Nazi Hunter: The Wiesenthal File

Nazi Hunter: The Wiesenthal File

by Alan Levy
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Nazi Hunter: The Wiesenthal File 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"Nazi Hunter; The Weisenthal File" is an extraordinary book about an extraordinary man. The biography of Simon Weisenthal is likely to become a classic amongst Holocaust literature. Seldom does one come across a book as moving and factual as this. Simon Weisenthal, now aged over 93 years, spent over four and a half years in Nazi concentration camps. David Levy here presents Weisenthal's story of his experiences during that era and his subsequent tireless pursuit of bringing to justice so many Nazi war criminals. The book movingly documents how Weisenthal regularly, personally, witnessed the systematic execution of fellow Jews, who were killed for no other reason than being Jewish. Murdered indiscriminately in cold blood by people who clearly took real pleasure and delight in killing Jews. One of the first such incidents detailed in the book is where Simon Weisenthal, together with about forty other professional Jewish men, were placed in a courtyard at Lvov. Here each Jew was forced to stand alongside a crate, facing a wall with his hands crossed & held behind his neck. Each Jew was then shot one at a time, by a single bullet in the back of the neck by a Ukrainian executioner, who after each murder treated himself to wine and food from a table placed in their midst. The body of the dead Jew then being cast into the crate. The author tells how the massacre continued until it came close to Weisenthal's turn, when the sound of church bells filled the air. The shooting stopped immediately. Being `good' Catholic's the Ukrainian executioners immediately responded to the church bells calling them to Mass, leaving the prisoners locked away for the atrocities to continue later. The author explains how Weisenthal evaded death on this occasion but Simon soon ended up in the ghetto and from there to the concentration camp at Janowska. The author describes in detail the conditions at Janowska, where living on minuscule rations and undergoing hard labour, took a devastating toll on Simon's companions. The book describes how those considered `sick' were subjected to a `fresh air cure'. This entailed them all lying outdoors all night in the freezing sub-zero conditions. Any who moved or stood up were shot by sentries. Those who remained on the ground froze to death by morning. Many taking the `quick' way out and standing up...the sentries immediately obliging...shooting them dead in cold blood. The conditions at Janowska are further described in terms of how escapes were treated. The entire, immediate family of any escapee being collected from the ghetto and imprisoned in solitary confinement for three days without light or food. When the remorse stricken escapee surrendered, he was then mercilessly beaten to death in the presence of his family. If the escapee did not return or surrender, the entire family & children were then shot dead...... The depth and detail in this book is incredible. Far too much to cover here satisfactorily. Detailed accounts are provided of Weisenthal's pursuit of Adolf Eichman, Joseph Mengele, Franz Stangl & other Nazi war criminals. This is an incredible, priceless examination and account of the work of one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th century, one of the survivors. With the exception of his wife, Simon Weisenthal's whole immediate family were exterminated by the Nazi regime. To understand the man and his mission, you need to read this marvellous book. So highly recommended !!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago