Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings

Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings

by Christine Warren


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In this groundbreaking self-help book and spiritual guide, Christine Warren shares with us the core teachings and creative practices on life transitions that have made her national workshops life-changing events for thousands. Her book is a map through change, a companion on the trail of life transitions offering deep insights, wise words, and support. She shows us the way to travel from the challenges of our endings to joyful personal transformation and new vision.

Christine balances the grit of being human with the illumination of being a soul on a spiritual journey. We are handed her proven, step-by-step guide through her unique Four Phases of Change, with dynamic teachings, experiential practices, and extraordinary stories of people turning their painful endings into inspired new beginnings.

~She encourages us in Phase 1, Conscious Endings, to integrate our endings fully, collecting our power and wisdom , finding gratitude for the good, and the liberation of authentic forgiveness.

~She guides us through the dark nights in Phase 2, The Mystery, the passage when we can't find our way forward. She instructs us in hearing the voice of our inner wisdom through meditation and embracing the moment.

~She celebrates our Phoenix Rising in Phase 3, as we lift from the ashes of what we've burned up, and spread our wings into a new way of Being.

~She illuminates the way to create our Visionary Beginnings in Phase 4, informed by our Higher Self, or Source, and the potent teachings of quantum physics and metaphysics. We tap into our limitless possibilities to live lives of fulfillment and magnificence.

Whether we are ending relationships, dreaming of career changes, or longing for a fuller, truer life, Christine is our seasoned, wise woman guide. She is there at every step of the journey with the perfect teaching, the reassuring word, the helpful homework, the just-right story, and the breakthrough practice to facilitate us forward into our new vision. Ultimately, she shows us how to make life a celebration of our humanity and our big Self, and every new chapter an expression of joy and soulful wonder.


"This inspiring, reader-friendly book brilliantly instructs us how to pay attention to the wisdom we all possess and to permit it to emerge to the ligh of daily awareness." LARRY DOSSEY, MD, author, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters."

"Christine Warren's words of wisdom as a seasoned teacher of navigating change will help readers find guidance through life's big transitions and ultimately give birth to the True Self." BERNIE SIEGEL, MD, author, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul.

"Grace, grit, spirtiual teahcings and humor from a world-class teacher of personal transformation." PASHA HOGAN, author, The Joy of Creative Discovery.

" Masterful...Combines laser-like insights, based on decades of teaching personal transformation, with a radiant spirit that makes you want to jump into the adventure of life!" THOMAS AMELIO, President, New York Open Center

"A masterful step-by-step guide for those going through big life transitions" KATE FELDMAN, Director, The Conscious Relationships Institute

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ISBN-13: 9780999139509
Publisher: Flame Lantern Press
Publication date: 08/02/2017
Pages: 230
Sales rank: 1,220,453
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Christine Warren is a 40-year national presenter of transformational workshops and a life coach and counselor, consultant, and speaker. A founding member of Kripalu Center, she has led transformational workshops at Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, Rowe Center, Kripalu Center, 1440 Multiversity, Lesley College, Long Island University and many other venues.
Christine was the Director of Kripalu's Foxhollow Leadership Center and Co-Director of New Resources for Growth, a corporate training company. She is a motivational speaker and has led executive retreats in conscious leadership, vision, and team-building for the executive teams of over 50 leading corporations and for the Young Presidents' Organizations.
Christine has a private practice as a life coach, counselor, and Personal Retreat guide. She divides her time between Maui and Santa Fe.

Table of Contents


The Four Phases of Navigating Change

How to Journey with this Book

PHASE 1 • Conscious Endings: Letting Go of the Old Form

1 ~ Change as a Sacred Time of Initiation

'2 ~ Collecting Your Gold: Getting the Gifts from the Past

3 ~ Heading the Call for Change

4 ~ Making Right Decisions: When to Stay and When to Go

5 ~ Finding True Forgiveness: Fully Human, Fully Divine

A. The Human Side of Forgiveness

B. The S[iritual Side of Forgivenss

6.~ Ending with Grace, Gratitude, and Completion

Phase 2 ~The Mystery: Time to Retreat and Reflect

1 ~ Time in the Cocoon

2 ~ The Power of the Present: The Value of Not Rushing Forward

3 ~. Being Nobody, Doing Nothing

4~ Meditation: Following the Guiding Light of Spirit

Phase 3 ~ The Phoenix Rises: Emergence of New Being

1 ~ Rising from the Ashes: Your New Self

2 ~ Being Precedes Doing

3 ~ Creating Your Being Vision

4 ~ Practicing Being

5 ~ Coming Home to OUrselves: New Being, New Life

Phaase 4 ~ Visionary Beginnings: Creating from the Source

1. ~ The Tao of Physics, Metaphysics and Your Life

2 ~ Beautiful Beginnings: Creating Your Vision for your Next Expression

3 ~ Commencement: Manifesting Your Vision

4 ~ The Journey Continues


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