Navigating Life's Transitions: Connecting Your Means to Your Meaning

Navigating Life's Transitions: Connecting Your Means to Your Meaning

by Joshua Kadish, Nicole V. Mayer


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What is True Wealth? Contrary to popular belief, it's not about amassing a great fortune. Instead, true wealth comes from deeply understanding your life's purpose and ensuring that your financial decisions and short- and long-term planning support it. Financial industry pioneers Josh Kadish and Nicole Mayer of RPG - Life Transition Specialists® help clients develop a thorough understanding of their financial picture and priorities. Now, with expert insight, empathy, and understanding, Kadish and Mayer help readers navigate these choices, giving them the confidence to take charge of their future. In Navigating Life's Transitions: Connecting Your Means to Your Meaning, Kadish and Mayer provide a story-based, insider's view of what to know, what to consider, what to ask, and what steps to take to uncover your own life's purpose-and create the financial foundation to enjoy it.

"No matter where you are in life, chances are there will be major transitions in your future. These transitions will most certainly involve your finances. If you're tired of feeling pressure from the financial industry to buy a product to solve your issues, you're not alone. In this book, you will learn from real-life scenarios that there are true holistic planners who will put your interests ahead of theirs. It's a different-and, in my opinion, better-approach and one that everyone deserves. Don't wait until the life transitions hit you to put your plan together. With the help of the right holistic advisor, you can experience less stress on both a personal and financial basis. This book will allow you to see what you should expect from a true financial advisor. Without proper knowledge, you could fall prey to the financial salesperson. Don't let that happen to you!" Dean Barber, America's Wealth Management Show Host, Author

"Josh Kadish and I lead mission-driven firms. Peak Advisor Alliance's mission is: 'We enhance the lives of advisors and the families they serve through inspiration, innovation, and implementation.' Josh, Nicole, and RPG - Life Transition Specialists help us fulfill our mission by delivering holistic financial planning to their clients." Ron Carson, CFP®, ChFC®, CFS, New York Times bestseller and founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group; #7 advisor in the U.S. as ranked by Barron's magazine. Ron Carson is not a registered representative of NPC. Carson Wealth Management Group, RPG, and NPC are separate and unrelated entities.

"Anyone going through some form of life transition should read this book! Josh and Nicole do a great job of making the complex seem simple and understandable. If you are trying to figure out if you are on the right course to achieving your long-term goals and dreams, this book is a great educational tool to help guide you in making future decisions with confidence." Rick Law, Lead Attorney, Law ElderLaw, LLP

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ISBN-13: 9781939418548
Publisher: Rtc Publishing
Publication date: 07/17/2014
Pages: 162
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