know what I mean?
But first, let me tell you what happened.
Everything was going along great—not only great—sensational! I was all over my nervous breakdown. Had a job. Had two lovers. (At least.) Money in my purse, credit cards, and almost everything a girl needs.
But that was the trouble. When things get too good you just go higher and higher and get to thinking you can fly. You step off and flap what turns out to be non-wings, and that old ground zooms up—SMACK!
We don't have to go into all this, reader honey, how things got over-good and why I stepped off. I'll save it for the shrink. Right now—why don't you get comfortable? Here, loosen some of this. I wish I could touch you. Well, never mind.
So I stepped off, right? Stepped off that little old cloud I was riding and oh! You think that? I swear I wasn't on a thing except Naomi juice. It's compounded in my own personal chemical plant, private stock.
WOW! Rrrrrrrrrr! Know what I mean?
That's what I was on: Naomi juice. It's legal. Or, come to think of it, they arrest you so it must be very illegal.
Honey, when you say the word we're going to make love. Right on this spot.
Like that idea? Get ready then.
Don't be silly, I can't get you ready. I can't even touch you. Please don't think I'm so crazy I don't know I can't touch you. So start getting ready. I promise to help.
About the rain coat. It was raining, right? My other clothes were in the cleaners. And when everything starts to get magnificent who can be bothered remembering one little hole-in-the-wall dry cleaner from another, for god's sake? I put on this trench coat and buttoned it up to the chin. Remember that if they ask you.
Can I help it if it got hot? If I was so indecent why couldn't the fuzz describe the big mole on my stomach? Even the judge didn't have an answer to that one!
Getting ready for our diddle? If I could I'd trail my fingertips lightly across your chest and flick your nipples. That doesn't do anything? You sure? Then you trail your fingertips across my— chest. Lift my breast and flick my nipples. Boy! Are they waiting! They're swollen from wanting you.
Maybe I shouldn't throw myself at you this way. But I can tell you don't really object (Never mind, I can tell.) Well, I was sloshing along the dark, wet street. And it started getting hot.
It was like a hot rain. You know how it does in Miami.
I heard a man's voice beside me.
"Lady, your tits are gonna get wet."

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ISBN-13: 9781548035914
Publisher: Palimpsest Publishing
Publication date: 06/30/2017
Series: Voyeur, Power, Male Chastity,Large Cock,Tease And/Or Gay Sex Erotic Sex Stories , #257
Sold by: StreetLib SRL
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 127 KB

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