Naughty School Girl Erotic Escapades

Naughty School Girl Erotic Escapades

by Julie Adams
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Naughty School Girl Erotic Escapades by Julie Adams

Erica was a senior in high school and felt trapped. Her life had been hum drum thanks to the strict and sheltered upbringing under her grandmotherís watchful eye. Still, the comely teen had dreams. She knew she could be an actress or model if given half a chance. She had the looks that were required for such ambitions.

But when one of her teachers acts on impulse Erica is opened to a whole new world of possibilities. The hot schoolgirl quickly learns that men will pay dearly and offer almost anything for a chance to be with someone as hot as her. And she decides to take full advantage of it. Teachers at schools, wealthy business men, the most popular boy in school. She learns what it is she wants and picks up the tricks necessary to get them. Classroom encounters, after the game rendezvous, sexy photo sessions, late night gang bangs; nothing was beyond her.



"Well, are you going to write me a quality paper, Erica?" he said.

"Well, I'll try, but we have a football game this weekend and thereís some other stuff..." she said, her words slow, measured, trailing off.

"You could be excused from writing the paper and get an A on it if you wish," he said.

"I could?" she exclaimed.

"Yes, indeed," he smoothly assured her.

"Well, oh yeah, that'd be great."

"Yes, you need not write it if you'll do something for me, Erica."

"What, sir?" asked the teenager, more than a little curious about what the alternative would be.

He hesitated, "I want you to know I think you're a very pretty young lady."

Erica of course knew this but had never had a man tell her so before.

"Well, thanks, sir," she said, blushingly.

"Yes, yes indeed, you are very beautiful, attractive," he said, looking into her blue eyes. "And if you would pull your skirt up for me for a while you could have an A for the paper and not do it."

Erica was flabbergasted. Certainly, she liked to show off and the thought of it gave her a buzz of excitement. Still, this is the sort of thing you hear about on the nightly news as they show some scummy creep dragged off in handcuffs. But Mr. Curtis was definitely not a scummy looking creep. The fact that he even asked gave her a thrill. "SoÖ I just pull my skirt up?"

"Yes," he quickly replied.

"That's all I have to do?" She asked still a little more than uncertain. But after a moment Erica thought to herself, what could it hurt? Why not? And get an A for doing it? She also loved the thought of not having to write some stupid paper.

"Well, I guess so," she said finally.

Mr. Curtis breathed a sigh of relief he hadnít realized he had been holding and pushed back from his desk. Letting his lecherous eyes roam up and down her young body in anticipation he said, "Then go ahead, my dear."

"Like this?" Erica said, and reached down to lift the hem of her tiny, gray school skirt. She pulled it up over her tanned, smooth thighs, up over a pair of sweet, snug pink panties.

Erica held the skirt up. Mr. Curtis eyed the way the panties tugged at her crotch, pulled in there into a nylon mound. "Just like this?"

"Yes, yes!" He shot back, more excited than he had felt in years.

Erica looked fabulous standing in front of him, her skirt held high, her legs encased in the dark blue knee socks, her tight blue sweater filled full of her round tits. Her pink undies gloved her hips tightly.

She noticed the wide-eyed look of admiration on her teacher's face as he gawked at her. She saw the throb of his shaft as it pulsed and thumped against his slacks.

"Marvelous, simply marvelous," he whispered, his eyes grazing her firm body, her beautiful face, her teasing little smile, her panties, her legs.

Erica loved the intense look of desire and passion on his face. She knew the sight of her with her skirt up really excited Mr. Curtis. She tucked her chin in and looked down at her thin pink panties, her womanhood pressing against the nylon.

She looked up and found Mr. Curtis unzipping his pantsÖ.

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About the Author

Julie Adams is a 22 year old college student that lives in the Louisville area, with and her boyfriend and girlfriend.
She loves to try and find new experiences to explore but that doesn't mean she forgets to indulge in the pleasures learned in past adventures. Whether its backpacking, gambling trips to Vegas, or quality times on the beach; Julie throws herself into the joys of the moment with wild abandon.
She enjoys reading erotica, along with the intimacy it can build for her and her partners. Her experiences and fantasies have inspired her to write her collection of titles. With the encouragement of her friend Sarah, Julie has started updating the stories she wrote for herself and her boyfriend to read for sharing on the Kindle so others can enjoy her writing as well.

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